A Bewitching Black Hole


“I know you are familiar with the concept of a black hole, which refers to a star that is collapsing on itself, and as it collapses, its matter gets pulled into itself, into the mass at its center, becoming more and more tightly packed, becoming more and more dense, and as it gets denser and denser, its gravity increases, becoming stronger and stronger, and eventually the gravity is so strong it pulls everything — matter, X-ray and gamma ray energy, and even light — everything into the mass at its center, everything gets sucked into the center, by a NEVER-to-be-released power.  Do YOU UNDERSTAND!?”   “Veerry Goood!   And NOOWWW I want you to IMAGINE MEE with all my raw, spellbinding, irresissstible power, all my mesmeric, bewitching energy, IMAGINE MEEE as a psychic,  mystical Black HoleImagine MEE with a gravitational power so strong, so magnetic, IMAGINE MEEE possessing a power and attraction so great that it sucks in your free will, it sucks in any lingering resistance to My Power and commands, It sucks in ALLL your loyalty, all your imagination and it binds you to MEE as though we are joined by MY gravitational pull, by MY PERSONAL MAGNETISM, it sucks in all your attention, and your desire to serve ME and only ME, and focuses your inner mind only on MEEE.  And YOU LOVE IT!

The Marquesa Triangle

           “Goddess be praised, he’s alive,” a strange man’s voice declared as strong hands fished Edward out of the churning surf.

Edward hung limp as his body was dragged up the beach. The feeling of being on solid ground was strange. He had been airborne, shaken by a storm like a maraca in the fist of a mad dancer. After his plane ditched in the ocean and he swam free of the cabin, he had bobbed for hours like a cork tossed by crashing waves. A world that was suddenly not in constant motion in all three dimensions was now as jarring as it was pleasant. Read more…

Saturday with Mistress Marquesa

This time I’ve bitten off more than I could chew, not to say I have any regrets because I don’t, but I was with people who have been at this for a long time and I felt like a freshman. The events of this week began with an invitation to spend time with Mistress M. on Saturday and that it was just for fun, a social gathering and that it was not going to be a session, “How could I say no?” Read more…

Revenge… Again

All he knew was that the lovely young woman he was interviewing for the secretary’s job had become the center of his world. Her name was Kia and she was a short, but very well built Asian seductress. She had been sent to him by MarquesaCo—a new temporary service recommended by one of his business associates. She had just walked into his office a few minutes before but already he could hear nothing but Her melodic voice. He was asking Her about Her skills to evaluate Her potential when She started playing with a large, multi-faceted green pendant resting between Her sumptuously beautiful, firm breasts. Her white silk blouse was unbuttoned to the third button, exposing Her lacy black bra and the warmth of Her succulent cleavage. Read more…

The Test

Six months have passed since my complete surrender to Marquesa. Six of the happiest months of my life. She has sculpted my body into olympic condition. She has taken control of my mind to the point that I don’t even look at or think about any other women. She haunts my dreams, controls my thoughts, and makes all my fantasies come true. She is my goddess, my idol, the seductive siren who enslaves me with the mere sound of her voice. Read more…


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