Pilgrim in Time

A Goddess Marquesa Thanksgiving Adventure

            As a scientist, my training has prepared me to encounter the unusual. Even so, it was a shock when I saw myself walk through the door of my brother Irving’s home in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner. I had a wild, crazed look. Dark circles stood out under my eyes. I had lost weight. But it was unmistakably me. I recognized the lab coat that I wear in my work space at the University of West Florida.

            “Eugene!” Irving shouted as I barged into the family room where I was already seated at the groaning festive table. “There are two of you! Or one-and-a-half, anyway….”

            “I’m sorry,” interloper-me said, “I need to borrow myself for a minute.” Read more…

A Lunar Ritual

The following is an actual email exchange between me and one of my eagerly enthralled pets.

By letting yourself go and indulging in my powerfully hypnotic audios and videos, you too can achieve this level of ensorcelled ecstasy.  – Goddess Marquesa Read more…


After finishing her successful women’s basketball career, six foot nine inch Ekaterina Lisina decided to step out

and make her longtime dream of becoming a world-class, high fashion model come true.  While working to get her foot

in the door of the modeling world, Ekaterina learned that many in modeling agencies thought she was too tall to be…

a runway model. Read more…

Marquesa’s Day in Court

Note to the Reader: This story is one of wish-fulfillment.  One of Goddess Marquesa’s favorite pass times.  It is, of course, entirely fictional.


“STOP!  HOLD IT!  PLEASE STOP!   Stop right now.  I don’t want him representing me!”  If the defendant’s outcry doesn’t quite stun the courtroom, it certainly wakes it up.  A loud outcry arises from the spectators and echoes through the space.

Bang! Bang! Bang!  The judge’s gavel punctuates the outburst.  “The defendant will come to order.  Order in this courtroom.”  To the defendant, “Sir, sit down and remain quiet!” Read more…

Halloween Candy

        Goddess Marquesa glanced down at the invitation once again. Yes, this was the right address. The grim Gothic mansion looked quite out of place among the pastel-hued condominiums of her West Florida beach neighborhood. She pressed the button next to the door. As an echoing metallic bell sounded from deep within the mansion, the Goddess thought she saw a bat circle quickly around the mansard roofed tower looming over the shallow portico. This place has just the right ambience for Halloween, she thought to herself. Read more…


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