Review of the recording “Hypnotic Surrender” aka, “Wonderiffic Surrender”

Thank You, so much, Mistress Marquesa!!! The first couple of times i listened to “Hypnotic Surrender”, i felt nothing. i persisted, though, and once i learned how to relax and really surrender to Your voice, the effects were phenomenal!! i am completely and totally in love with Your voice and i hunger for more and more of it, taking control of me from my core. i came back today and purchased 3 more tapes – The required “Trust & Assurance”; my elective “Enslaved by Pleasure” and the companion tape “Deeper & Deeper”. i certainly hope these new tapes continue to guide me on the right path to You. If “Hypnotic Surrender” is any indication of the power behind my current purchases, i’ll belong to You in no time at all (yay!!). Again, thank You so much Mistress Marquesa!!!!

It All Starts With HER

Dearest, Most Sublime and Mesmerizing Goddess,


i was surfing the web obsessively for traces of You as i am so often prone to do, and came across a very well-written, informative, and reverent blog post about You. You may have read it already (the author is obviously completely smitten with You, so You may well know him personally), but on the off chance You have not i thought it wise to send you the link:


Yours adoringly,




The following article was written was written by J.T. Meyer and can be found on Read more…

A Performance Review of “Worship of the Marquesa 2”

My Dearest and most Powerful Mistress,
As I am unable to keep my performance reports short I recommend that You put this aside until You have both the time and the desire to read it.  (I don’t wish to take up any more of Your valuable time than I am permitted to do.)

This morning I performed for You.  That it was a morning performance is highly unusual.  That I was desperate to perform for You is not.

Read more…

A Very Goddess Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and as was her custom, Goddess Marquesa was surveying the many gifts that she had received from adoring worshipers the world over. There were packages from places as far away as Vanuatu, and others from nearby suburbs, so many boxes that they barely fit under her tree. These she would open Christmas morning. Read more…


This story is a continuation of the author’s previous story, Lust Boat.  It is, in its own right, a beautiful stand alone story. – GM


Aldo looked at Goddess Marquesa’s sleeping form. She was as gorgeous as he remembered. The moonlight coming through her bedroom window revealed lines of age, or perhaps care, on her face. But no time or mood could detract from her beauty. Aldo could still feel the tingling on his cheek from the slap she gave him as the Federales dragged him off to prison. Even if she had not been his greatest enemy, she would be in all ways unforgettable. Read more…


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