Most of us think that, since the cold war has ended, there are no more spies; that James Bond is out of work!

But nothing could be further from the truth, especially in the Middle East. There, spying is an integral part of government and   military operations. In fact, in addition to “home grown” agents, many of these countries have hired the spies who used to work for the super powers.  So the players are still in the game, they’ve just changed their uniforms…


Richard was inside a room on the thirtieth floor of the Central Military Intelligence (CMI) Headquarters.  It was 4:30 in the morning as he labored over the combination of the giant wall safe. Its thick steel door could not be blown up nor could the sensitive electronic device he had been sent to retrieve be destroyed.

So, here he was, working tumblers wearing a sensitive earphone so he could when one of the tumblers clicked into place. He was certain that the opposition was not even aware that his side knew that the device even existed. It was a laser-directed, hand-held stunner, just like on Star Trek.  But the figured if he could photograph the device in the safe and get the plans his side could create a counter weapon to protect its own troops. It was the CMI’s most highly- protected secret.

Just as the lost fumbler clicked into place, the door burst open and a dozen armed guards rushed in. He was captured! But, his many years as on agent had ingrained in him one cardinal, unbreakable rule—under no conceivable set of  circumstances  would he not be able to keep the secret of why he was there from his captors. If they knew that he knew of the contents of the safe they would rush production of the gun. It would be put info service within mere months and there would no defense. The balance of power in 1he Middle East would shift and he would be the cause. ’No matter what, he would remain silent. As he walked forward the guards he was struck in the back of the head by a rifle butt. His world went dark.


As he later struggled to consciousness he surveyed his condition. His head felt like he was inside the bass drum of a marching band but other than that, he thought, he was in pretty good shape.  He saw he was in a bare room painted in that institutional gray color that told him he was either in a prison, a psychiatric hospital, or a grade school.  He guessed it was the first.  His reasoning was quite simple:  1) he was naked and chained to the ceiling in the center of the room.  2) his feet were shackled to the floor in a spread position, putting his body into an “X” position.

Just as the drumming in his head started to quiet down, he heard the scrape of a key turning the lock of the large steel door.

In walked two of the most gorgeous women he had ever seen.  Both were tan and fit looking with real sexy, well muscled – but fabulously feminine – bodies.

The taller of the two stood nearly 5’10” and was wearing one of those “desert warrior” uniforms:  Low brown boots and socks, broad-legged khaki shorts and a short sleeved khaki shirt, unbuttoned almost to her waist, providing as exciting view of her marvelous cleavage with more than a hint of what one could not quite see!

Her dark hair hung loosely down her gorgeous back in delicious smooth, silky curls and cock-teasing waves.  Her face was beautiful and her eyes were dark, sultry, sexy pools.

Next to her was another dark beauty only an inch or two shorter.  She was also well proportioned and well muscled in an intoxicatingly feminine way and was also dressed in the same type uniform.

The taller of the two spoke first.  As she spoke she grabbed Richard’s face in her powerful hands, forcing him to look directly into her beautiful fierce brown eyes.  “What were you looking for, asshole?  Tell me!”

He remained silent.

“I am Major Chaya!”  she barked.  “And I find out what I want to know.  In fact, it would be better if you told me or I will turn you over to Lieutenant Aileen.  Her persuasive powers are, let me say, crude, compared to mine.”

Richard remains silent.

Chaya nodded to Aileen and smiled.  Then Aileen walked behind Richard and, without a word, slapped his ass with her cruel open hand – whack!  It stung!

Then she walked over to a rack on the wall and chose a cat-o-nine tails from the vast selection of whips and canes, returning to Richard’s helpless suspended body.

Crack!  The whip slashed across his naked skin.  Crack!  Crack!  Again and again the sensuous Aileen struck the prisoner with the whip until he was close to passing out from the pain.

Slowly Chaya moved to a spot directly in front of him.  “Tell me Richard,” she said.  “We don’t want to hurt you but we must if you don’t tell us what we want to know.”

Richard bit his lip from the pain, but remained silent.

Silently Aileen picked a vicious looking cane from the rack and walked behind Richard.  Softly, almost tenderly, she rubbed a bare, sensuous hand across his now – tender – bare ass.  He felt the warmth of her smooth, velvety, skin – the tenderness of her light touch.  Her long sexy manicured nails, glistening in the light, seemed to sing a siren’s song:  “Give in!  Give in!  Give in!”

As his cock started to get hot and hard he felt Crack!  Crack!  Crack! as Aileen began the rhythmic application of the cane.  Crack!  Crack!  Crack!  Even he was surprised when he realized that his cock was becoming harder with each lash of the cane.

“Are these cruel beauties beginning to get through to me from some perverse quirk of my soul?” he asked himself.

Crack!  Crack!  Crack!

A broad smile came over Major Chaya’s beautiful and excitingly cruel face.  She spoke as the staccato rhythm of the cane continued.

Crack!  Crack!  Crack!


“I think we have found a way into your quirky male mind, My little prisoner!  You really find a deeply satisfying pleasure submitting yourself to beautiful women like Aileen and Me, don’t you?  I can tell from your very hard and very active cock that – in spite of yourself – you desperately want to give in to us.  Your body and mind really crave the kind of treatment we’ve so generously dished out!  Very soon you will be able to give up to Me without fear… without embarrassment… without guilt!

“You will simply just give up with honor.  Won’t that be nice?”

Richard was still silent but, for the first time, he was afraid.  His body had betrayed his inner-most thoughts.  He secretly yearned to serve such beautiful and powerful Mistresses but had always been too proud, too macho – to afraid to act on his true inner feelings and desires.

Could Chaya read his thoughts?  “Aileen,” Chaya said, “place this resistant slave-to-be face-up on the table.”

His chains were adjusted, then he was pulled, pushed and moved until he lay face-up on a cold metal tabloe.  Chaya glided up to him and rubbed her powerfully lovely hands teasingly over his naked chest then twisted his already-erect nipples.

His hard cock started to jump again.

She leaned over and whispered into his ear, “There is a tribe in Africa where all the males are enslaved.  They serve all the Females of the tribe because when they become old enough, they go through a ritual which breaks their will and renders them powerless to resist the commands of their Female Superiors.

“It is a ritual of masturbation but so skillful are those African Queens that they can tease and toy with a male for days before they allow him to reach orgasm.  And while they hold him at the peak of sexual surrender, his mind too finally surrenders.  I have studied with these powerful women and soon, you too, will be powerless to resist My commands.  You will surrender to me!  And when you do, you will eagerly do anything I command.  You will literally beg me to give you commands that you must obey!  You will be My slave!”

With that said, She put on a pair of thin latex gloves and covered them with aromatic oil.  Then, ever so lightly, She touched his cock, the true center of his sexual being.  He no longer had any control over it… it was now the secret of complete control over him!  He instantly had the biggest hard-on of his life!

Why was his body refusing to follow his mind’s commands?  As much as he willed the erection to subside, it remained, sticking straight up like and oil well just waiting to become a gusher.

Slowly, at first, She fondled his cock while whispering into his ear.  Her hot breath and well chosen sexually arousing and suggestive words excited him even more.

Chaya whispered in his ear in a deep, throaty purr:  “You want to surrender.  Don’t you?  You must surrender… you must surrender to My will… you truly want to surrender… you know how thrilling it would be to obey my every command… give in… give in… give in!  You live only for the pleasure I can give you… you live for pleasure… you live for My pleasure.” For what seemed like hours, Chaya manipulated the mind and body of the shackled spy, bringing him near orgasm again and again, only to deny him the pleasure.  Finally when Chaya knew the time was right, She started asking questions in addition to intoning Her almost hypnotic commands.

“What do you live for richard?”

“P… p… plea… sure,” he stuttered.

“Your pleasure is My pleasure. Say it Richard!”

Vacant eyed, he responded:  “Your pleasure is my pleasure.”

“My will is your will.”

Again he responded, “Your will is my will.”

“Listen now Richard, as I command you!”

“I will listen…”


“you are not a man but a baby – a child – and you love me!  You have a crush on me!  I am your teacher!”

She signaled Aileen to remove the shackles.  As he was freed, Chaya gently pushed Richard to his knees in front of her.

“You’ve always had a crush on Me… I am so very beautiful… I am your ideal… beautiful beyond description… wicked and cruel… I”

The slave nodded.

She opened the last few buttons on her shirt, saying, “You’ve been dying to see my breasts, haven’t you?  You would do anything to see my beautiful, perfectly luscious breasts, wouldn’t you Richie?”

“Oh yes, Mistress Chaya,” he answered in a childlike voice.

“Well then, let me see you crawl on the floor like the baby you are, Richie.”

Instantly, the slave obeyed, crawling on the concrete floor while never once looking away from the beautiful disciplinarian, Mistress Chaya.

“Not only babies crawl on all fours… dogs do too, don’t they Richie?”

“Yes Mistress Chaya.”

“Well, if I let you see my beautiful sexy breasts would you be my puppy?”

“Oh yes Mistress Chaya.”

“Then bark for me Richie!”

“Bark!  Bark!  Bark!”  he called out as he wagged his imaginary tail for Mistress Chaya.

She knew now that She had won.  The sensory overload of masturbation and whispered commands had totally broken his will.  His will would forever reflect Her strong will.  His one and only objective in life would not be to please Her!  He would do anything She wanted.

She slowly opened her uniform all the way, briefly showing Richie Her perfect round tanned breasts with Her luscious ripe, hardened cherry-red centimeter long nipples.  It was too much excitement for little Richie.  Helpless before Her and powerless to resist, totally submissive, compliant and ready to serve, he fainted from a gross overload!

When Richard woke up he was cleaned up and dressed.  He was sitting in a chair very much like a grade school desk, only larger.  Chaya stood before him in a short, tight fitting black skirt, a form fitting white blouse and wicked high heeled shoes.  She was dressed much like his dream teacher.  A wonderful martinet.  A beautiful disciplinarian!  Truly the most gorgeous and sexy Richie had ever seen.  A teacher that any little boy would want to obey and please.  He knew he would gladly, eagerly, do anything to please Her.  Anything She wanted!

“Today’s lesson,” She said, “is to write down why you tried to open a certain safe.  What were you looking for?  And who helped you?”

For a moment Richie resisted.  Why would he do that?  Then slowly, teasingly, She pulled up the white blouse for a very brief cock-shocking glimpse of those sexy, wonderfully succulent tits.

His eyes went blank.

He started to write.

His cock was rock hard.

He came in his pants… but he kept writing, faster and faster!