This is the story of a little puppy. He had big, brown eyes, and soft, curly, puppy dog fur. His seemed always to be panting about something or other, and his tail was always wagging with happiness. However, more than anything else, he wanted to become a real dog. And we all know what that means. For a puppy to become a dog, he must be a pet, with a real owner. 

So the puppy hoped, and hoped. But so often, potential owners really only wanted to take some of his fur, and left the little puppy sad and alone. So the pup went on, now thinking that he would probably never be a dog. But, still his tail wagged, for he loved doing all sorts of puppy things, like barking at butterflies, chasing cars, and digging, digging, digging. And, like all dogs and puppies, he would howl at the moon. As You know, all dogs have always howled at the moon, the ruling body of Cancer (June 22-July 22). It has been forever, and always will be, the wishing place of the canine.

One cold, northern night, the puppy howled as usual, then curled up for sleep. Then, on the edge of sleep, his little puppy brain heard a voice, so velvety soft, so incredibly enticing: “I’d like you for a pet, little one.”

“Oh sure” thought the little fellow. “Like that’s true”. But he opened one eye anyway, and before him was the most beautiful, feminine foot he could have ever imagined, enhanced with a dark nylon and heel. “Another impossible dream of my Mistress” he thought, and fell asleep.

The next night, the same thing happened! This time, the puppy sat up, his tail starting to wag. “C’mon little guy, be My pet”, said the Voice. Now the pup saw the open car door waiting for him. Since no puppy can resist a car ride, he jumped in. And since the car was so comfortable, he soon curled up on the seat. At the edge of sleep, he heard his Mistress warming his thoughts with Her wonderful voice. Such joy he felt as She warmed his thoughts. He knew that he would always be able to return to this moment, and re-live it. Whenever he wanted to. Later, he couldn’t resist the ecstasy; he started to bark.

“Shhh” said Mistress, with so much understanding in Her whisper. “Shhh”. 

Soon the puppy was in his new world. At once, he saw all the others: purebreds, mixes, dogs and puppies alike. He knew which ones were the real dogs, since they proudly wore collars. Real collars! How he wished he had a real collar, and was so well trained, like these guys! 

“Here’s your doghouse, little pet” said Mistress, “I have built all this for my pets to enjoy”. The puppy saw the most beautiful doghouse he had ever seen. Inside was not one, but many, many rooms. Each room was filled with the power of Mistress. His tail wagging, the little puppy ran through each room again and again. So excited, he ran out into the yard barking and yipping with joy. 

“Quiet, pup!” 

As if struck, he froze. Suddenly, he realized that he was just a pet, and Mistress was, well, Mistress! He didn’t want to displease Her. No, not at all. 

Later, in the doghouse, the puppy listened to some of the dogs speaking. They seemed so wise, and their words helped the little pup accept that Mistress loved all Her pets, but She had Her life too, and their purpose here, was the enhancement of Her life, each in his own way. “Be good, pup”, one of the wise dogs, neville (insert breed here), said. “One day, you might find Mistress will scratch you behind your ear, and tell you you’re a good boy.” 

“She rubbed my tummy last week” boasted laforge (insert breed). 

“Lucky you” said neville. 

Still, the little puppy was uneasy. He knew that pups and dogs were getting their ears rubbed, backs scratched, and some even got to learn tricks for Mistress. She’d even take some for walks! But the little puppy started feeling sorry for himself. He didn’t even know how to please Mistress. So he started spending his time chasing his tail all day, hoping to hear “C’mon little puppy. Come to Mistress.” 

He spent some time in a special room in the doghouse, where the wisest of dogs would tell tales about Mistress. The dogs and pups in this room would listen, eyes wide in awe, at these wonderful, exciting tales. But the puppy spent most of his “doghouse time” in a special room, just for him, where he could remember the wonderful car ride to this place. All the other dogs could remember their car ride as well, but some had whole collections of other memories they could choose to relive, whenever they wanted. 

One night, the sad little pup was in his spot, reliving the car ride, when his little mind was filled with something new. It was Her Voice again, but this time She was telling him to have patience, that She loved him very much, and that his own, special time with Her would come. But She wanted him to still be a puppy. She told him that She loves his little puppy ways, and that he should still chase cars, and bark at butterflies, and do all the things he’d always loved to do. He suddenly knew he could be a good pet, and still do what he loved! Inspired, he vowed to be the best puppy dog he could. He loved Mistress so much, and wanted to please Her so much. 

So the little puppy was happier than he’d ever been in his life. The wise dogs looked at each other with understanding. “Remember when you were a yappy little puppy?” asked ash (insert breed). 

“The path of joy since then” said gene (insert breed). 

“Here, here” said neville. 

Now, the rest of this story hasn’t happened yet, so who knows? We all know who the real author is, don’t we?