One morning last week the Mistress Marquesa de Sade was kind enough to telephone and inform me that my next training session would soon be taking place.  The Mistress indicated that her records showed that far too much time had passed since my last instruction and that I had likely fallen into a deplorable state of obedience.

The Mistress advised that prior to my session I would be picking up a long awaited package, for her.  She had personally selected me to perform this errand for her and I was grateful that she had thought of me to do her bidding.

I was directed to drive to an address given to me by the Mistress, ask for Miss Locke, and request to pick up the package for the Mistress.  The package would be unmarked and I was to ask no questions about the contents.  After thanking the Mistress for this assignment I immediately drove to the appointed location and found that it was a small shop, on a back street, with a sign that said only, “Specialty Medical Devices.”  I asked for Miss Locke and a very attractive woman came to the desk and smiled when she said, “I’m Miss Locke.  You must be here for Marquesa’s package.  You’re just as she described.  It should be an absolutely perfect fit.”

Miss Locke obviously knew both the Mistress and the contents of the package.  I was most curious about her remark but I dared not inquire lest it get back to the Mistress.  I quickly left with the package.

Later that day the Mistress again called and commanded that I bring the package to her training quarters at once.  When I arrived she whisked the package away and directed that I immediately go to the bondage room, remove all of my clothing, and wait for her.

When the Mistress entered the bondage room she looked magnificent, as usual.  She had selected a black leather corset, lace tightly to show her tiny waist to its best advantage.  The corset was complimented by matching leather panties.  A lacy black garter belt held sheer black stockings high on her well toned thighs.  She was wearing her favorite stiletto heals.

Under her arm she was carrying what looked like an array of gleaming leather folds, dangling straps, and highly polished buckles with tiny key holes on each one.  The Mistress was obviously pleased and said, “As usual Miss Locke has outdone herself.  I believe this is the most exquisite straightjacket she’s ever completed for me.  I bought it especially for you my little trifle.  And as you’re already naked and ready, get yourself into it, and be quick about it.

“But Mistress,” I began to protest, “I don’t want to be strapped into that thing, and I really don’t know why you had to buy it.  The use them on lunatics, and I just know that you’ll keep me in it for the longest time.”

The Mistress displayed obvious disappointment when she heard my protests.  She reminded me that I was here precisely because I was beginning to forget the lesions of obedience that she had previously spent valuable hours instilling in me.

“This is really a very mild punishment.  I’d have thought you’d be grateful to get away from the spanking horse.  You constantly whine about the handcuffs hurting.”  With that the Mistress grabbed a riding crop from her ample collection and quickly reddened my ass with several sharp and stinging strokes.  I suddenly found myself dancing about the room, nursing several welts springing to life on my bottom.   Without another word of protest I dived into the refuge of the lustrous leather restraint I had despised only moment s before.

The Mistress watched approvingly as I slithered into the almost loving clasp of her most recent purchase.  Before I had a chance to change my mind, the Mistress swiftly buckled and locked the first of several straps by which I would be confined.  I stood in silence and listened to the fatal clicks of the locks snapping shut as strap after strap was tugged tight to ensure imprisonment.

“I think you’re just being horrid,” I said, “I never did anything to deserve this and I don’t see why you have to buckle me up so tight.  I can hardly breathe.”  The Mistress only smiled and touched my lips with one of her perfectly polished fingernails to silence my protests.  Carefully Mistress went over each of the bindings.  Each of the shiny buckles yielded another hole.

When she had completed her work the Mistress said, “Since you’ve acted like such a little child today I believe that an addition to your outfit is in order.” With that the Mistress walked into the cabinet where she drew out a pair of white latex panties.

“Whatever are you going to do now?” I asked.

The Mistress replied, “Since you’ve acted like a perfect little baby today I don’t believe I should leave you without treating you to these adorable little rubber panties.  Now lay on the bondage table and lift your legs and be quiet.”

The Mistress slid the stretchy panties up my legs and pulled them tightly to my waist.  “Stand up now so I can put a little of this on your reddened ass.”

The Mistress pulled a tube of K-Y jelly from the cabinet, pulled the waistband ways from my stomach and squeezed the entire tube of cool, slippery jelly into the panties.  She moved behind me and slipped her hands into the rubber pants to begin a slow masturbation of my cock with one hand while expertly massaging and teasing my balls with the other, making sure that she thoroughly distributed the K-Y evenly throughout the inside of the latex briefs.  The Mistress rhythmically glided my shaft in and out of her talented fingers.  For a few fleeting moments I foolishly believed that she actually intended to mete out a ration of pleasure to me that afternoon.

My deliriously happy cock was only a few seconds away from erupting when the Mistress abruptly withdrew her hands and let the panties snap back against me with a sharp sting.  After toweling the K-Y from her hands she reached between my legs, pulled the wide leather strap from the front under my crotch and locked it tightly in the back, hopelessly out of my reach.

“I’m afraid you’ll never get this straightjacket off.  As you’ve noticed, I had it sewn of the finest leather and the buckles all require a key for release.  I think you’ll find it a superbly effective restraint devise.  It should eliminate any possibility of your escape. However, my precious, I do want you to test its limits and try your very best to release yourself from its soft stubborn grip.”

“I believe you’ll also find the panties a pleasant distraction, for a time.  By now you’ve noticed that with the jelly in them they simulate quite nicely a very snug, warm and quite slippery little pussy.  Each time you fight against the jacket’s grasp these devilish little panties will caress and tease your cock.  Orgasm will be inevitable of course.  But then the fun begins, my darling.  The panties won’t be ignored and the will soon torment and coax your helpless prick to yet another erection.  The cycle will continue, my love, until your poor cock is permanently rigid but incapable of further release.  The panties teasing massage will soon cease to be a pleasure, so enjoy your little imitation pussy while you can.”

With that, the Mistress left the room and locked the heavy door behind her.  The panties felt luscious and with each step I took the slithered about my prick like the hands of the Mistress had done scant minutes before.  I knew the Mistress’s prediction would soon come true.

Not ten minutes after the Mistress left the first eruption of my cock occurred while I was tugging against the jacket’s tenacious grip.  It was a glorious feeling, but as I lay exhausted on the floor the expected feeling of relaxation did not come.  The insistent friction of the stretchy latex had already begun to coerce another erection from my depleted cock.  Before I knew it the teasing massage of the Mistress’s rubber briefs had hardened me again.

By the time the Mistress returned that evening I’d lost count of the number of times I’d come.   My shaft had been hard for hours now without a prayer of orgasm.  The tight slippery panties continued to jack my cock relentlessly.  I pleaded with the Mistress to remove them.

“Have you learned your lesson well today my little slave?” the Mistress inquired.  “Yes, Yes,” I said.  “I’ll never question the Mistress’s authority and will do exactly as told.”

“Very well,” She said.  “I’ll take off both the panties and your new straightjacket now.  But remember this lesson well, as I will not repeat it.  The Mistress is to be obeyed at all times and without question.  I expect that this will be etched in your memory from this point on.”

The Mistress mercifully unbuckled the straightjacket and slid the panties off.  She indicated that I would be picking up another package for her soon.


Respectfully Submitted,