The Magnificent Mistress Marquesa had been spending the week in New York City. When the local New York Doms heard the famous and beautiful Marquesa was in town they asked Her to come to The Vault, a NYC S&M club to demonstrate Her power over men. She was only too happy to make an appearance for the ladies and their slaves.

Cliff Jordan had been spending the week in New York City as well. He had been on a business trip and had worked every day from 8:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. Each night he had then returned to his hotel room, eaten a room service dinner and gone to bed.

Cliff was no hell raiser but tonight he decided he was going to see some women! As he walked down the street he noticed a sign that said “The Vault.” He thought he would go in for a drink, the night was warm and he was thirsty.

Unlike many other Dominatrixes around the country, The Mistress doesn’t just parade Her well-trained, well-behaved slaves around when She gives demonstrations of Her power. She likes to pick subjects from Her audience. Sometimes She picks observers, sometimes submissives, and sometimes She even chooses other Doms to control and manipulate–just to show how powerful She truly is.

Tonight, just as She was to start Her demonstration, Cliff walked in off the street.

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness of the club he noticed a stage. Standing on that stage was the most incredibly beautiful blond woman he had ever seen!

She was perfect in every way. Her outfit was sensuous but not too revealing. She wore a black, soft silken jacket and below that a low-cut bustier of black satin. Her pants too were tight, shiny and black, outlining a most provocative and well-rounded derriere and deliciously exciting thighs and calves. Her lovely, sexy feet were encased in black nylons and She wore open-toed black pumps with very high, pointy heels.

Her sexy blond hair-flowing and shimmering in the spotlight, and Her flawless complexion contrasted perfectly with the erotic blackness of Her outfit. Her dazzling emerald green eyes sparkled fairly in the reflected stage lights.

All present sensed from those glorious glowing orbs, a supreme confidence coupled with a magnetism that revealed Her obvious, totally deserved, vanity and a power to control any and all situations She might encounter.

The only jewelry She wore was a gold ring on the small finger of Her right hand–a jeweled “M” design–and a gold chain around Her neck, with a multi-faceted crystal heart that nestled seductively in Her wondrous cleavage.

She was, as always, stunningly beautiful,a true Goddess.  Cliff was instantly captivated by this vision of pure Feminine loveliness and raw sexual power!

The Magnificent One noticed Cliff staring at Her, frozen in his tracks with his mouth, agape. She immediately decided that he would be Her subject for the evening.

“Sir. Oh Sir! Could you join Me on the stage for just a moment? You look as if you are a stranger here and I want to ask you a few questions. I promise not to embarrass or humiliate you–that is unless you beg Me to.” With that She gestured broadly, beckoning him to the stage.

He hesitated just a moment while shaking off his stupor then slowly, mechanically, he walked forward and stepped up onto the stage and into the light.

As his eyes struggled to adapt to the new bright stage lights, he tried to focus on the beautiful Woman standing so close to him. The gentlest hint of perfume graced the air around Her. Was it “Jessica McClintock”? It teased his nose.

This woman who stood before him was so sexy. Now that he was so close he could sense a certain warm, powerful aura about Her. It seemed to enclose him, completely enveloping his senses.

“Could you tell us your name and where you are from?” She asked.

“Why…uh-h…sure. I’m…uh-h…Cliff Jordan and…uh…I’m a salesman…uh-h…from Denver, Colorado. I’m in New York on business but…uh…I came in here looking for…uh-h-h…a little pleasure. Can you help? Uh, here…here’s my card.”

A little nervous laugh went round the room. Was this guy really just a salesman who unknowingly wandered off the street,  into the club? No one would surely be so direct or so flippant with a famous Dominatrix in a public setting like this if they knew who She was, would they?

The Mistress just smiled and said, “Perhaps I can but we are in a place where pleasure and pain are mixed. Did you know that?”

“Well…uh-h…I’m not exactly sure what that means but you are…the loveliest woman I have seen in a long, long time. Uh-h gee, I certainly think I could stand a little pain in order to pleasure a beautiful woman such as yourself,” he answered.

“Well,” She said to him, “your attitude is certainly correct. Have you ever been involved in any S&M?”

“S&M!” he gulped. “Is that what you are talking about? I read a couple of magazines about it but…uh-h…if that’s what we’re talking about here then maybe I had better go!”

The Magnificent Marquesa reached up and gently brushed Her fingernails on his cheek, then firmly held his face between Her two soft palms. She looked directly into his eyes and spoke to him in Her soft, compelling voice.

“You said you would suffer pain to be rewarded by Me. If that is indeed true, then you don’t want to let your fears of the unknown stop you from seeking–and ultimately reaching–your goal, do you?”

As he nodded his head in agreement he realized that he was overwhelmed by Her presence. his senses were full of the sight and the sound and the smell of her.

“Well then, listen as I speak to you. you soon will become very sleepy as I talk. Don’t resist it. Give in to it and as you do you will feel satisfied and complete as you obey my suggestions and commands.”

Fascinating…this Woman before him was totally fascinating to him. Her voice was so soothing…it was all he could hear.

She took Her hands from his face and touched Her own breasts–leading his eyes first to the outline of Her large, perfect nipples, then slowly to the crystal heart suspended in Her divine cleavage. As She held it She moved the crystal to catch the light from the spots used to illuminate the stage. The flecks of light reflected by the facets of the heart danced across his eyes capturing his attention and overpowering his urge to leave. All he wanted to do now was to stand near this beautiful Goddess and listen to Her glorious, inspirational voice.

“Good cliff. As you gaze adoringly at Me while I manipulate this crystal heart, it is as if I am in total control of your heart. I can make it beat faster, you know.”

She reached out, gripped his shirt and yanked hard. All the buttons tore away and dropped to the stage. As the shirt fell open She placed Her warm palm over his heart.

“Yes cliff, it is beating faster. It is beating faster at My command. you enjoy obeying My commands, don’t you cliff?”

She now pushed him over to a chair on one side of the stage. As he sat there his eyes were exactly at the level of Her gorgeous, perfectly rounded breasts…and the crystal heart.

“As the heart goes back and forth before your eyes, and as you listen to my mesmerizing and compelling voice, you are surrendering your will to Me. you must abandon any thoughts of resisting My power. I am subjugating your mind, your body, and your soul. you want to obey Me, don’t you cliff?”

As he stared helplessly at the heart it swayed back and forth…so near to Her luscious breasts. The breasts that he longed to touch and to kiss, but he knew he was only there to obey Her orders and She had not given him permission to do that. To obey Her–that was all he wanted to do–just as She had said.

“Yes. i want to obey You,” he said.

“Mistress Marquesa,” she interjected.

“Yes, i want to obey You, Mistress Marquesa.”

A round of applause arose from around the room.

All present had heard and read of the great Mistress Marquesa’s power but this demonstration of conquering the will of a complete stranger in only minutes was truly amazing.

The Marquesa gestured for quiet.

“A moment ago I said I would not embarrass or humiliate you unless you begged Me…is there anything you would like to say to Me? Is there anything you would like to ask?”

The Mistress’ question penetrated deeply into the subconscious of the entranced salesman. Every evil thing he had done in his life flashed across his mind–the girlfriend he had cheated on; the businesswoman he had tricked out of a deal; the waitress he skipped out on without paying his check–he knew he should be punished. he knew he should be embarrassed. he knew he should be humiliated in front of all these people. he deserved it! he had behaved badly toward women so many times…but the Marquesa would make it right.

“Please Mistress Marquesa…help me. Punish me. Humiliate me. I beg You…please…!”

She looked at him…”he has broken quickly,” She thought as She pondered his humiliation.

“Take your clothes off! Now!” She demanded.

The audience tittered at his cowboy underwear as he stripped, completely naked, before his newfound Goddess.

“Now…I will do this,” She said as She tied a long red ribbon to Her slave’s manhood and held the other end in Her hand. She led him around the stage for all to see. Women had been doing this–figuratively–to men for all of history…but She was indeed leading him around by his organ as the audience laughter grew.

“Now slave…kiss the ground I walk on!” She demanded.

With each step She took he licked the stage where Her foot had just been. he grew more sexually excited as She tugged and he licked.

“Now…kiss My ass!” She said as She wiggled Her tight black trousers down, revealing Her perfect white ass. She was wearing only the briefest of black thong panties.

As he crawled to Her and started touching Her hips with his lips he grew larger and larger. Reverently he kissed Her ass–lovingly…tenderly.

The crowd clapped their hands in appreciation of the obedient slave’s actions. his lips worshipped Her soft white skin. Her body had become–to him–a holy shrine that deserved his worship, his total adoration.

She turned quickly and readjusted Her trousers, once again hiding Her beautiful ass from his vision. he looked as if he were going to cry as it was hidden from his sight.

The Mistress grabbed his hands and clicked on a pair of handcuffs She had taken from Her bag. After shackling his wrists She stepped back and looked at Her handiwork. he looked–indeed, he was–helpless before Her. Naked, handcuffed and hypnotized, he knelt respectfully before Her, awaiting Her orders.

Playfully She kicked him, causing him to fall onto his side.

“Crawl to the other side of the stage to everyone can see your puny naked body, slave,” She ordered.

On his belly, he crawled as commanded so everyone could see his naked body.

“Come here now, slave, and lean over this rack!”

As he obeyed, without question, She selected a rattan cane from a group of devices near the stage.

“Count these and thank Me for them slave,” She said as She began to lash his worthless ass.

“One…thank You Mistress.”

“Two…thank You Mistress.”

“Three…thank You Mistress.”

As he counted, the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa made a perfect design of red welts across his exposed ass. No blood was drawn and the patterns were geometrically perfect, a tribute to Her skill with the cane.

“Ten…thank You Mistress,” he said as he fainted.

The audience roared its approval.

“Stand up and dress now, slave boy cliff,” She whispered into his ear as She leaned over him and brought him back to consciousness. Immediately he reached for his clothes, as he was awakened from his coma by Her command.

Soon he was standing in front of Her–fully dressed, but immobile–transfixed by Her gaze. She gracefully held up Her hand and ordered him to kiss it.

As he tenderly kissed Her hand She ordered, “Return to your hotel room cliff and remember none of this. If however, I call you, you will again–at the sound of my voice–become My toy…My slave…and My pet. Do you understand?” She questioned.

As She spoke She released him from the handcuffs but even without the shackles, he was still Her helpless prisoner.

“Yes Mistress…i am Your slave…anytime and for as long as You wish…thank You!” And then he immediately walked out of the club and returned to his hotel without saying another word.

The Mistress again turned Her attention to the crowd which was still laughing at cliff.

“Tonight,” She said, I have shown you the power that a really strong woman can have over another person and many of you laughed. Remember this: any of you could be put in the same position at any time. Giving up your power to another to serve as a toy is a beautiful experience, one that is to be treated with the utmost respect.

“I always treat my slaves with respect because they have put their minds, their will, and their sexuality in My hands. they trust me! And I deserve that trust!

“Those of you who are slaves trust your Mistress with your innermost desires, thoughts and dreams.

“Those of you who are dominant, always remember that trust. If you mishandle the power, karma may return to you your lack of respect.

“Remember, after you have watched Me…I could dominate any one of you, at any time I so desire.”

As She walked from the stage to a silent crowd, it was obviously no secret at all that all of them “secretly” desired to be dominated by Her.

All present in the audience that night were left yearning–passionately craving– to be dominated by the one and only…the most glorious and ravishing…The Most Magnificent Mistress Marquesa.