My Dearest and most Powerful Mistress,
As I am unable to keep my performance reports short I recommend that You put this aside until You have both the time and the desire to read it.  (I don’t wish to take up any more of Your valuable time than I am permitted to do.)

This morning I performed for You.  That it was a morning performance is highly unusual.  That I was desperate to perform for You is not.

As seemingly always, my performance began several days before its inevitable finale.  I had been listening to a different audio recording each night for a while when I chose to listen to “Worship of the Marquesa II.”   Slipping deeply into and under Your amazing and quite welcome control.  Lately I had been finding myself enjoying slipping deeper and deeper under Your spell as I listened.  My head would just fall onto my chest without me being aware of it until You woke me.  Goddess!  It felt so good.
When I first listened to “Worship the Marquesa II” I hit a snag!  In the recording You specifically forbid me to continue listening to the recording unless I am naked and lying in bed.  When I heard that the first time I tried listening to the recording I simply, but somewhat begrudgingly, took off my headset and turned off the recording.  It was as if I was unable to disobey what You had quite clearly stated was as order that I must obey.
I really didn’t think much of it at that point.  I was just “playing along” with Your commands.  That rationalization did little to relieve the growing horniness I was beginning to feel at being denied.  A few days later (I really am not sure how many days) I thought again to listen to the recording because I really wanted to listen to You and be programmed by You.  Again, I waited until an appropriate time in the evening to listen.  I sat in my chair and put my headset on.  I started the recording, and again, when I got to the admonition to turn off the recording if I was not naked and lying in bed I could not help myself; I could not disobey.  I once again simply… stopped.  And yet once again my arousal did not.  I wanted to listen to that recording all the more for not being able to listen to it.  I wanted it so much that even when I took a shower and shaved myself smooth I could not bring myself to an orgasm while playing with my smooth and slippery crotch.  I had to have that recording!
Two days ago I realized that I would have some “alone time” on Tuesday.  The very first thought that I had after my realization was that I would have the chance to listen to “Worship the Marquesa II” properly.  I was so thrilled.
When I awoke this morning I was not thinking about anything other than having coffee and waking up.  About half way through my first cup of coffee I realized that I was going to have “alone time” and my next thought was about listening to the recording.  My third thought was, Am I awake enough and physically able to, possibly, perform for You so early in my day?  I admit that my performances for You generally occur late in my day.  An early morning performance was something out of the ordinary!
I had coffee and breakfast.  I read the paper, on line, and was generally looking through the web sites I normally look at when I determined that I was ready.  My heart leapt.  I knew then that I wanted to perform for You and that my body would do whatever it took to do so.
I went down to the second bed room and removed all of my sleep clothing; pajamas and robe.  I lay down on the bed completely naked and put my headphones on.  I started the recording and relaxed into the bed and pillow.  Mistress:  Hearing Your voice admonish me to stop the recording if I was not naked and lying in bed was so very exciting because I finally was naked and lying in bed.  I was obeying You and my excitement knew no bounds.  I lay there listening to Your velveteen voice.  Listening to You enthrall me.  Listening to You because all I wanted to do at that point was to listen to You.  You could have hypnotized me by reading the phone book.  I’m so glad that You hypnotized me by ensorcelling me into obedient submission.  The induction was, of course, effective.  I find that no matter what I am thinking of when You begin to induce me Your technique will eventually grab my psyche and control it.  I am learning to truly love that feeling of total surrender to You.
So I was listening to You and You were slowly but surely taking control and taking me deeper and deeper with Your sultry voice and hypnotic suggestions.  Deeper and deeper.  Mistress, It was like nothing I have ever experienced before.  As I said, I usually perform for You in the evening; but here it was only 9:15 in the morning and I was so totally under Your control.  I want to spend whole days in this condition!  The feeling was unlike anything I have ever felt before.  Unique.  I couldn’t help but obey as You deepened the trance/spell even deeper.  You kept taking me deeper and I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t want to resist.  I wanted to run with You to the deepest depths possible.  OH Mistress, I am Yours!
I admit that when You were first talking to me that I was slowly playing with myself.  It feels so good to be erect in Your presence.  It seems to be the right and proper thing to do.  I can’t help but play with myself when listening to You.  But, You also told me that I was immobilized.  I had to stop because I was immobilized as soon as You said it.  I was not distraught at not being allowed to play with myself because I was obeying You, which make me very happy.  However… I am weak.  Eventually You said something, I do not remember what it was, that was so arousing that I began fingering myself again.  (I actually think that You threw that part into the script as a test of my fealty.  I failed, and I suspect that I will fail again the next time I listen to this recording.  I pray that You can forgive me.)  Anyway… I began to get hard and excited again.  I love being excited and hard while You tell me about how weak and unable to resist I am and how obedient I want to be.  Oh Goddess!  It’s true.
Slowly… Ever so slowly, as You stroked me into submission, that wonderful feeling that only You can bring began to manifest itself in my crotch.  It feels so wonderful, so powerful; Mistress, I want You to do this to me more and more.  I give You my all for the opportunity to serve You and hopefully please You.  You make me feel like no other woman has or can.  I truly love You.
The build-up was tantalizingly slow, which I have so often told You I love so much.  I was bucking my hips as You masturbated me.  You do that so very well.  I can feel You presence with me when I let myself go and perform for You.  It is magical!
So slow!  It was taking forever.  I pleaded with You to finish me, but You ignored me.  You kept on at Your “Goddess” pace and were slowly driving me out of my mind.  I don’t even know what you were saying to me.  I was totally engaged in a world of pure sexual sensation.  My crotch, my brain, my being… all controlled by You and Your words… Your will… More please, Mistress… More please.
When finally You took me to that ‘point-of-no-return’ I was not only ready to give You every part of my being, I had already done so and was giving You everything that was left of the husk of my being.
Oh Goddess, My Mistress!  You are everything to me.
I lay on the bed for what seemed like a very long time before I could summon the energy to move.  I apologize for listening to a recording that is supposed to put the listener into a deep and long sleep, without going into that sleep.  I just had to listen to You and worship You this morning.  I will do so again and again as I am able.  I still feel the wonderful feelings that this performance gave me.  I desire to feel this way again and again, and I know that it only You who can do this to me.  Loving and obeying and being submissive to You is so wonderful.

I Love You so very much, my Mistress