It is impossible to listen to this file and not masturbate.
It begins with our Goddess already telling you this, that you are simply to weak to resist the urge to masturbate, and knowing this arouses you.
The listener will find himself drifting down in an erotic elevator, opening to a hidden floor filled with beautiful women in varying stages of dress and undress.
As your naked body floats into this fantastic field of female flesh, it is almost erotically inevitable that you will already be stroking yourself, feeling the nylon clad legs ravishingly rubbing against your nude and enchanted body.
Without giving away the inevitable ending, you will find yourself failing to resist the urge to masturbate.
With the bewitching words of the Goddess erotically echoing in your mesmerized mind, you will simply surrender and embrace your natural place as a slave of the Goddess Marquesa.
Even the strongest of males, in body or mind, cannot resist Her.
This slave challenges anyone reading to take the Masturbation Challenge….