He had seen her at a trendy L.A. restaurant. She was so beautiful! Her shoulder-length blond hair framed a face so beautiful it was almost painful to look at. Her compelling eyes were deep green. Her lips were full and red, her skin flawless.

As she sat alone at a front table, he noticed several rich, famous men walk to the table to spend time with her. First they would almost bow, then respectfully ask permission to sit. Only after she had granted her permission would they sit and speak to her as she sipped her champagne. One by one they paid their respects and moved on – at her pleasure.

He watched and was immediately attracted to her – after all, who wouldn’t be? But as much as he wanted to, he couldn’t get up the courage to walk over to her. He was afraid of the rejection but he would confront her somewhere else when she was alone. He always felt more powerful, more in control, when he surprised his “conquests.”

He didn’t consider himself to be a stalker but more than once he had followed a pretty woman to a secluded spot to confront her, to try to start a conversation. Once he had even touched one of the women on the breast but then, like a little boy, he had run away. Maybe this time, he thought, this blond vision would talk to him.

So he waited. He waited until she left the restaurant and discreetly followed her. As the valet retrieved her car, to ran to the next block where he had parked and quickly drove by the restaurant and watched as she got into her car. Falling in behind her, as she drove off he was both excited and afraid, a combination of feelings he always felt when he dealt with women. He was excited by their sensual physical presence yet afraid of their power over sexually starved men such as himself. Perhaps this encounter would be different.

But he didn’t realize how different it would be!

He had the fortune – or should we say misfortune – of choosing to follow the Magnificent Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa! Of course being all knowing and all-powerful as She was, She had seen him become fascinated by Her in the restaurant. She had evaluated him and decided She would allow him to follow Her. Had She not allowed it, She simply would have instructed any one of Her slaves at the restaurant to detain him. It was lucky for him She had not done so because often Her slaves were not gentle when carrying out such commands.

Checking frequently in Her rear view mirror She allowed Her stalker to keep up as She drove across the city. Finally She pulled into the marked parking spot in front of the MarquesaCo Building and walked briskly to the front door.

She was dressed in black, all black. She had on a form-fitting silk, blouse, tight pants and a leather vest. Around Her neck was a gold chain from which was suspended a crystal heart. The shiny pumps with 5-inch heels were the perfect accessory to Her perfectly seductive outfit.

She paused as She slowly opened the door to Her private office, giving time to the stalker – Her prey! – to park his car and approach Her.

He stood just outside the door as the Marquesa suddenly turned to face him. A bright light from above the door seemed to illuminate the space. The Marquesa smiled at Her stalker. She seemed so powerful, so strong. His eyes focused on Her face, Her beautiful firm breasts and the heart-shaped crystal suspended between them. She held the heart before his fascinated eyes. The light, as it struck the heart, was separated into dazzling, spectral colors. He had no time to prepare for its glittering impact. The Mistress swung the heart back and forth, tiny flashes of light swept across his face, capturing his gaze. “Look at it,” She ordered calmly, quietly, as She brought it closer to his eyes. “Stare into the heart, you know you want to. Keep staring at it. It is so compelling.”

What he found in the center of the shining heart seized his imagination and drained his will power from his mind as he stood before Her ready to follow any command She uttered. Soon he would be Her total slave as so many men before had been when they underestimated the power of this amazingly beautiful and intelligent Goddess.

“Keep staring into the depths of the heart… you are unable to look away… you’re unable to resist Me… you cannot resist My commands… I am your Mistress and you will do exactly as I command.” She paused and then whispered to Her new slave, “Nod if you understand Me and if My words fill you with an irrepressible urge to begin your new life as My most obedient, faithful, eager slave boy.”

Completely devoid of any will to resist, he nodded his head. She was so right, he realized all of a sudden that he would do anything for Her if only She would allow him to become one of Her lowly slaves. Just as surely as if he were in chains he was Her slave – Hers to control, Hers to command.

There are dominants in the world who capture their victims with whips and chains and other bondage devices. Once their victims are bound they can be brutalized and humiliated into complete slavery. But there are others – and the Marquesa is one – who are even more powerful because of their unyielding will power. The stalker could not resist Her for even a moment. Any whim She entertained would become a holy quest to him, he would deny Her nothing. Now and forever he knew he would obey Her commands. She ordered him into a private chamber in Her inner offices and began his “treatment.” “Tell Me why, My little slave boy, you had to follow Me tonight. What were your intentions?” There was no effort to resist Her questioning and he was compelled to tell her the truth, to leave out nothing. “My Mistress, my name is bob and i was fascinated by Your beauty and grace but i have been afraid of Women since i was a little boy. The only way i can have any power with a Woman is to surprise Her, to follow Her, to make Her afraid. That’s what i wanted to do to You tonight, i wanted to make You afraid of me.” The Mistress’ honey-smooth voice enveloped slave boy bobby. She immediately realized that only by going back to his childhood could he be freed form this strange desire to instill fear in women so She utilized Her powerful hypnotic power over him to take him back.

She spoke softly, “bobby, I know you can still hear Me. My words are penetrating your subconscious. I know you are most comfortable when you are a child and I can even be your mommy and free you from all the fear and doubt in your mind. All you have to do is become a child. When you hear Me use this tone, you will become a child.” As the Mistress looked at bobby his face relaxed even more, seemingly becoming younger and more childlike. Clearly he was in Her power. “you have no choice but to proceed, proceed into a world I exclusively rule, a world where you are the child and I am Mommy Marquesa, the provider of care, a power for good, the focus of your childlike mind, the focus of your young, receptive mind.” Falling to his knees, not as a sign of slavery but because his legs seemed unable to support him, bobby wasn’t even sure he could walk – he was, after all, just a baby. And Mommy Marquesa was there to protect him and this made him comfortable and at peace being near Her. Along the floor he crawled to Mommy and when he reached Her She held him so close that She could feel his little heart beat in his little chest. Then Mommy Marquesa took off all his “old people” clothes and wrapped him in a diaper after powdering his cute little bottom with a nice smooth baby powder. Then while She rubbed his little butt, She gave him a binky to suck. She put him in a nice blue bonnet so he looked like a pretty little baby boy.

“This is,” he thought to himself, “the best spot in the whole world.” he loved Mommy Marquesa so much. She was so good to baby. But then Mommy Marquesa got real close to baby bobby’s face and made him gaze into Her eyes. That made baby bobby feel real funny as they penetrated into the depths of his baby soul. She was talking in a really quiet voice but he could still hear and cherish Her every word. It was all he could hear… all he wanted to hear.

She told him: “you can’t defy Me, can you baby bobby? you are unable to defy Me. I am using the tone that strips you of your will to resist Me. Keep listening… the reason you are afraid of women is that you wish to be one! you want to get rid of that dirty little thing between your legs! you want to have a pussy! you want to have a pussy just like Mommy Marquesa. you want to grow up to be a fine strong woman just like Mommy Marquesa, don’t you bobby?”

Again bobby found himself in full agreement with this magical Woman who controlled his mind and body. he nodded “yes,” he would like to be a girl. he hated that little worm between his legs. he did want to be just like Mommy Marquesa. Her eyes held his gaze just like the eyes of a snake capture the eyes of a bird. he couldn’t look away. he didn’t want to! Those deep, beautiful emerald green, all-knowing eyes brought him a peace and contentment he had never known before. “Mommy Marquesa is going to give you this bottle to drink and it’s got a ‘special’ milk in it and if you wish really hard for something while you drink this your wish will come true. Now drink baby bobby …drink… suck… suck….” As he sucked on the bottle and drank the delicious milk all he could think about was Mommy Marquesa’s perfect breasts and he imagined that the magic milk was really coming from Her magnificent, succulent erect nipples! The wish that he wished was that he could be a girl – like Marquesa – so Mommy Marquesa would be proud of Her little baby girl. And so the power of the magical, mesmerizing, miraculous Mommy Marquesa had again cast it spell. All of a sudden baby bobby felt a tingling between his legs and his little pee pee began to disappear. It shrank until it was totally gone.

The soft soothing voice of Mommy Marquesa penetrated the sublimely happy baby’s brain. “Now you are baby roberta, Mommy Marquesa’s little girl… Mommy’s special little girl. you can feel just this happy and just this good any time the Mistress allows you to visit Her. Whenever you have the evil urge to treat a woman or girl in a mean way, you will call Me to confess and to beg Me to come under My spell again before you take any action to succumb to this evil juvenile urge. you will only find true peace while you are under My control and deeply in My spell. you will beg Me to place you in My web of hypnotic power whenever you have those evil urges.” Knowing that Mommy Marquesa would always tell the truth, baby roberta nodded her head. she would never fail to observe the sacred command of her omnipotent beautiful Mommy. That honey-smooth voice gave one last command, “Sleep My little slave girl… sleep…,” and roberta closed her eyes and went to sleep on the floor. Deep into her sleepin9 subconscious mind, irresistible commands from the Marquesa were imprinted on baby roberta’s psyche. “When the spell is lifted from your mind you will continue to be the servant of the Marquesa. My voice will trigger the part of your subconscious I now control. you will be compelled to obey Me each time I choose to command you and you will have no memory of this incident. your enslavement will be forgotten. All you will remember is the peace and contentment you gain from being near the Marquesa. Do you under-stand all of My commands?” Nodding her sleeping head yes, bobby/roberta filed away Mommy’s directives one by one.

“Wake up bobby, wake up now.” he heard Mommy’s voice through his sleepy haze. he struggled to regain consciousness. It was as if he were deep under water, swimming toward the surface. Finally, as the voice told him to awaken, once more he reached the surface and opened his eyes. Slowly he realized he was alone in a room with the beautiful Woman he had followed. When was that? Was it hours ago? She smiled at him. “Would you like to stay and talk with Me for a while? If so, come over here and sit on this chair close to Me. Look into My eyes and tell Me how you feel about it.” “Oh Goddess!” he moaned. “Yes, yes… oh yes! Please let me stay to talk with You! i’ll do any-thing for You just to spend a few more minutes in Your presence. Please.” “Well then,” She said, “you may take of My shoes while we talk.” Quickly bobby slid off the chair he was sitting on and sat on the floor by Her lovely, sexy feet and removed Her wicked stiletto-heeled shoes. “Very good. That is a good boy. Now you may massage them bobby. They’re tired.”

Immediately he took one of Her feet into his quivering hands and began to massage it from toe to ankle, top to bottom, with gentle but firm loving caresses. The Marquesa smiled, knowingly, “Why don’t you massage them with your mouth, bobby'” Without hesitation bobby began kissing Her beautiful feet. Then he bent even lower, sprawling his body on the floor and gently holding one foot in each hand. Moving from one to the other he licked the soles, then ran his tongue up and over the top and back down to the toes. he wrapped his tongue around the big toe and sucked it as though it was one of Her glorious nipples. he greedily sucked it for a long while then moved from it to the next toe with his worshipping mouth. he was totally in love and subservient to Her absolutely perfect, sexy feet. he could go on like this manner for days with no other thought entering his obedient mind! “Enough!” She said as She suddenly pulled Her feet away from him. “That’s enough for now. Get up and follow Me!” She rose and walked over to the desk and opened a drawer. She removed a red leather dog collar. As he drew near to Her She turned to him and said, “you know bobby, I have always wanted a pet and I never had one. I always wanted a doggie. Will you be My doggie'” “Anything for you. Anything!” bobby answered.

“Then get down on all fours,” She ordered. After bobby dropped to his hands and knees, the Marquesa fitted the collar around his neck and attached a leash. She thon walked him around the room like the dog he was. “Sit up and beg for Momma Marquesa.” So sexually was he enslaved that She didn’t have to place him under Her hypnotic control. he set up on his bended hind legs with his hands hanging limp in front as he begged, pretending – no, actually believing – himself to be Her pet dog. “Stand up!” Obedient to Her order, he rose, ready to follow any new humiliating command. She then opened the door to Her private bath room, pushed him inside and stood him in front of the toilet bowl. “Drop your pants. Now! Quickly, do as I say!” The slave obeyed.

“Now,” She commanded, “jerk it off.” Gently She touched his face and even that light touch caused his, now erect cock to jump and twitch. “Now,” She continued, “take it in your hand and stroke it. Prove to Me how much you worship and adore Me and how grateful end indebted to Me you’ve become for permitting you to become My obedient, faithful, unquestioning slave and play thing.” Mesmerized, he found himself with his hand wrapped around his cock, stroking it… loving the feeling… as it grew hotter and hotter… harder and harder… bigger and bigger, all in Her honor. Suddenly, in a flash without warning, he spewed his hot, white curn in what seemed to be an unending series of gigantic spurts into the awaiting toilet bowl. He had never shot such a big load and for such a long time in his life, not even when he was a kid. And it was just as the Mistress had planned it – totally antiseptic – with not a drop soiling the floor of Her spotless bath room Now dazed and fully spent, bobby followed the Mistress Marquesa and collapsed into unconsciousness on the floor as he came back into the sitting room of Her plush office. Later, he woke up in his car in a seaside park in Marina del Rey, fully clothed. “What a strange dream that was,” he thought to himself. “But the Woman in it was so totally beautiful and glorious!” Then, as he reached into his pocket to see if he had been robbed while he slept, he discovered a business card. He took it out and looked at it. lt read:

Marquesa de Sade
Behavior Modification.
Call for appointment (562) 986-4347
This means you, slave boy!
Wow! Now he knew it wasn’t a dream…..and…… he knew he would call Her and set up an appointment as soon as he could reach a telephone.