My name is Paul… or Slave Paul… and I am writing this essay as a testimony to the wonderful dominant powers of Mistress Marquesa.

First let me say that I consider myself an ordinary adult, professional male in every sense of the words.  I am very athletic, I love sports of all kinds, I think I have a good sense of humor, and no one would even come close to guessing that I am a sex slave to the Magnificent Marquesa.

I first became aware of my submissive sexual tendencies about ten years ago, in my early twenties.  However, I was too nervous, too afraid to act upon them at the time.  I was confused and thought I was really weird.  I tried to ignore my submissive feelings and blew them off as too out-of-the-ordinary for me.  I was convinced that only “kinky” folks did that stuff.

For a couple of years my submissive feelings continued to grow until they became too strong for me to ignore.  I tentatively decided to act on them.  To make a long story short, I have tried several professional mistresses over the years.  All of them were very sexy, quite beautiful, and certainly dominant, but none of them captured my imagination.  The sessions could be quite intense, but in the end I really just wanted to get my rocks off.  I wasn’t aware of it then, but looking back I realize now that I was being slightly dominant by using them as a means to accomplish my goal of orgasm.  I was not submitting completely.

Then I met Marquesa.

I first met Mistress Marquesa in the summer while visiting southern California on a business trip.  I perused the local adult newspapers and was quite excited and turned on by an article, “From the Slave’s Cell.”  The mistress seemed like the dominant female I had been fantasizing about for years.  A beautiful blonde goddess who could capture a man’s will and mold him like putty in her hands with a single glance and a few words of her sexy voice.  I decided to give her a call.

Mistress Marquesa gave me some information pertaining to our first interview session and when She hung up the phone with a sexy, knowing, “Good bye slave,” my cock twitched.  However, I had felt this excitement and anticipation before, only to be ultimately disappointed.  Our interview lasted about twenty minutes and seemed somewhat uneventful. She was certainly beautiful and seemed comfortable modestly displaying her magnificent breasts and great legs, just enough to jump start my imagination.  We set a session appointment for a couple of days later.  She said she could not see me that same day because it was Her birthday and slaves would be dropping by all day with gifts for her.  I thought that was strange.  I could never imaging giving a mistress gifts.  After all, I would submit for a session and that would be it until the next session.  Simple as that!

Over the next four months I served the Mistress on three different occasions.  I didn’t think the sessions were much different from the sessions with other mistresses, but something kept bringing me back to Mistress Marquesa.  I found myself, In between sessions, fantasizing about serving Her.  I’d call Her answering machine just to listen to Her heavenly voice which made my cock grow stiff with anticipation of serving Her again.  The more I saw Her, the more I thought about Her.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I now know that Mistress Marquesa was slowly drawing me into her web of sensual arousal.  A web that I would later find impossible to escape.

After five or six visits the Mistress suggested that we try hypnosis.  Actually, She didn’t suggest it, She caught me unsuspecting, with Her crystal heart and Her sexy seductive voice until I was under Her spell.  The Mistress told me that I was Her slut-slave, Her sex toy, Her pet and puppet to do with as She pleased.  She told me that the further I would fall under Her dominant spell the more obedient I would become, the more I would try to please her and the more I pleased Her the more sexually aroused I would become.  She gave me permission to fantasize about Her and play with my cock which She now owned; but I must never come without Her permission.  I had never been so sexually aroused as I was during that first hypnosis session.  But as I left the Mistress’ residence I didn’t consciously feel any difference.  I was sure that I could quit seeing Her as soon as I felt like it.

That hypnosis session slightly changed a few thing for me.  As a typical male I fantasize about women and masturbate occasionally.  I would say a couple of times a week.  When I went home from that session I had dinner and went to bed.  As I was drifting off to sleep I reached down and began to stroke my cock.  I closed my eyes, but instead of fantasizing about ordinary beautiful females who normally capture my fancy, all I could think of was submitting to the Magnificent Marquesa.  My cock was harder than it has ever been… I continued to stroke until I was on the brink of climax and I stopped.  I wanted desperately to come, but I wouldn’t allow myself to do so.  I could only think of Marquesa telling me not to come.  I would stroke some more, but as soon as I was ready to explode I stopped.  This went on for about a half hour… I was intentionally giving myself a case of blue-balls and I didn’t mind.  A mind blowing orgasm was perfectly within my control but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  I was submitting to Mistress Marquesa’s will while She was nearly 500 miles away.  I thought it was odd but I was so turned on I didn’t care.  I did this night after night slowly becoming addicted to the feeling of my cock getting hard simply at the thought of Mistress Marquesa.

As sexually excited as I was, and as much as Marquesa was controlling my actions I was still naïve enough to think I was acting of my own free will.  Sure, I was turned on, but I knew that I could quit at any time.

I continued to serve Mistress Marquesa periodically when my travel schedule would allow it.In the mean time She dominated my thoughts.  I thought I fantasized about Mistress Marquesa because I wanted to.  I would soon find out I was only being a good, obedient little slave-boy and carrying out the Mistress’ wishes.

I soon requested Mistress’ hypnosis recording “Hypnotic Surrender” so I could hear Her heavenly seductive voice and fall under Her spell while I was away from Her.  I fell further and further under Her spell without really knowing it.  I was convinced that I was still in control of my own actions.

Little did I know that the Mistress was just nurturing me along, enslaving me little-by-little.  She began to persuade me to do things I never imagined doing for any other mistress.  I would bring Her gifts of flowers, or I would send them from hundreds of miles away.  (All the while remembering when I first met Her how strange I thought it was that adult men would shower this woman with gifts; a woman they had sought out in the first place, and gifts she didn’t ask for but none-the-less expected.)

I purchased and wore women’s black lace panties without question when Mistress Marquesa instructed me to.  There were things I remember thinking were mot manly things to do, and no woman would ever get me to do.  I was doing them willingly for Mistress Marquesa.

One day it occurred to me just how far I had fallen under the Mistress’ spell.  She was dominating my thoughts and I would think about Her several times a day; each time experiencing a delightful twitch in my crotch and butterflies in my stomach.  I decided that I needed to get a grip and that I could no longer serve the Mistress.  I could no longer be Her slave, Her pet.  I decided to break free from Her spell.  This is when She demonstrated Her dominance over me.

I called the Mistress to let Her know that I would be in town and that I wanted to see Her to discuss leaving Her stable of slaves.  I told Her that I would like to meet Her in person to spell it out for Her because I didn’t want to be disrespectful of Her, but I needed to get on with my life.  She has so many men who bend to Her will, surely She wouldn’t mind losing just one of them, I thought.  The Mistress was very calm when I told Her of my decision and my reasons for leaving Her.

The Mistress responded in Her softest, sexiest tone.  She agreed to meet me at the local restaurant where we first met three years ago for my initial interview.  She went on to say that She thought I would be miserable not being able to serve Her, not being able to submit to Her sexy charms and Her seductive, sexy, irresistible voice.  As I listened I fell further and further under Her spell.  She put me into a hypnotic trance and planted post-hypnotic suggestions.

I met Marquesa at the appointed place and the appointed time.  I was a bit nervous, but I was confident that this was it!  I had to break free.  As we sat and talked the Mistress mentioned that She would miss having me as Her puppet.  My cock began to stir and I felt as if I had to submit to this beautiful Goddess.  We continued to talk and I continued to explain my situation.  She asked if I enjoyed being her “Puppet.”  I could feel my cock getting harder and harder as my will got weaker and weaker.  I knew I had to wrap this up quickly.  I began to speak when She interrupted and said, “I don’t really think you want to stop being my puppet.”

Mistress smiled and even lightly chuckled when I asked if I could excuse myself and go to the Men’s room.  “Five minutes.” She said.  I went to the stall of the men’s room and started to stroke my swollen cock.  I knew that I was in a public restaurant but I didn’t care.  My cock was rock hard because that’s what Mistress Marquesa wanted.  I was in the men’s room playing with myself because that’s how She wanted to amuse Herself.  That’s how She wanted to demonstrate to me that I was Her slut-slave and Her pet, Her puppet to do with as She pleased.  The more I obeyed Her the more sexually aroused I became.  I was hooked.  When I returned from the men’s room She asked me, “Now slave, where were we?”  I told Her that I was telling Her that I was Her devoted slave and wanted nothing but to serve Her.  She instructed me to follow Hew\r out of the restaurant to Her place where She teased and tormented me.  I begged Her to stop, but She only laughed.  She made me kiss Her feet and lick Her five inch spike heels.  She used me as furniture as She spoke on the phone.   She humiliated me by showing me how helpless I was and how turned on I was and how I had no control over my cock.   She controls my cock and uses it as Her play toy.

This whole relationship started with me searching for a mistress so I could get my rocks off.  That’s all I wanted.  Instead, Mistress Marquesa continues to plant suggestions that arouse me and have me begging her to allow mw to perform for her amusement.  Sometimes I amuse Her, other times she is not in the mood.  It is Her choice.

All this time I thought I was in control, when the Mistress was just using me for Her amusement.  All along She just watched as I slowly succumbed to Her will.  She slowly draped a cloak of Her dominance and Her feminine charms over me knowing that I would deny it and would try to fight only to come back again and again with renewed enthusiasm.  All the while She has known that I would not be able to stop from thinking about Her.  She has conditioned me to the point where just the thought of serving Her needs makes my cock rock hard.  The harder I become the more submissive I am, the more pliable I am for my Mistress.

As I said at the beginning… I am your average Joe, no one would ever suspect that I am a sex-slave.  They would be amazed.  Even I never thought I could be trapped in this inescapable web of sexy, seductive, feminine dominance.  But here I am writing a testimony to the cunning powers of the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa and loving every bit of my slavery.

Excuse me, I have to run off and give myself a case of blue balls… Mistress hasn’t given me permission to come.