It had been a long meeting.  Jerry had been negotiating all day with Justin Perez, the owner of a small machine tool plant in East Los Angeles.  Things were not going well.  Perez seemed to think that his building was made of gold – not bricks and mortar.  And, that his customer list was filled with the CEOs of the Fortune 500.

True enough, it was a well-run little plant – clean and profitable – but nobody could resist for long when his company, Jerrico, put on the pressure.  Perez had tried to be friendly but that didn’t matter to Jerry.  Jerry had bought and sold dozens of little companies like this in the past and he didn’t want any new friends – he just wanted to make money.

 At the end of the day he got up from the negotiating table, packed his briefcase and said, “I’ll be back tomorrow at 8 a.m.  By then you will be ready to sign the papers….

“If you do not, in six months the company will be mine anyway and you will be bankrupt.  I will buy all of your outstanding debt from your creditors along with any stock available and I will force you out of business, you arrogant little man!”

 Jerry then stalked out of the office, got into his rented limousine and had the driver return him to the luxury hotel where he was staying while in Los Angeles.  Upon arrival, he stopped in the lobby bar for a martini to calm his nerves.

 Jerry was serious about putting Perez out of business.  He wouldn’t put up with any crap from any of these little business owners.  He was in charge when he negotiated.  He was not there to kiss anyone’s ass.

 The sharp, icy taste of the martini relaxed him and soon its mildly anesthetic effect spread throughout his body.  He left the bar and took the elevator to his executive suite.

 As he opened the door, he saw Her.  She was lying on the bed waiting for him.

 She was tall, dark and beautiful.  Her gorgeous face with its erotic, vain long-lashed eyes was framed by long, dark, silken and loosely curled hair which hung so sexily, so femininely down Her lovely bare back.  She was dressed in a “little red dress” that clung to every magnificent curve.  The dress was so short that he not only could see Her long perfect legs, but he caught a thrilling glimpse of Her fiery red panties.  Her matching wicked red high heel shoes lay on the floor next to the bed.

 For a moment he was startled by Her beauty but he quickly shook his head, as if to clear his senses, and spoke.  “Damn, Perez must really be trying to change my mind!  He has sent over the best-looking whore in the city to entertain me.  Get out bitch, I don’t mix business and pleasure!”

 She stood up, stepped into her shoes and walked over to a low table in the center of the room.  A single candle burned in a candleholder placed at its center.

 Jerry thought she was leaving as ordered but she stopped there and started to speak.  Even in his anger, Jerry just stared at Her lovely full red lips as the words flowed from them.

 “But I do mix business and pleasure Jerry,” She began, “And it is what I want that counts, not what you want!”

 Jerry started to reply but She quickly interrupted him.  “Shut up and listen!  I am not some cheap whore.  I am Maria, justin’s Wife and Mistress.  I control his company and you can’t have it.  In fact, you have been such an ass I shall take over your company and you will be required to work for Me and compensate Me for allowing you to do so.  What do you think of that?”

 Jerry started to laugh.  “Baby, that sexy body of yours might control your husband but not me.  Now you get out!”

 She raised Her arm to Her face as if to look at Her watch.  The light from the candle reflected off the watch into Jerry’s eyes.  Somehow even more light flashed in his eyes than was emitted by the candle itself.  Maria had planned all this and had acted it out many times before so Her gestures looked casual and spontaneous… but they weren’t.  In reality She was beginning a process that would cause Jerry to fall under Her spell.

 Suddenly Jerry noticed that the room began to feel warm.  He thought perhaps the air conditioning had stopped working.  His body also seemed more relaxed.  What he did not know was that Maria Perez was an “Ancient One” – a Priestess, a Witch!  But soon he would feel Her power.

 “jerry,” She said, “jerry, I want you to be comfortable and relaxed when I speak to you.  Do you feel comfortable?”

 he wanted to tell Her to get out of his room but he could only manage to nod his head in agreement… that yes, he was comfortable.

 “Good jerry, I would like you to listen to Me as I talk to you,” She said as the reflection flashed in his eyes.  “Listen to Me… listen….”

 She again manipulated the watch so that light from the candle danced across his eyes… flash… flash… flash it went… across his eyes.

 “My Mother and Her Mother before Her and Her Mother before Her were all Witches in the interior of Mexico.  Each was able to bind mere males with magic.  We have used Our magic to ensnare males and control them so We could gain their wealth.  Perez was one of My victims but he loved Me even before I spoke the charm which bound him to Me.  I permitted him to marry Me so I could easily rule over him along with eleven others I owned before him.  Thirteen is the perfect number for a coven and, before you, I have had only twelve in Mine.”

 Flash… flash… flash… the light continued to dance across his eyes as She spoke.

 “I have learned that the heart is the key to control.  By controlling the heart of another, one can control the entire being… would you like to surrender Your heart to Me?”

 Flash… flash… flash… flash… in his eyes.

 “I want you to keep listening to Me…” flash… “as I talk to you…” flash… “and you become more and more…” flash… “comfortable.

“Soon…” flash… “you will be able…” flash… “to let go of everything…” flash… “to let go of…” flash… “everything….

“you know when people enter a hypnotic trance they do so because they want to submit to the one who is casting the spell.  you want to submit, don’t you jerry?”

 jerry was confused… submit?… magic?… hypnotic spell?

 “And the person who enters the trance is willing to obey the suggestions, orders and commands of the person who placed them under their magical, hypnotic control.  Isn’t that right?”

 “Ye… ye… yes…,” he responded softly.

 “Well jerry, tell Me.  Are you under My hypnotic spell?  Are you under My control?”

 jerry looked even more confused than before.  his mind was trying to absorb all of this magic stuff.  he knew he was supposed to be in charge.  After all, She was just a woman – albeit a very beautiful as sexy one – and women are supposed to be subservient to men.  But could She really be a witch?  That is impossible, his confused mind told him…

 BUT!  His conscious mind shut down… he paused… his eyes glazed over… his facial muscles relaxed completely.

 “Yes, i am under Your spell,” he uttered softly.

 “I am glad jerry.  From now on, every time I look into your eyes and say the word “succubus” you will quickly allow your mind to become open to Me.  Then you will close your eyes and follow and commands I give to you because you want to surrender your heart to Me.  I am the most beautiful and sensuous woman you have even seen and you desperately want to obey Me!”

 he looked at Her, his eyes widening, his breathing quickening… he was full of fear.  She knew he was struggling to break free.  She stepped closed and stared directly into his eyes, capturing his gaze.

 “Deeper… deeper… under My spell….”

 he tried to say “No!” and opened his mouth… it trembled for a few more seconds and then he whispered “Yes!”

 Now he belonged to Her!

 “Succubus,” She said.

 His eyes slammed shut as he fell even deeper under Her magical control.  his arms fell to his sides… he was now helpless before Her.

 “Good boy,” She began, “take off all your clothes… NOW!… My pet.”

 Powerless to resist, he shed all his expensive clothing, dropping it in a pile at his side.

 “Now open your eyes but remain deeply under My spell.  Look at Me!  I am so beautiful… it excites you when you look at Me… I am so powerful… I am so vain!… you love Me!”

 Opening his eyes, he blinked a few times as they adjusted, then fixed on the Dominant Female vision before him.

 “Surrender your heart to Me, My little slave,” She said as a victorious, knowing smile played across Her beautiful face.  “Watch!”

 As slave jerry watched, She took a cat-o-nine-tails from Her bag and moved it through the air, making a whistling sound.

 “Show Me your ass, slave.”

 Obediently, jerry turned his naked ass to his new Owner.  She softly moved Her hand across his bare ass, causing his cock to spring to life.  he closed his eyes and sighed as Maria’s magical hands roamed freely across his bare flesh.  With a surprising suddenness his arousal was broken by the sound of the whip followed immediately by a sharp, searing pain.

 his eyes flew open as he twisted his body and caught a glimpse of Maria’s hand swinging again toward his ass.  Another stinging blow struck his ass… and another… he started to cry uncontrollably… but Maria continued in cadence… slap… slap… slap…!

 Time after time She struck him until his body shook with pain, fear and humiliation.  his mind tried to escape the trap Maria had so skillfully laid.

 “What are You doing to me… to my mind?” he managed to ask.

 Maria reached out and moved Her fingers in a circular motion on his temples, then She lifted both of Her hands to his face, cupping it gently.

 “Just what you want to happen, My pet.  you want Me to control your life.  you need Me to guide and control you.  you desire Me to dominate your mind, your body.  And I plan on using you just as I please.  you won’t resist, will you My pet?  you can’t resist Me… you know that!”

 he struggled, “i…don’t… want… You… to… to… to…”

 Her dark brown eyes fixed his with a mesmerizing gaze.  Slowly he found he could not speak… he fell silent, help in the grip of Her beautiful and powerful eyes.  But thoughts still raced around in his ever weaker “i’m becoming helpless… powerless before this small, weak woman… got… to… keep… resisting…,” he thought to himself.

 A cruel smile played across Her gorgeous face as She whispered into his ear.  “That’s right My little sex toy, fight it!  Fight it for as long as you can for the instant you can no longer fight you will me Mine… forever!  Just like My husband, your fortune will be mine.  you will become the 13th acolyte in My coven, bound by an eternal covenant of strict obedience and servitude.”

 She reached back into Her bad and took out a pair of latex gloves.  She put them on and then grasped his still, throbbing cock and pulled him down to a kneeling position.  She then barked out a stern command to seal his fate as She turned Her short red dress to reveal Her cheeks.  “Kiss it jerry-boy.  Kiss My divine ass, slave!”

 Immediately jerry’s arms encircled Maria’s full, lush hips, pulling Her closer.  She felt his hungry lips pressing against Her flesh.  he was writhing violently but his lips never pulled away from her glorious ass.  After a while, Her ass became slippery with jerry’s saliva and She brusquely pushed him away.

 “Pig!”  She screamed.  “you shall never again be given such a wonderful opportunity,” She said coldly.

 A few moments later, after regaining Her composure she told him again: “By controlling the heart of another, one can control the entire being.  Do I control your heart jerry… do you love your Mistress Maria…do you?”

 “Yes,” he whispered.


 “Yes, Mistress Maria!  Yes!  I love You!… i worship You!… i adore You!”

 She pressed Her lovely pedicured feet against his chest and he fell crashing to the floor on his back.  She straddled his body, exposing Her magnificent pussy to him.  he had to let Her have Her way.  he wanted Her to own him now!  he wanted desperately to be Her 13th acolyte!  his cock was hot, hard and fully erect… it was very appreciative show its allegiance to its new Mistress, its new Owner!

 “Tell Me you can no longer resist Me and will forever be My lowly and obedient worshipful slave, jerry.  Tell Me!  Tell Me now!”

 “FOREVER!” he screamed as his cock spewed forth the biggest load of hot cum he had even shot.  “Forever Yours!  I eagerly await Your every command… I live only to please You and satisfy Your every whim!!!”

 “Then, My dean little jerry-boy slave, you are indeed totally and forever Mine!  All Mine!  your body… your soul… your obedience… and…. your money…,” She said as She pissed all over Her completely receptive 13th acolyte.