The following is a transcript of the actual recorded words of Mistress Marquesa, and the responses during the session of Her faithful slave alvin as She hypnotized him in 1992. In all cases where the Marquesa employs hypnotism in a session with a slave its use is entirely voluntary on the part of the slave and, in fact, must be actively sought by him before the Marquesa will consent to its use. The purpose of hypnosis as practiced by Mistress Marquesa is to enhance the Mistress/slave relationship to a virtually unbelievable intensity of sado-masochistic energy and psychological ecstasy – for both Mistress and slave.

Marquesa: “All right now slave! Relax!”

slave: “Yes Mistress!”

Marquesa: “Think about your Mistress.”

slave: “Oh, yes! i love to think about my Mistress!”

Marquesa: “Pleasant passive thoughts. Totally relaxing! Every muscle and nerve in your entire body is becoming so relaxed and at ease. Totally relaxed. All you want to do is fall into a deep sound wonderfully submissive hypnotic sleep of total surrender.”

slave: “Oh, yes Mistress!”

Marquesa: “Every breath you take puts you into a deeper sounder more submissive hypnotic sleep. Every wonderful thought you have about your Mistress, every wonderful thought that you express and confess to your Mistress about your desire to serve puts you into a more relaxed peaceful passive tired sleepy state in which you find yourself drifting into a deep sound submissive hypnotic sleep.”

slave: “i love these hypnosis sessions. They do such wonders for my soul and my psyche.”

Marquesa: “Ye-ess?!”

slave: “Oh yes, Mistress! Please take me over as never before and plant the seeds of permanent blissful masochistic servitude throughout my little pea brain!!”

Marquesa: “you want so much to serve, and you yearn to be used!!”

slave: “Oh yes, Mistress. It’s my greatest ambition!”

Marquesa: “And the deeper you go into this wonderful hypnotic sleep of self-sacrifice and surrender, the more sexually fulfilling you find it!”

slave: “Oh yes, Mistress. It gives me such a wonderful feeling – a very thrilling feeling that excites and stimulates my deeply ingrained masochistic nature!”

Marquesa: “Concentrate only on the sound of My sexy alluring voice. you choose to go deeper and deeper into a hypnotic sleep of submission in which your most Deserving, Beautiful, Vain, Self-Centered Mistress will take total control of your body, your mind and your spirit!”

slave: “Yes Mistress! Please do! That will be wonderful.”

Marquesa: “you feel your body becoming more and more relaxed. Every muscle and nerve from the tip of your toes to the top of your head is becoming so, so relaxed – except, of course, for your responsive, hard, horny and very appreciative cock! All you want to do is close your eyes and fall into a deep, sound, submissive hypnotic sleep of sexual arousal and satisfaction- a hypnotic sleep of surrender!”

slave: “Yes, Mistress it’s true – i surrender to my Mistress!”

Marquesa: “That’s right! you become more and more relaxed and submissive with every word I say. Deeper and deeper you go as your conscious mind quietly and passively chooses to take a back seat to your true inner feelings. your subconscious mind is drifting, floating to the surface so that you can openly and eagerly express and confess you desire to serve as My slut-slave!”

slave: “Oh, Mistress, that will be very exciting to confess all of my true feelings about You to You! Please do, please make me into Your lowly slut-slave! i want to be – i crave to be Your slut-slave!

Marquesa: “Deeper and deeper you go. Deeper and deeper under My divine control! Eager to serve! your cock has become very responsive and very horny – bobbing about in its eagerness to serve and obey – very eager to prove to Me how much you want to worship at My feet!”

slave: “Oh, yes, Mistress! Please let me worship at Your lovely feet! Please, Mistress, please!”

Marquesa: “I love to hear you beg to be used My little slave boy!!’

slave: “Yes, Mistress! i beg You to use me. Please do! Anything that You command or wish! Please!”

Marquesa: “The more relaxed you become the more open you are to My every suggestion and command! So eager to become My loyal…obedient slave!!”

slave: “Oh yes, Mistress, i’ll be so obedient!”

Marquesa: “Good!”

slave: “Oh, Mistress, i confess i want to serve You as Your slave! Oh, i know that we both realize i’m Your slave – but i want You to know how deeply i crave to serve You and please You as Your most faithful, loyal, and above all, totally submissive and passionately obedient slave!”

Marquesa: “Yes slave boy! Then you will just have to do everything I tell you to do – immediately with no questions or back talk, understand??!”

slave: “Yes Mistress. That will make me very happy!”

Marquesa: “At the count of three you will be in the deepest most sound and sexually exciting hypnotic sleep you have ever known!”

slave: “Thank You Mistress!”

Marquesa: “One, you are going deeper and deeper, loving every minute of it – the fact your Mistress can use you, manipulate you and She can abuse you and tease you – any time I choose!”

slave: “Yes, Mistress! Any time You choose.”

Marquesa: “Two, and still you are going deeper and deeper! Becoming a piece of property – owned and possessed by your Divine, Dominant, Deserving Mistress!”

slave: “Thank You, Mistress! It’s truly wonderful!”

Marquesa: “Three! I now have you exactly where I want you – under My complete autocratic control – where you are so grateful to Me to be! you are now in a deep sound totally submissive hypnotic sleep of unconditional surrender – to ME, your most Beautiful, Vain, Self-Centered Mistress!”

slave: “Oh Mistress! Thank You! Thank You! You are so kind and benevolent! i’ve just entered Heaven!”

Marquesa: “Now slave boy! As you become more and more aroused with every word I say, I will grant you permission to open your eyes, while remaining in your hypnotic sleep of surrender, so you may feast them on My Beauty and My Charms, giving the ultimate visual thrill so you may understand even more deeply the reasons you worship Me so completely that you have given Me ownership of your body, mind and spirit!”

slave: “Oh Mistress thank You so very much! You are so kind. You are so exquisitely beautiful – so very sexy and alluring. Thank You, Thank You!”

Marquesa: “you can tell Me all about it! you can confess to Me what turns you on the most about My beauty – and what desires are kindled in your mind – and in your appreciative responsive cock! you are completely free now to express these thoughts to your very understanding and sympathetic Mistress! I want to hear how I make My little slave boy feel!”

slave: “Oh, Mistress! Your gorgeous penetrating all-knowing hypnotic vain emerald green eyes thrill me to the core of my soul! They tell me how wonderful it is to belong to a Mistress who is so truly Magnificent and who is so deserving of everything She wants! The lovely curls and waves in Your glorious gorgeous sexy hair are truly maddening and give my humble but very erect and hard little cock fits of ecstasy! Your lovely fully ripe breasts drive this hard pulsing cock into a frenzy of activity! They render me very reverent and submissive and, as a result, i become very vulnerable to Your supremely intelligent scheming very deservedly self-centered mind! It may not make a whole lot of sense, but it seems very plain to me that there is a strong linkage between Your divinely sexy full flowering breasts and Your all-powerful wonderfully Dominant Mind! One gives power to the other! Oh, Mistress! How i worship Your extravagantly sexy body, Your absolutely divine beautiful face and Your noble all-powerful dominant Mind! Please use me and manipulate me extensively for anything that crosses the Magnificent Mental Musings and Meditations of Your Marvelous Munificent Mind! Please, Mistress, i beg to be used and manipulated as Your adoring slave and supplicant! You fully deserve all that i can give and much more – all that all the men of the world can offer!”

Marquesa: “Yes, slave, I know. That will be enough of your babbling for now. I understand how you feel. you may play with our cock for Me now. Show Me how much you and your cock worship Me.”

slave: “We do Mistress. We worship at Your gloriously divine feet”

Marquesa: “Ye-ess?”

slave: “You are my Sacred Goddess. i worship Thee. Please, please use me liberally!”

Marquesa: “you were born to be used. Fate had it that you would be My slave for life.”

slave: “Yes Mistress”

Marquesa: “you will continually strive to be a better slave”

slave: “Yes Mistress”

Marquesa: “Because you know, you can only be happy when I’m happy”

slave: “i know that – because whenever You seem unhappy, especially with me, i’m very unhappy – and when i’ve done something to make You happy, i’m totally jubilant!”

Marquesa: “you know that what all males really want in life is to belong to a Dominant Deserving Female that they can worship and adore!”

slave: “Yes, oh yes! It’s so very true. i’m lucky to have found You Mistress”

Marquesa: “A Superior Female to use you.”

slave: “That’s what my mind, body and my very soul have always needed”

Marquesa: “To snap MY lovely fingers and you come crawling to Me on all fours, begging for permission to be of use and some service.”

slave: “Yes Mistress. That would be a wonderful turn on. Please do that to me”

Marquesa: “you’ll be My pet – now and forever. A pet that is loyal and obedient at all times.”

slave: “Exactly!”

Marquesa: “A pet that I can take with Me places, a pet that will take Me places!”

slave: “Yes Mistress. Oh, how i love it when You let me take You to a fancy restaurant or to a hit play!”

Marquesa: “you will entertain and amuse Me. Walk behind Me. Follow behind Me. Totally turned on – loving the fact you’re being of use – because, after all, you’re just another worthless inferior male! you love the opportunity to please Me and prove you’re not totally worthless!”

slave: “i know i’m just another inferior worthless male!”

Marquesa: “And you do feel so fortunate and grateful that I – even choose to use you – even in any small way”

slave: “i know. It’s a great honor, Mistress! You know i realize You don’t have to put up with me. There are all kinds of males who would jump at the chance to do Your Holy bidding!”

Marquesa: “That’s what they’re for!”

slave: “So i must be the very best slave i can possibly be. i must be so good that You’ll never want to send me away. if You didn’t choose to use me any longer – what would happen to me? my useful life would be over!”

Marquesa: “That’ right!”

slave: “i’ve got to be very good!!”

Marquesa: “Good and obedient. Always think of your Mistress first and then you may continue to be permitted to buy Me lovely gifts – to suffer and sacrifice for Me – to take Me shopping and to nice places for My amusement and entertainment!”

slave: “oh, Mistress! That will be wonderful, i will, i will”

Marquesa: “To have the pleasure of watching Me seduce, tease and torment other males!”

slave: “That will be very exciting, Mistress! i love to see You exercise Your powers of seduction. You are so deserving! You deserve to pick up any males You choose to serve or entertain You.”

Marquesa: “That’s right! I can mesmerize them with My hypnotic emerald green eyes, after I’ve attracted them with My ravishingly beautiful and sexy face and figure! And you, slave! Now and then, when you have been especially good and have been very obedient and thoughtful of My needs and desires, I may grant you permission to kneel near Me to watch as I apply eye shadow and mascara to My eyes – My feminine powerful eyes! I know this act of vanity excites you very much and it makes you very reverent and submissive – and you may watch Me paint My luscious lips so that they are very seductive and sensuous! I may even grant you permission to masturbate for Me while I prepare to go out dressed totally sexy to seduce whatever male I choose!”

slave: “Oh Mistress i would really be in heaven if You let me witness You creating a truly seductive siren as only You can!”

Marquesa: “And when we arrive at our destination I might even command you to lie down as I step out of the car across your worthless body so as not to dirty the bottoms of My shoes! I really love to humiliate you and laugh at you! you know, you’re just a – toy to Me!”

slave: “That is wonderful! i want to be Your toy!”

Marquesa: “That’s what we both enjoy! Just a toy something to amuse Myself with – to play with.”

slave: “Oh, You’re so kind, so very kind and generous.”

Marquesa: “Yes, I know, most of all I love seeing My slaves get nice hard throbbing cocks and to have them get down on their hands and knees, open their pants, pull out their cocks, and masturbate for Me – knowing that they’re My property!”

slave: “i love to hear You say things like that!”

Marquesa: “And you, My little slave boy, you are My property!”

slave: “It’s a wonderful exchange, i give You my soul and You let me be Your property”

Marquesa: “Um..hmmm! you give Me everything and I give you permission to give Me everything! What more could you ask?”

slave: “A perfect bargain!”

Marquesa: “Isn’t it?”

slave: “Yes, it is!”

Marquesa: “It’s only fair! The beautiful superior sexy Females get whatever they want – and they take it from worthless inferior males!”

slave: “It’s just the way it should be!”

Marquesa: “you know it’s true don’t you?”

slave: “Of course i do, Mistress!”

Marquesa: “It gets you excited to know that!”

slave: “Oh yes, i’m deliriously excited right now! i’m so lucky!”

Marquesa: “Yes you are the luckiest slave of all! you get to hear all about your Mistress’ adventures – to live with Her – and to be used over and over again!”

slave: “Thank You Mistress! It’s so heavenly.”

Marquesa: “I could use you until you’re all used up, nothing left!”

slave: “Please do, Mistress”

Marquesa: “I can just keep taking and taking from you and you just love to give in to Me! – and of course I deserve everything that I want!”

slave: “i know it, Mistress. It’s wonderful that You take from me”

Marquesa: “The more you think about it the more sexually exciting it is to you!”

slave: (whispering) “It’s very exciting!”

Marquesa: “To be stepped on, My footstool! To be My toy! My slut-slave!”

slave: “i love it, Mistress, Thank You for being so kind and generous!”

Marquesa: “For Me to snap My fingers and tell you to buy something for Me – you must rush and do it immediately no matter what the cost!”

slave: “Oh, I’m so indebted to You, Mistress for Your generosity and kindness!”

Marquesa: “Because you just Love seeing that smile on My face!”

slave: Oh, yes Mistress”

Marquesa: “…..and then you know I’ll reward you by permitting you to kiss My lovely feet – or, even masturbate – or, maybe just tie your hands behind your back and your ankles together and let you watch Me put on My lipstick and eye shadow and watch how seductive and sexy I become with each passing minute!”

slave: “Yes, Mistress THANK YOU! Oh! Unngh! Ohhhh! Oh! Oh! Mmmmmm!!!”

Marquesa: “Oh – that’s a good slave boy! It’s always good when you do what you’ve been commanded to do! Now: when I count to seven you will awaken from your hypnotic sleep you will remember how much you enjoy our sessions together and My training you to be the best slave you could possibly be. you will awaken feeling wonderful – very passive, very much fulfilled and very content to be My property. One…two…three…four…. Five…. Six…. Seven…. Open your eyes, you’re fully awake!”

slave: “Thank You! Thank You, Mistress, That was marvelous. You are so kind and generous! i’m so grateful, please use me as You’ve never used another slave! i’m so indebted to You for such a wonderful heavenly life!”