I could feel my cock stiffen as Mistress Marquesa told me to come immediately to her quarters for an impromptu training session.


Ten minutes after I hung up the phone I was at her door with a fully hardened cock.  As I expected, the Mistress immediately ordered me to the training room.  Hoping to catch glimpses of her precious but forbidden panties, I gallantly offered to let her lead the way.  However, she knew immediately my offer was not inspired by gallantry, and sternly directed me to proceed to the training room without further delay or foolishness.


As I entered the room Mistress Marquesa ordered me to sit on the bondage table and she began to speak to me in the strict but sensuous voice that is uniquely hers.


Within a very few minutes her nearly hypnotic voice again transported me to a state of complete submission.  She knew that I would be receptive to any directives she might make.


The Marquesa’s eyes sparkled when she informed me that she would be trying something a little different for today’s session.  I, of course, told her to d whatever she desired and reiterated that I was her plaything and willing subject of any amusement she wished to carry out.  She instructed me to sit on the edge of the bondage table.


When I politely inquired as to what sort of training session she had planned for me she turned and walked across the room to her private cabinet without answering me.  When she bent over to open the bottom drawer of the chest her abbreviated black leather skirt slid completely up her perfectly rounded bottom, coming to rest nearly at her waist.


I know better than to look at the Mistress’s panties but I couldn’t help but watch the tightly stretched fabric emphasize the rounded perfection of her shapely derriere.  I’m sure that Mistress knew that my eyes would be riveted to her satiny black panties and garter belt while she searched through the drawer because she whirled about just in time to catch me looking longingly at her most impeccable rear.


The Mistress scolded me sharply.  Without saying another word she finally pulled a pair of satin panties from the drawer.  Mistress stood and turned toward me with a hint of a smile on her face.  She walked slowly back to the bondage table where she laid the panties in my lap and began to gently rub them against my crotch.  As she continued to fondle me she stated, mater of factly, “I know you play with panties when you’re alone.”


I became uncomfortable as she continued to stroke ma and said, “You know, my precious, I believe these panties of mine would fit you perfectly.  By the way, do you buy your own panties, or do you just play with your wife’s when she’s not home?”


I knew, of course, that the Mistress was aware of my fetish, but I never imagined that she knew I went through my wife’s lingerie to indulge my obsession.  As the Mistress continued to question me about my interest in women’s panties I became increasingly embarrassed and at the same time was starting to feel the familiar stirring of excitement that I felt when I’d play with my wife’s lingerie.  I repeatedly denied ever playing with my wife’s panties but I could feel my shaft hardening and I was hoping that Mistress wouldn’t notice the effect her interrogation was having on me.


The Mistress’s eyes sparkled when she announced, “Slave boy, I’ve decided to perform a little test today.  If you really don’t have an uncontrollable lingerie fetish then you should have no trouble losing this nice big hard on after you put my precious little panties on.  Now be a good novice and get out of your clothes and slip these adorable little panties on immediately.  I’m going to give you a chance to wear them for a while without worrying whether your wife is going to come home and catch you.


I desperately wanted to feel the Mistress’s silky panties on me, but I didn’t dare let her know that I was demented enough to enjoy wearing them.  I thought briefly about lodging a most polite protest but contradiction does not sit well with Mistress.  I quickly lost my clothes and slid the Mistress’s panties up my legs and tugged them to my waist.  They fit exquisitely.  The delightful feeling of the slippery satin against my greatly enlarged member was most wonderful.


The mistress smiled approvingly at the perfect fit and said, “I know those panties must feel delicious my little toy.  You look like the most adorable little girl.”


She the instructed me to, close my eyes and hold my arms out straight for an additional surprise.  I felt sure that the Mistress would be placing a pair of shiny handcuffs on me and that soon she would leave me alone in the training room where I could play with myself through the panties for hours, until she returned.


I heard the Mistress open her closet of restraints and next felt her putting some unfamiliar article of clothing on me.  After a few seconds I couldn’t contain my curiosity any longer and I peeked through my eyelids.  I realized that the Mistress had slipped a straightjacket up my arms and had already fastened most of the buckles in the back.


She pulled my arms across my chest and was ready to secure the last strap in the back when I inquired politely as to the purpose of this new and thoroughly inescapable restraint that was so quickly being applied to me.


“Mistress!”  I said, “Aren’t you going to use the handcuffs on me?”  The Mistress didn’t miss a beat as she whispered in my ear, “Slave boy, do you really think I’d allow you to use your hands today so you could masturbate yourself like a crazed little boy? Now don’t you spoil my fun with any more of your insolent questions.  I’m almost done here so you be a good little boy and keep your questions to yourself.  You are here to learn, not to question your Mistress.”


Not wanting to ruin what promised to be a most educational afternoon, I quietly let her complete her work.  Each time Mistress made an adjustment she was able to draw me a little tighter into the hugging folds of the straight jacket.  Moments later The Mistress stood and smiled as she admired the secure little package she had created.  “Are you comfortable my little trifle?”  She asked with a laugh.


As Mistress waited silently it took only a few seconds of struggling against the straightjacket’s soft but unyielding grasp to realize that I wasn’t getting loose.  “Are you through yet my little plaything?” the Mistress asked impatiently.  “I’m afraid you’ll never get that off.  As you’ve noticed, this straightjacket I’ve selected for you today comes from a hospital.”  The Mistress smiled knowingly as she continued.  “I think you’ll find it a superbly effective restraint device.  It eliminates any possibility of escape and believe me, my precious, when I tell you that I’ve seen some of my slaves try their very best to free themselves.”


“Now lay down on the bondage table so I can fix your ankles with the leather cuffs.  I wouldn’t want you running all around the room rubbing my quite expensive panties against the walls trying to satisfy your obviously frustrated cock.


With that, the Mistress expertly fastened the thick leather cuffs on each of my ankles and used stout leather straps to secure them to the corners of the table.


When she finished the Mistress leaned across me.  Her gleaming leather brushed against my face.  The aroma of her perfume combined with the scent of leather was sensual beyond any attempt at description.  Mistress began a slow, luxurious masturbation of my cock through the panties thin fabric with one hand while expertly massaging and teasing my balls with the other, all the while continuing to question me about my panty fixation.


The Mistress steadily stroked my helplessly rigid prick through the thin satin cloth and skillfully played me like a fine instrument.  She rhythmically glided my shaft in and out of her talented fingers.  She constantly varied the tempo of her strokes and the intensity of her grip while gently rotating her hand over the silky fabric.  The feeling was exquisite and for a few fleeting moments I foolishly believed that she actually intended to mete out a ration of pleasure to me that afternoon.


My deliriously happy cock was only a few seconds away from erupting when the Mistress abruptly stopped.  She reached between my legs and pulled the canvas strap from the front under my crotch and securely buckled it in the back, hopelessly out of my reach.


With that, Mistress strolled leisurely to the chamber door and turned out the lights.  As she locked the door she said, “You enjoy my panties while you have the chance slave boy.  It that erection of yours isn’t gone when I come back you’re in for some very intense training sessions in the days to come.”


As I renewed my efforts to escape the grip of the cleverly designed restraint I momentarily forgot about the Mistress’s panties, however, it wasn’t a minute later that I began to notice the satiny smooth fabric constantly rubbing against my frustrated dick.


As I continued to struggle alone in the training chamber, it became increasingly difficult to ignor the sweet feeling of the slick material against my cock.  Every time I’d pull against the restraint the smooth fabric moved ever so slightly.  At first the feeling was merely a pleasant distraction from my primary task of getting free of the jacket.  However, as time passed the delightful sensation of her delicate satin panties became impossible to ignore.


By the time thirty minutes had passed I was lying motionless on the bondage table trying not to think about the panties that were fastened onto me, but it was a useless exercise.  With each deep breath the straightjacket pulled the panties a fraction of an inch up my cock and the sleek fabric felt like velvet as it slithered back along my cock when I exhaled.  I couldn’t do anything to stop the warmth that was growing in my crotch.  It was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced.


Since I could remember I always enjoyed jacking off while wearing panties, but I had always been in control and could regulate the speed and intensity as I wished.  Now, I was helpless and it was clear that the teasing massage of the Mistress’s taught satin briefs was eventually going to coax my now permanently stiff member to a climax whether I wanted it or not.


By the time Mistress Marquesa returned I had been hard as a rock for most of an hour.  She stood with her arms folded and shook her head in disapproval as she said, “Didn’t I tell you it was no use to struggle.  Are you ready to admit to me now that you love wearing panties?”


The Mistress didn’t say another word as she left the room and returned moments later with a large vibrator.  Mistress carefully rested the head of the vibrator on my straining cock and held it there for several seconds to allow me to fully anticipate its consequences before flicking the witch to the lowest setting.  She purposefully stroked the quivering head of her appliance up and down my shaft, occasionally letting it slip under my balls for a brief circular massage before beginning a return trip up my dick.  It took only a few of these purring round trips before I spurted repeatedly into the panties for what seemed like a minute


As I lay gasping for breath my still throbbing cock was pumping out the last few traces of my hot come against the wet silky fabric of the panties.  Later, Mistress mercifully released my legs from the restraints and unbuckled the straightjacket.  I was told to wash out her panties and as I was doing so she told me that in the future I was to put them on, without argument, at the beginning of every training session.  The Mistress added that prior to my next session of training I will be required to visit a lingerie store to purchase a selection of panties for future instructional sessions.


Respectfully Submitted by,