Mistress called me in the afternoon yesterday and told me to get myself over to Her place after work for my dinner, so here is the story for what it’s worth.

Mistress took me to dinner at a place called Shanghai Red’s on the waterfront in the marina.  It was wonderful! Mistress is fantastic to be with.  We exchanged stories and jokes and laughed and made plans.  Afterward, when we were waiting for Her credit card to be returned, She told me She wanted to go out on the promenade and walk off some of dinner.  We walked up to one end of the promenade and started back.  About half way back, right out front of another restaurant, She stopped and leaned on the railing to look at the harbor lights and told me to join Her.  She pointed out to me how pretty they were and how relaxing they were to look at.  Yup, you got it.  I was very shortly in that place we all know and love.  Not here, not there, no place, yet everywhere.  She told me to turn and face Her and fall to my knees.  Then She told me to show my devotion to Her by gently and lovingly kissing Her on Her tush.

Totally oblivious to anyone watching through the large waterside windows of the El Torito restaurant, I most willingly complied.  I don’t know how long I kissed Her beautiful behind or how many people walked by as I did so but eventually She said, “That’s enough My pet. Now stand up and follow me.”  We returned to Shanghai Red’s with me following zombie-like a respectful distance behind.  As we waited for the Valet to bring Her car around She whispered something in my ear that I don’t remember, except for the result.  I got into the passenger seat and as I clicked the seatbelt into place the seat seemed to turn into a cloud that enveloped me in the softest most comfortable way I had ever felt.  My eyes closed and I slept, apparently, until we got back to Her place where I woke up to the touch of Her finger on my forehead.  I was sitting in a chair in Her dungeon without my clothes and She was seated across from me.  A strobe light that must have been under my chair was flashing on Her and She immediately launched into my favorite type of induction, “Look at my legs slave boy.”  The effect was incredible!  She swayed and rocked Her sexy crossed leg.  It looked like her leg was moving in slow motion under the illusion of the strobe.  With this, She put me very deeply under again!  This was followed by Her deepening my trance with some leg worship.  She so very well knows how to push my buttons.  Next, She laid me down on the near-by futon and sat beside me commanding me to open my eyes and look into Hers while staying in deep trance.  I was to repeat phases She would say to me and I did so happily.  As She did this She made little circles around that nerve (you know the one) with Her finger tip.  Then, when She had completed my programming for this session, She commanded me to, “relieve my urgent need.”  She put a pair of headphones on me and one of Her repetitive phrase recordings, which instructed me to ‘Love and Worship Her,’ on the MP4 player and just left.  She had never just left me without a wake-up sequence before.  There I was floating in hypnotic bliss listening to the recording motionlessly for I really do not know how long.  Eventually, after the recording ended I fell into natural sleep and woke up this morning.  I have been floating around all day today!

Thank You Dear Mistress for the greatest birthday gift anyone began the second half century of his life with!  And thank You for telling me to remember it so I could share it.