INTRO:  As one of the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa’s most favored slaves – so I’m told, and of course I pray that it is really true – I am privileged that I am allowed to perform many tasks in accordance with Her strict orders.

One of the tasks recently assigned to me by Mistress was to interview male submissives and record those interviews.  Because I am just a lowly, stupid slave She allowed start by speaking to a submissive who served Mistress Racquel, the beautiful petite associate of the Marquesa.  This meant that I didn’t have to seek out slaves in the normal commercial B&D clubs.

Mistress Racquel made Her slave bob available to me at Her spacious home in an affluent suburb of Los Angeles.

Bob was a young white male dressed in the corporate “uniform” of a dark suit, white shirt, power tie, and wingtips.  Had I not known he was a submissive foot slave to the powerful Racquel I would have not been able to tell from his outward appearance.  I took very detailed notes as he spoke and the following is an almost verbatim transcript of his story.


Most people don’t know that before Mistress Racquel owned enough slaves who willingly support Her lifestyle that She actually had a corporate job as a manager in a large computer software firm in the Silicon Valley on the West Coast.

I worked in the same department and saw Her come to work every day in a finely tailored suit and silk blouse.  I would stare at Her lush, small body when I though She wasn’t looking.  Her sexy blond hair and piercing blue eyes really turned me on, but we were in competition for a big promotion.

I knew it was not in my best interests to get involved with Her.  Even knowing that, it was still very hard for me not to be attracted to Her.  As we “took meetings” together I felt compelled – by Her stunning smile and confident voice – to do something but I didn’t know what.

I had never been in a submissive role in any relationship and at that point I didn’t realize that the compulsion was to become a willing slave of Mistress Racquel.

It was a blow to my ego when I read the memo which announced that Racquel had beaten me out for the promotion we both had sought.  It was even worse when I was told that I would be reporting to Her and She would be my immediate boss.  I vowed I would make Her look bad whenever possible and that I would sabotage Her career if I possibly could.

Less than a week later I was told to report to Racquel’s office promptly at 10:00am for a meeting to determine my new duties.  I was determined to show Racquel that, although I worked for Her, I held Her in contempt.

As I entered I couldn’t help but notice Her stunning beauty But I was certain that Her grace and elegance would not, and could not, affect me.  I had just started to tell He that I thought She got the job because they needed a woman in the executive suite when She stood up and walked from behind Her gigantic desk and slapped me.

“Damn you bob, shut up!  I’m in charge here and I don’t give a shit about what you think or say.  Before I was promoted you sniffed around Me like a dog in heat.  I know you couldn’t keep your eyes off Me.  Now don’t think you can get away with this crap about resisting My control over you.  There are two reasons why you will do everything I say.

“The first is that I am your boss and if you don’t obey My every order I’ll fire your stupid, wimpy ass.

“The second is that I understand your innermost thoughts and desires.  I know about the feelings you have when you are around Me.  I know that when I brushed up against you in the hall you would get excited and go to the executive bathroom to relieve yourself.  When I am done with you it won’t even cross your mind to disobey My orders.  You’ll be My total and complete foot slave and will serve Me both in the office and in My home.”

Although taken aback by the slap I was sure I could control this small, lithe beauty… at least physically.

“Kneel down in front to Me wimp!  Now!”

I was resisting Her but the piercing blue eyes, the cruel irresistible smile and the dominating, controlling voice of my new manager seemed to weaken my resolve and my resistance.

“listen to me bob, and pay close attention to my every word.  From now on I’m going to make you obey My every thought, whim, suggestion, and command.  You’ll find that you will be most at peace when you do follow my commands.  I now command you to kneel down and remove My shiny, black high heeled shoes and inhale the odor of My wet, sweaty feet.  I have worn the same pair of nylons for the last two days and they should smell great now!”

My resistance was totally broken.  I fell to my knees and removed the Mistress’ shoes and inhaled the fragrance of Her beautiful, sexy, almost musky peds.

I could feel my senses becoming flooded by Racquel’s wondrous sexy fragrance.  It was a most pleasant feeling – losing control and being overwhelmed by the incessant dominating, erotic, feminine odors that demanded my abject surrender,  My entire body was pulsating vigorously with a combination of sheer lust, submission, and reverence for this beautiful demanding creature!

“That’s good bob.  Now I’m going to give you a big treat.  Reach up and gently remove My stockings by releasing the fasteners on my nylons.  Carefully and gently take the stockings off My sexy legs and place them on the floor.  Now, as long as you are so near my feet – suck my toes!”

I must have revealed a facial expression showing some slight resistance to that commend, for at once again the Mistress slapped me across my face, only this time She reached out with both hands and held my face so I could not help but look up at Her gorgeous face.  As She spoke I knew I could no longer resist any command that those lips spoke.  I could not refuse any suggestion made by that voice.  I had become just what She had said.  I was Her total foot slave and I wanted most of all to kiss, lick, and suck those beautiful toes.

I would commit any act, endure any humiliation, or follow any order just to be allowed to be with this lovely, petite, Dominating Blond!

I didn’t have wait long for the opportunity to humble myself before my new Owner.

“Now bob, what I want you to do is to lick the sweat off My hot, dirty feet.  All over bob… the sole, the heel, the top and sides; and don’t forget to go between the toes, My little foot slave.  Be sure to get them wet.  Kiss the moisture away, bob.  Kiss them, bob, reverently… worship them.  Lick them like the lap-dog you have become.  In fact, little puppy, crawl around and wag your tail.  Now bark for Me, pupsy-wupsy, BARK!”

“Bow-wow,” I whined, “bow-wow, arf…”

“Louder doggy-bob, louder!”

“Arf, arf…” I said as I crawled on all fours and wagged m y ass like a dog, humiliated by my former enemy – and loving it.

“Now puppy-slave, crawl behind the sofa in the corner and bring me what you find – quickly, quickly My little slave-dog.”

I quickly crawled to the couch and found a dog collar and leather whip – a cat-o-nine-tails – on the carpet.  I started to pick them up but heard the irresistible voice of Mistress Racquel.

“No, no… dogs don’t have hands.  Carry them in your mouth.”

I used my dog mouth to pick up the leather toys after several unsuccessful attempts in which I dropped and pushed them around the floor and hurried to Mistress Racquel’s side.  I dropped them at her feet and almost fainted from excitement as She petted my receptive head.

“Take off your shirt so I can touch your bare skin bob.  Do it quickly… don’t make your Mistress wait… hurry… hurry, do it now!”

I ripped off my shirt and knelt in front of my ravishingly beautiful captor as She touched my erect nipples and my breath came in gasps as She buckled the leather dog collar around my neck.  The She picked up the whip and spoke to me as She applied the cat to my back.

“From now on you will always wear the collar under your clothing it signifies your total subservience to me.  Now show me your back!”

As I turned I heard the snap of the whip as it whistled through the air and felt the leather kiss my back.  I wanted more!

“With every lash I want you to thank me for taking this time to discipline your worthless male ass, dog boy!”

“Thank You!”

“Thank You!”

“Thank You!”

“Oh my Goddess, thank You!”

“Oh my beautiful Goddess, bless You, thank You.

“Oh most glorious and magnificent Mistress Racquel, thank You!”

I could no longer control my body and at the kiss of the leather on my back for the seventh magnificent strike, I climaxed and collapsed to the floor.

When I awakened the Mistress had again put Her stockings on and was seated behind Her desk and spoke to me in that enchanting, dominating voice and She smiled the cruel, exciting smile I loved so much.

“You will find new clothing in the closet.  You may dress yourself so our coworkers won’t know what has gone on here – but you won’t forget.  Remember, from this moment on, when we are alone you must address me as Mistress Racquel… and whether here at work, or in my home, on the street – or anywhere – you must obey each and every command I give you slave-boy!  Is that clear?”

“Yes Mistress Racquel.  It will make me very happy to obey each heavenly command!”


Bob Continued his story:  “That was my first experience with dominance and submission but not my last!  Mistress Racquel later quit the firm when She became a full-time lifestyle dominatrix but I continued to serve her.  I have never thought about seeking dominance with any other woman.  She is not mine… but I am Hers.  She has many other slaves and each of us contribute to Her life in some way.  We bring Her gifts.  I personally pay the mortgage on Her home, another slave the lease on Her BMW.

When She wishes, She has one of us personally serve Her and rewards him with pleasure by whipping or humiliating him either in public or in Her private dungeon.

There is no jealousy between us because we know we are only for Her pleasure.  No one man could totally satisfy all the demands of the Mistress but each of us is permitted to satisfy a portion of Her needs.  For this, we are all extremely grateful.  We realize that each of us is fantastically fortunate to be a member of Mistress’ stable.

Every night I go to sleep and pray to my Goddess Racquel and envision Her petite blond body, Her dazzling smile, Her compelling blue eyes.  I can almost hear Her dominating, soothing, and controlling voice as I fall into sleep of submissive, obedient dreams.

I am truly grateful to my Mistress for Her remarkable kindness in permitting me to live such a heavenly existence as one of Her slaves.


Bob’s story was the first story of submission I recorded at the instructions of Mistress Marquesa.  If it pleases Her and Her editors, She will allow me to write more.  I pray She allows me to do so – for I too, live only to serve my Mistress – and any time She permits me to do something where there is a chance I might please Her, my prayers are answered and I am truly in heaven.