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This article from GQ magazine is a simply sensational summary of my sister, Krystal Mesmer.

I AM SITTING IN A RESTAURANT on the waterfront in Los Angeles.  I am having a glass of wine with a friendly computer programmer.  Martin Knight* is in his early fifties, and his pale face maintains an alert yet quizzical expression.  His sport shirt hangs from his slight frame in what must be the same way it hung from his adolescent body when he was acing math and being ignored by high school girls.   *His name has been changed for this article. Read more…

Know Thyself, Blow Thyself

What do men really want?

The wish is always the same: To blow themselves. To suck themselves off and swallow their own cum.

Goddess has heard this request time and again from slaveboys. And when mistresses get together, it is a topic that often arises (and arouses).

I have several theories why this is so.

One, it’s safe. A heterosexual man may fantasize about sucking cock merely out of curiosity. He may not wish to suck someone else’s cock, but his own is another story.

Two, it creates an irresistible feedback loop of pleasure that begets ever more pleasure—spiraling off to infinity. Deep inside he knows this on an almost atavistic, intuitive level.

Three, it allows a man to take his own hot, luscious load and swallow it. Aroused, all men want to do this; but once released, they “just can’t.” (Though when a man is aroused, it’s laughably easy to get him to slurp up every drop of his own pathetic pre-cum. Some don’t even have to be told, once aroused enough. LOL)

This topic has been explored by gay men on many occasions. In fact, the only actual amateur videos Goddess has ever seen of “auto-fellatio” have been of gay men who were both supple enough—and big enough!—to pull this off. It looks like a lot of work. But then, I’ll bet it’s worth it.

Goddess wishes to year your thoughts on auto-fellatio. Do you or don’t you? Would you if you could? And . . . just how much pleasure can you really stand?

(And be truthful and candid if you wish to please and arouse Me.)

The 20-month hard-on

(Your Marvelous Goddess’ willing webworker recently discovered this story.  It is a bit dated, but it’s hard not to find it standing up to the test of time.) 

What would you do for a bigger, harder, longer lasting erection?

A California man is suing BMW, claiming that’s exactly what he got–an erection that lasted 20 months from riding a BMW Motorcycle.
Here’s the link:  Califournia man sues BMW over persistant erection
The condition is called priapism, and as appealing as it might sound, an erection lasting more than a few hours (not to mention 20 months) is considered a medical emergency.
It takes is name from a minor Greek fertility god, Priapus.
Needless to say, Priapus was big–in both Greek and Roman mythology–but you need not take Mistress’s word for it. See for yourself in this Wikipedia entry: Priapus.
As you will notice, the “hooded look” was “in” in the ancient world.  🙂
Mistress is curious. What would you do with a 20-month long woody?
Would you rush to the hospital?
Sue BMW? ……Or call Me for an extra special trance?  🙂

I would love to hear how you would handle such a tale of woe.

Your Eyes are the Windows to Your Soul

I’d like to share with you about the therapeutic hypnosis I also provide.  For over eighteen years, I have refined My considerable natural talents, offering up My own special brand of truly therapeutic hypnotherapy to those throughout the country who seek out My help. Read more…

Techniques for Added Pleasure

As a little gift to all My loyal pets, I have decided to share with you some insights and techniques for you to allow yourselves to go deeper into the Alpha state of hypnosis during our intimate times together or just to use this state for your own benefit and enjoyment anytime.  By practicing these tools that I am going to share with you, you will find that entering and experiencing a state of total Surrender at My command will be so much more enjoyable, for both of us, and hopefully you will discover new ways to improve your performance and composure in whatever pursuit you choose. Read more…


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