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A Performance Review of “Worship of the Marquesa 2”

My Dearest and most Powerful Mistress,
As I am unable to keep my performance reports short I recommend that You put this aside until You have both the time and the desire to read it.  (I don’t wish to take up any more of Your valuable time than I am permitted to do.)

This morning I performed for You.  That it was a morning performance is highly unusual.  That I was desperate to perform for You is not.

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A Review of “Training Exercises”

Goddess/Mistress Marquesa’s recording Training Exercises is a wonderfully fulfilling, and actually quite necessary, experience for the person who is new to The Mistress’ domain of hypnotic surrender.  For the person who is well acquainted with Marquesa’s power and influence, this recording is a sweet reminder of Her manner of breaking all resistance.
In a perfect world, this recording should be the second recording listened to by you, the person new to Goddess/Mistress Marquesa’s hypnosexual realm.  You should first listen to Hypnotic Surrender as that recording will prepare you with The Mistress’ hypnotic voice as She tells you exactly what She plans to do with you over the life time of your subjugation.

Listening to Training Exercises will teach you exactly how you should go about fulfilling those plans as you submit to The Mistress’ will, and greatly reward you for doing so.  Hypnotic submission is, after all, a learned skill.

There are four distinct sections to this recording.  Each will teach you a different aspect of your submission and obedience to the Mistress.  It will teach you how to best put aside any and all resistance to Her overpowering will.  It will teach you what it really means to be ‘hypnotized.’  It will ever so sweetly reward you for your ultimate willing surrender.

For this to be the most effective (and that’s what you really want, isn’t it?) you must follow the Mistress’ instructions to the letter.  Cheating on this will only be cheating yourself.  Commit to doing these exercises properly and obediently and you will not regret it.
For those of you who are already subjugated, or are in the process of being subjugated, by Goddess/Mistress Marquesa and have not yet listened to this recording, what are you waiting for?  This recording will take you to worlds you didn’t think could exist.  If you have this recording and haven’t listened to it in a while I suggest that you perform your Training Exercises again as soon as possible so that you can relive what it is like to fall so very deeply under the Mistress’ wonderful spell for the first time again.



Training Exercises

A Review of Goddess Marquesa’s “Hypnotic Surrender”

Hypnotic Surrender is the ‘quintessential’ submission recording from Goddess/Mistress Marquesa, as well as being a truly wonderful, and absolutely necessary FIRST recording for anyone wishing to submit and surrender to Goddess/Mistress Marquesa.  (This is absolutely necessary because, if you mess up like I did and don’t submit to Goddess/Mistress Marquesa for the first time under this recording you risk wasting a lot of time; as I did; trying to succumb to her without actually understanding what it means to submit to her control.  Please don’t do this.) Read more…

Pepper’s Fantasy Phone Call

(Ring… Ring… Ring)


   Good evening Mistress, this is Pepper.

Hi!  Good evening.  How are you?

   Well… Im very good and very excited to be speaking with you.

Very good, My pet.  Ive been thinking of you and Im excited to be talking to you too.  Are you wearing your panties and chastity? Read more…

A Review of Goddess Marquesa’s Video – Captured by the Web


Captured by the Web is Mistress/Goddess Marquesa’s latest hypno-video offering.  It is quite a thrill.  If you crave to fall deeply and further under Her Love Spell this is a video you will greatly enjoy.  After an unusual induction, which I’ll shall say more about in a moment, She takes the viewer/listener into incredibly deep submission and obedience to her majestic power.  She deepens Her thrall’s fealty and devotion with a set of powerful repeated affirmations and commands that I found impossible to ignore or disobey. 

The induction is unusual in that the Mistress Herself is there, fully visible in her full glory, inducing and seducing the subject.  I love the long black gloves that She wears, the “Bling” on Her wrists, and that sexy Little Black Dress. So very Hot!  I don’t know if any of Her other videos have Her as the centerpiece of the induction because I haven’t seen them all, but I would like to see her do more of this.  During the induction She smiles a very “all knowing” smile.  It was as if She were telling me that there is no escape from Her web of submission.  I Love it!

So if Marquesa is you hypno-Domme and you want to be taken even deeper into Her service you will want this recording.  And if your thinking of a first video by the Mistress, I highly recommend Mistress/Goddess Marquesa’s Captured by the Web.


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