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Horn Doggies Training Lesson pt 1 (A Review)

Goddess Marquesa,
A review for You to peruse….
Goddess Marquesa’s body of work is inexplicably, unique, divine and indescribable, (like Her Own Body) but i am compelled to try… All of Marquesa’s recording are like a rare birthday gift. Each has its special allure for one to open it and try it out. However, one doesn’t have to unwrap Marquesa’s stupendously seducing selection to find out how amazing a marvel that they have received… they come unwrapped. Each selections salacious sexy content available with no more effort then pushing, play. Read more…

Spank You!

It was one of the days, you know; when traffic isn’t  always going your way, lights turning red just as you arrive, police pacing you down the street… everything is against you getting to your destination. Well, the other week i was lucky enough that Marquesa had set aside a brief moment of Her precious time for a “visit.” It was on my way there that everything was going against me. First there was road construction on the 5, then a crash on the 405, Arrrrrgh. Nothing was going the way i wanted. Read more…

Submission is my Mission

One afternoon as I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a most interesting website. GoddessMarquesa.com.  Apparently she is an erotic fem-domme hypnotist and dominatrix.  My curiosity was peaked, and I clicked my way into the site.

The site was easy to navigate, colorful and had some very interesting reviews and info. Yet, what snatched my curiosity was the flashing “Free” sign. I clicked and read all about “Wonderism, Marquesa, Her Captivators” and thought this is incredible.  “How can someone fall deeply under the spell of another when they never even met?” I said to myself. Sure there is something else that draws people in and under Her spell.  Read more…

Sinking in Marquesa’s Hypnotic Love Spell

As i paused from my domestic duties to wipe the sweat off my brow, i began to ponder how i got lured so deep in this pool of persuasiveness. i am treading water with no hope of rescue. i am over my head and there is no longer guard, there is only to keep moving my arms and legs, or succumb to the inevitable deep bliss of Her Voice…. Read more…

The Green Bottle

In Marquesa’s lovely home of devious delights is a small green crystal bottle… Do not be deceived, the bottle may be small but what it contains will shock you.  Marquesa, sweet, innocent, devious delightful Marquesa may invite you for a visit. By all means visit Her, bring Her presents, spoil Her give Her reason to smile and maybe She will show You the wonders of that unique piece of glass… Read more…


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