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Lana, from babysitter to Mistress, Part II

Lana looked down at young Dan kneeling, subserviently, before her, helplessly captured by her beauty and sensuality. Her mind flashed back to the hypnosis stories she had read earlier in the day and wondered if Big Dan’s constant rereading of them might make him susceptible to mesmerism, even if attempted by a novice, such as herself. “In for a dime, in for a dollar “, she thought, as she grabbed the boy by the hair and kissed him roughly. She felt him weaken in her arms. “Get into the closet, and stand there … you may masturbate if the urge hits you but stay in the closet and stay silent. Do you understand . Slave Boy ?” Read more…

A Witch’s Tale


It had been a long meeting.  Jerry had been negotiating all day with Justin Perez, the owner of a small machine tool plant in East Los Angeles.  Things were not going well.  Perez seemed to think that his building was made of gold – not bricks and mortar.  And, that his customer list was filled with the CEOs of the Fortune 500.

True enough, it was a well-run little plant – clean and profitable – but nobody could resist for long when his company, Jerrico, put on the pressure.  Perez had tried to be friendly but that didn’t matter to Jerry.  Jerry had bought and sold dozens of little companies like this in the past and he didn’t want any new friends – he just wanted to make money. Read more…

A Stalker’s Wild “Dream”

He had seen her at a trendy L.A. restaurant. She was so beautiful! Her shoulder-length blond hair framed a face so beautiful it was almost painful to look at. Her compelling eyes were deep green. Her lips were full and red, her skin flawless.

As she sat alone at a front table, he noticed several rich, famous men walk to the table to spend time with her. First they would almost bow, then respectfully ask permission to sit. Only after she had granted her permission would they sit and speak to her as she sipped her champagne. One by one they paid their respects and moved on – at her pleasure. Read more…

A Change on a Friday Night in Vegas

There are no side streets in Las Vegas but Scott turned a corner and there seemed to be less neon and blinking lights. He spied an entrance with a simple painted sign that said “The Marquesa’s Crystal Palace.” And displayed on boards on either side of the entrance were photos of some very beautiful women …

Scott was what you would call a hell raiser. A hard drinker, he often got into fights when he was drunk and won most of them. He also liked to push women around after he had had a drink or two . . . and tonight, he felt like a drink or two ….

Once inside Scott took a seat at a table and looked quickly at the menu placed there, hardly noticing the imprint: “The Crystal Palace, A MarquesaCo Enterprise.”

…. of course even if he had noticed he wouldn’t have known what it meant anyway. Read more…

Marquesa The Vampire Slayer

They were certainly an unusual trio. The First – because She is always the First! – Was The Magnificent Mysterious Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa de Sade, our Heroine, dressed in a long black, low cut, form fitting, curve-clinging dress. Her perfect face, matchless form and unusual grace turned heads as they walked into the Fetish Ball. Read more…


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