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The Path of Most Desirable Resistance


Yes, My Hott!-Dominated thrall:

Riddle Me this, My evolving plaything. When was the last time you were ENSLAVED BY PLEASURE of any kind? I want, nay I order you to remember this pleasurable occurrence as crystal clearly as you can. Allow each of your senses to tell you what it can about your wonderful experiencing of pleasure.

And now, I’m about to guide you into another pleasure. you will soon read and absorb a testimonial declaring some of the feelings and thoughts of one of My willingly surrendered pets. What he wrote is entitled: Read more…

A Testimonial you can relate to!

Dear Mistress Marquesa,

A few comments from a client (slave?) if you’re interested. Your subs probably write and gush forth all kinds of things all the time. Maybe none of this is new from your exalted vantage point, but for what it’s worth here it is…. I really loved HYPNOTIC SURRENDER . The trance I experienced was pretty deep (at least for me). I intend to listen again and again. Hope you do more like it. I also loved LOST THOUGHT . I am hopelessly addicted to post hypnotic suggestion and hypnotic amnesia. I love it! Please, more. For years I’ve always fantasized about being hypnotized by a female when I’m self-pleasuring or even when having sex with a girlfriend. Unfortunately I never found a woman who shared my interest in erotic Hypnotism. Being influenced by Your enchantment has made me remember something. When I was 8 years old I got it into my head that girls should control boys, and I remember convincing the 7 year old girl next door to hypnotize me. Not much really happened but I remember how exciting it felt. Strange thoughts for age eight. I don’t know where it came from. Maybe an old movie? Or, maybe I’m just one of those guys who is born this way. I think that I’ve been waiting for all these years to be mesmerized by a dominant female.

I found MYSTIC LEGS to be compelling. I think I’m a hardwired leg slave and this spell really got to me. For some reason I’m getting very introspective these days. I’m coming to understand that hypnotic domination, leg and panty fantasies, maybe some cross dressing has been in my mind a long time. I should have explored this earlier. I resisted to the detriment of my own happiness. Perhaps I was put off by the whole B+D scene with the pain and the leather. I always found mental bonds a lot more sexy than metal bonds and silk panties far more stimulating than leather. Maybe I was afraid of being regarded as being “unmanly” though I no longer have such worries. Whatever, I want to experience/explore these feelings. You really help the process of self discovery. Your ever increasingly submissive slave,


Dungeons & Desires Testimonial!

Dear Goddess:

I have to tell you how much I love your AUDIO DUNGEONS AND DESIRES I have listened to it each and every day since I bought it. I cannot remember when that was but be it as it may, it most certainly does the job on all counts. First: masturbation is exquisite when I listen to your voice. I also do not know how it ends because I am asleep long before then. In it – you warn the listener to watch out for falling asleep. Indeed, I have taken heed of that and also you speak of that in WORSHIP OF THE MARQUESA 2 .

Here is the way I picture what is going on when I listen to it… I see you telling me the story, me getting an instant hard on and plus I am about 19 instead of in my 40s. It is absolutely fabulous to listen to this. My inner young man comes to the surface. I get a hard on, make a mess, and then go to bed. A good arrangement. and indeed I thank you for it. I will put something like that in your suggestion box. What I mean is the way you tell the story. The masturbation, the mess, the full enjoyment are all standard BUT……exquisite. Thank you again for such a wonderful AUDIO.

Your slave,
t. b.

Panty Slave and then some!

My Dearest Goddess Marquesa,
I simply can not help myself when I feel compelled to write to you and express my appreciation for and love of women’s panties. Panties, Panties, Panties! Oh, how I love the look and feel of women’s frilly feminine panties. Oh how I so very much love to simply hear you say that word, “Panties!” Oh, how I love to see pictures of the beautiful panties that beautiful women and girls wear. Oh, how I wish I were so fortunate as to be able to wear such beautiful and exciting articles of clothing all of the time. How wonderful it would be to be able to feel the exquisite fabric of panties all day, every day. Panties that encircle. Panties that incarcerate. Panties that enslave…
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Hypnowhore does it again!


Please accept this first report about subdoc slave thomas’ surrender to YOUR so extremely powerful HYPNOWHORE audio. As i listened to it again and again, i found myself both confused about my emotions and at the same time tranquilized by the observation of being able to accept and even embrace what YOUR magical hypnotic power does to me. i always knew about my sluttyness when listening to YOUR recordings and i did wish for long to become MORE! and MORE! YOUR horny slut slave willing to OBEY every command and to be ready for being USED BY YOU as YOUR sex toy. Now this journey into slavery moved me into a wholly new world.
There are many change effects to my subconscious thoughts and also to my real behavior even after this short time of submitting to this new experience, out of which i will describe three topic areas (i.e. those which seem to be influencing me the most).
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