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A Review of the Video “Leg Witches”

Dear Mistress Marquesa,

I have been enthralled by the array of your audios and videos.  I have listened to, watched, and been entranced by 4 of the 5 products that I purchased today.  The fifth one is still downloading.  I absolutely adore the Leg Witches video… not only did your message send me into complete ecstasy, you have given me countless mental orgasms.  My entire body is still quivering from the last few hours of being engrossed and controlled by you.  I simply cannot get your long, lustrous and lavishing legs off my mind.

I am very grateful for being considered as one of your “subbies”.  You are most beautiful and generous.  Oh well, I better stop writing and go to sleep… I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight?

Your pet,


Transmigration (Part II)

Recently one of my pets discovered this story.  It fits between Transmigration (Part 1) and Transmigration (Part 3) [Use the “Site Search” feature, above, to find and read those stories.]



“No!” whispered the reflection of Anni. “No!” whispered Her voice from inside my throat. The horror and shock of the moment gripped me in disbelief. She had stolen my body, and imprisoned me in Hers.

“NO!” I hollered in defiance, with the commanding voice of Anni. I raised the statue high in the air, and was about to smash it to pieces when a sudden thought crashed into my mind. Read more…

The Path of Most Desirable Resistance

Resistance and desire are close friends.   Any little boy who’s saved his allowance, sacrificing other pleasures, to obtain something he desires more, can understand this bond.  James bond.   Since i am a “slave-in-training”, Mistress has commanded me to write.   i am honored that She might put my words alongside the guiding words of my fellow pet-mates, who followed similar orders.   Perhaps some will even recognize the source of my humor! Read more…

Litany for Altar Worship

For those of us who have constructed Altars at which to worship our Goddess, I have written a litany that can be memorized and recited as part of Her worship. Her Highness has read it and approves and it will be added to Her site officially as soon as She decides where it fits in.

Here goes:

Marquesa is my Owner.

Marquesa is my Mistress.

Marquesa is my Goddess.

I obey my Owner Marquesa.

I love my Mistress Marquesa.

I worship my Goddess Marquesa.

In obedience to my Owner Marquesa, I surrender my body.

In love of my Mistress Marquesa, I surrender my heart.

In worship of my Goddess Marquesa, I surrender my very being.

My body shall forever obey my Owner Marquesa.

My heart shall forever love my Mistress Marquesa.

My being shall forever worship my Goddess Marquesa.



An Evening’s Adventure

Mistress called me in the afternoon yesterday and told me to get myself over to Her place after work for my dinner, so here is the story for what it’s worth.

Mistress took me to dinner at a place called Shanghai Red’s on the waterfront in the marina.  It was wonderful! Mistress is fantastic to be with.  We exchanged stories and jokes and laughed and made plans.  Afterward, when we were waiting for Her credit card to be returned, She told me She wanted to go out on the promenade and walk off some of dinner. Read more…


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