Hello my passion Pink panty Pet.
Recently one of my special panty pets confessed to me that (s)he was becoming addicted to the color Pink because of My tantalizing tutelage.   (S)he confessed that (s)he desired to find more ways that (s)he could integrate the color Pink into her daily routine and thus her passive Pink pet’s life.
My Pink loving pets!  It is only too obvious how you can make the powerfully provocative color Pink a positive and positively sissifying influence in your life.  And that is something you truly want, isn’t it; My Pretty Pink Pet!

First:  You must watch and succumb completely to my wonderfully wicked video,  Hypnotic Conditioning.  In this video you will be taken into your Pink submission to My powerful Will that you will crave so very strongly from then on.  You will submit completely to me, your passionately Pinknotizing Goddess.
Next:  you will find ways within your ‘normal’ life where you can indulge your desire to be fully engulfed in the submissifying color… Pink!
“How can I do that, Mistress?”  I hear you ask.
Oh My dear pet.  There are many ways.  I will tell you a few to get you started on the path to total Pinknotizing, and then let you find and enjoy what works especially well for you.
Depending on your personal living situation…
Shower using a feminine, Pink, body wash or soap bar.  There are several on the market.  Imagine the feeling of having my Pink influence surrounding and being absorbed by your whole body as you spread my sensually slippery Pinkness all over yourself.  Imagine My overpowering Pink influence as you “soap” your crotch.  Your skin will feel so velvety when you are finished.
If someone asks why you use that product, simply tell them the truth… You believe that it is time for you to begin taking better care of your skin, and since woman’s products have been available for this purpose for so long you decided to use their experience.  And, you like the way it leaves your skin feeling so clean and healthy.  (This won’t be a lie.  After the first time you use it you will love the way your skin feels.)
Use a Pink nylon loofah with the body wash to cleanse and gently exfoliate your whole body every time you shower.   Don’t forget to do your elbows and the heels of your feet.   Imagine that it was left at your place by your girlfriend, or your Mom.
Shave using a feminine, Pink, shave cream to shave your face.  Imagine how it wonderful it will feel to have My provocative Pinkness “Sit” on your face every morning.  AND… Imagine how happily submissive you will feel and become as you spread My wonderful Pinkness all over you crotch every morning just before you shave away all of that boy-stubble that inhibits your feeling your smoothest and most erotic for Me!  My Pinkness absorbing into your testicles and manly shaft, transforming them into obedient servants of Marquesa’s will; a desirably Heavenly experience!
Why do you use a woman’s shave cream?  Because your girlfriend or Mom left it and you found that you get a smoother closer shave without irritation, of course!
Pat yourself dry with a very fluffy Pink bath sheet.  Pat only, to keep that wonderful Pink skin hydration feeling all over yourself all day.  You’ll know what I mean the first time you do it.
Use a feminine Pink deodorant.  Again; you like the way it works.  That your body gets to absorb even more beautiful Pink through your hairless underarms is only a positive plus in your submissiveness to Me.  You can even use it on your crotch to reinforce the Pinkness of your submission and to keep your panties smelling sweet all day.
At work, in an office, find pink barreled pens, computer backgrounds, or other office articles that you can use in your daily routine.
Outdoors; use a Pink tone lip balm.  Believe Me, no one will notice and you will feel oh so obedient to Me as you reapply it all day long!
At home in the evening… You can, of course, change into frilly feminine Pink lingerie, if that is possible.  Ooh La La!
Otherwise, drink Pink wine as your drink of choice at home and when out to dinner.  The flavor is agreeably delicate and you will feel so good as the essence and influence of Pink flow into and throughout your body; relaxing you like nothing else.   Put on Pink lipstick or lip gloss (Lip gloss is soooo HOT!) and see how sexy your pretty Pink lip prints look on that long stemmed wine glass.
Bedtime:  If you are able, sleep in a sweet submissive Pink Baby Doll sleep set or Pink satin pajamas for Mistress.  Sleep on Pink satin sheets.  If you can’t… That’s alright.  I know that you really wish that you could.
Switch out your current lotion for Pink Baby Lotion.  Imaging how wonderful it will feel to completely encase and entrap your crotch in baby Pink masturbation lotion as you watch or listen to your favorite Goddess Marquesa video or audio recording.  Imagine the power of Pink surrounding and enslaving your manhood and absorbing into your cock and balls elevating them to ever higher ecstasies of arousal and submissive joy as your succumb to your Mistress Marquesa’s overpowering will!  Imagine how the delicate Pink aroma of Pink baby lotion fills your nostrils and your lungs and then flows so powerfully throughout your body, transforming it subtly into the delicate, sweet, submissive panty boi you want to be for Mistress Marquesa.  Imagine how wonderful it will feel when that powerful pinkness slams into your brain and sweetly overtakes and overpowers society’s boring idea of maleness.   So Liberating!  Imagine how desperately you want of this all to happen to you!
So, you see, My Pet.  There are a myriad of ways that you can discover and use to subtly bring more of the submissively powerful color, Pink, into your life.
Do this for me and with me and I assure you… You will be forever grateful to Me for showing you the Pink path to Mermerised bliss.