Bruno did work a day job. He delivered messages and papers on one of those bikes you see careening across the city. But his real income was made by theft-burglary to be exact. He checked out the places where he delivered his mail for valuables and then broke into the offices at night.

A week ago he delivered a letter to the offices of MarquesaCo. in an L.A. suburb. While he was waiting for Marsha Wynne, a psychologist there, he noticed a large blue sapphire-the largest he had ever seen! It was displayed in a showcase on alarge table in the center of the office. A bright light illuminated the jewel. He vowed that the jewel would be his…soon!

Less than a week later he was standing in the middle of the same office, alone. It was 2:00 in the morning and he was about to pry open the case with the crow bar he had used to pry open the window through which he had entered. Just then he heard the sound of a key turning a lock and then he heard a door open. As he turned he saw an amazingly beautiful woman standing in the low light of the opulent office. It was the same woman he had delivered the letter to earlier that week.

It was Dr. Marsha Wynne, a psychologist/hypnotist, one of the dominant associates of MarquesaCo., a firm founded by the Magnificent Marquesa de Sade. It was a firm dedicated to the capture, enslavement and domination of all males. He recognized her and rememberred she had signed his delivery register with the name “Marsha.”

The gorgeous apparition reached over to a switch on the wall. Immediately a bright, laser-like beam illuminated the blue stone as the platform on which it rested began to rotate. Rhe facets of the jewel separated the colors of the light into a spectrum, causing flecks of color to dance across Bruno’s face. As the jewel turned the flecks of color also moved around the room, making a fascinating circular pattern.

The fabulously lovely lady finally spoke- in a soothingly soft and yet sexually compelling voice: “Well Mister Delivery Boy, I see you’re here trying to steal My sapphire! It’s a good thing I stopped by the office to pick up some papers. Drop that crow bar. I am able to hypnotize men whenever I choose so don’t try to get away or I’ll enslave you!”

He raised his crow bar which he still held and walked toward her. “So now that you’ve told me what you are going to do, what’s to stop me from knocking you out before you hypnotize me, Stupid?” he asked. “Besides, I’m a pretty tough guy. You couldn’t do that voodoo crap on me if I didn’t want you to.”

“Oh really?” She laughed.

“Really!” he said as he walked closer. She moved quickly to the other side of the table so the spinning stone was between them.

“Then why do you keep looking at My sapphire?”

Bruno looked confused. Was he looking at the stone?

Her soft hypnotic voice spoke again: “I said, why are you staring at the blue sapphire? Is it the spots of color moving around the room? Or maybe My voice is causing you to follow My suggestions.

“Of course you shouldn’t be surprised that you are listening so closely. Most men are susceptible to My powers, My feminine powers. you know darling, many men find as they listen closely to My sexy soothing voice they become relaxed. Don’t you feel more relaxed now?”

Bruno nodded his head, mumbling in response.

The lady spoke again, “you can speak up now, boy. How do you feel … right now?”

He spoke softly, his gaze fixed on the revolving stone. “I’m not quite sure… sort of sleepy… relaxed… everything seems so far away… so… far….”

“Yes, everything will recede far, far away.” the hypnotherapist commanded.”you can hear Me and see Me with a deep, deep awareness of My beauty and My power. you’ll find it’s very easy to look at the stone and listen to My voice. Standing just back of the stone you can give your tired eyes pleasure also by stealing looks at My beauty. The more you look and listen, the more relaxed you become, the more you forget about everything else. Even now it is much too late to escape, you can’t do anything except look at My commanding… compelling… hypnotic… powerful… voice. Isn’t that right?”

Unable to speak, he nodded in agreement.

“As you continue to look and listen, I want your mind to drift away. you are getting more and more relaxed and your eyes are getting heavier and heavier. They are too heavy to stay open but you continue to try, just so you can gaze at the sapphire and Me. It is so very pleasant to just look and listen.

“But your eyes are so heavy… youare more relaxed than you have ever been in your life. My voice is all you hear. It is like My voice is in your head. My voice becomes your thoughts… I control your thoughts… you want to obey My voice just like you would obey th voice of your inner being… isn’t that right?”

Again, he nodded yes, saying, “Yes…obey…Your voice…obey the voice …of the most…beautiful…wonderful…lady…so beautiful!”

She told him, “you are responding perfectly now My little one. Let yourself be aware of that last little bit of resistance, your eyelids are sooo heavy…they are blinking and blinking and with each blink they stay closed longer and longer. you are free to dream of the beautiful lady… giving control to Her. you will love giving up all control, all control… your heavy, heavy eyelids are closing… responding only to My orders… you may begin to surrender to My will now…surrender…”

No longer did bruno make any attempt to resist the beautiful hypnotists instructions. his breathing had become shallow and regular.

She walked around the table and stood in front of bruno. The sensual dominatrix then reached up and stroked his temples with Her soft fingers. The warm touch just over his ears seemed to relax him even more. his eyes remained closed.

“I want you to feel very satisfied, very happy when you follow My commands. Do you understand?”

“Yes… Your commands… they will… make me… very happy!… very satisfied!”

“So tell Me then,” She was almost laughing now at his complete helplessness, “when I speak, what is it you want to do?”

“To obey You… i want to obey You…!”

“And how does that make you feel, My pet?”

“Happy… and satisfied….”

“So now, little boy, you must do everything Mistress commands… everything…!”

Powerless before his superior mental Mistress, he nodded in aggreement. he felt good, he was happy that She would give him commands to obey.

Marsh pondered Her next move and suddenly She giggled to Herself and decided what course the night would take. bruno was in deep shit!

“What if I wanted you to wear women’s clothes. What would your response be to that?”

“If You so ordered, i would wear women’s clothing.”


“Excuse me- Mistress, i would wear women’s clothing, my Mistress.”

“What if I wanted you to shave your legs and pubic hair for Me?”

“Mistress Marsha, i would do it in an instant!”

“And what if I wanted you to jack off for Me?”

“Ohhh, i would love to jack off for You, Mistress Marsha.”

“Good boy! you are learning. Now drop that iron bar. It is too heavy to hold.”

The crow bar clanked to the floor and Mistress Marsha smiled a cruel smile as She spoke: “Have you ever served a woman as a slave before, My pet?”

“No Mistress Marsha.”

“Many men serve Me. I call them My slaves. I’m their Mistress, Goddess, owner. Do I own you?”

Even in deep hypnosis, bruno was confused. Own? Own? No one could own someone else.

Sensing his confusion the sexy dominant questioned him again. “If a woman could command a man to have an erect cock, would that prove She owned his body?”

“Yes…maybe…yes…!” he whispered.

“Does commanding all your bodily functions prove that you are weak and powerless before Me?”

“No…yes…i don’t know!”

“Listen closely, mr. delivery boy…your Mistress would like you to have an erection now…Now!”

Marsha saw a huge bulge suddenly appear in bruno’s dark tousers, the very errection She had just commanded.

“Now you know, My little man, that slaves should never appear before their Goddesses clothed so remove all your clothing!”

As quickly as he could, bruno removed all his clothing as his hard cock fought to free itself from it’s confinement in his briefs. As he finally removed the white briefs, his cock stood erect, in honor of Marsha, his hypnotic Mistress- and owner of his body!

“Now your cock is so stiff, slave boy, you look so horny. Look, it’s really starting to throb now. It’s almost uncontrollable…in fact it can only be controlled by Me. Isn’t that so, My little pet?”

Naked, helpless, entranced, he just nodded.

“Just look at it quiver and stand up even stiffer as I command it. Stiffer…harder…stiffer…!”

At his Mistress’ command his cock stood hard and straight as a steel rod.

“Now My pet, I want you to jerk off for Me…slowly at first…then faster and faster…do it because I command it and you cannot resist any command I give you…do it..look at Me and lust. Think of how deserving I am…a completely and justifiably ultra-vain, adorable, powerful, no-nonsense magnificent specimen of pure raw femininity. Lust for and worship Me, little man!”

As She spoke, She leisurely walked over to the corner of the room and drew a cool drink. The encounter had dried her throat, after all, it’s not every day you walk in on a burgular! She walked back to the entranced bruno who was still bopping his baloney-poney as She commanded- having the time of his life taking in Her fabulous beauty and mulling Her words of pure wisdom. he now worshipped Mistress Marsha!

“Closer and closer, slave boy, your orgasm is closer and closer… when I order it you will ejaculate for Me slave… closer… closer… now cum!”

Quickly She moved the paper cup to the end of his spurting prick. The cup colledted all of his hot jism as it jetted into the water left in the bottom.

“Take the cup into your miserable masculine hands My dear little wretched slave boy and drink it all down,” She commanded as She gave him the cup of cum-laden water. “Drink it all…now!”

Like a shot of tequila, he threw the drink down, but even entranced, he still grimaced- as if it had really been tequila!

Marsha vented a wicked laugh as She realized this is not the way Her new slave had expected his day to finish. She felt so powerful. She was so powerful! It had been demonstrated so conclusively.

“I want you erect now, My pet. Now!”

Within mere seconds bruno’s big dick was fully hard once again.

“Look at Me to take My Magnificent Beauty and Power over you and remember what I tell you…as you stroke for Me…and worship Me as your Supreme Goddess!”

Almost unconsciously bruno started jerking his hard throbbing cock again, while worshipping at the feet of his beautiful, hypnotic, commanding Mistress.

“How wonderfully exciting to obey my Glorious Goddess!” he thought as he again reached an indescribably intense and meaningful orgasm.

“I control My slaves in many ways in addition to My hypnotic power as you shall soon see. However, in just a moment after I command you to sleep, you will fall into a deep hypnotic sleep. Listen to Me carefully slave bruno. you will fall into a very deep. you will awaken only when you hear My stern, sexy voice- commanding you to awaken- then I shall begin your obedience training and conditioning. Understood?”

Still holding his rock-hard cock bruno nodded that he understood Her words but, of course he couldn’t really understand their full meaning.

“Sleep bruno! Now!”

Just as She commanded, bruno fell to the carpet, still holding onto his still-hard cock.

Hours or days or just minutes could have gone by. he heard Her soft velvet voicecall his name…, “bruno. bruno! Awaken… now!”

And just as commanded, his eyes opened.

“When I reach five, bruno My pet, you will not only be awake, but alert and refreshed. Of course, if you hear Me say the words ‘look into My eyes’ you will look deep into My dark, commanding eyes and again be My hypnotized puppet. But until that time, your mind will be free of My hypnotic control. One…two…three…four…five… alert, refreshed and awake!”

Naked on the floor, bruno remembered everything: his capture, his enslavement- but he was now free of Her hypnotic spell. he bolted for the door even though he was completely naked. he didn’t care. he would escape this mad sorceress now- and he would never come back!

Just as he reached to open the door a jolt flashed at his neck. he fell to the floor brathless- gasping at a black collar around his neck, trying to pull it off- but it was securely locked. he struggledto his feet and hesitatingly reached out for the doorknob again. And again, flash! zap! Down on his knees as the electrical jolt shot through his body.

This time he heard Her speak: “Heel, boy!”

There was an understanding in his mind of what that command meant: when the Master ordered a dog to heel, it obediently followed behind- obeying, following- but he was no dog.


The jolt knocked him off his knees, flat on his back.


“God,” he thought as he turned over and crawled to a spot behind Mistress Marsha, “make it stop!”

“Good boy!” She exclaimed as she patted his head. “Remember I said I have many ways to control and condition? This is your special slave collar, locked on you so you can never get it off. Only I can control it. Only I control you! you are My doggy slave. Speak!”

“What do You want me to say?” he asked just as the pain once again coursed through his body, knocking him to the floor- again, Zap, Zap.

“When I say speak, I mean bark, doggy boy!”

Zap, Zap!

“Yes…yes Mistress! Bow-wow! Woof! Woof! Bow-wow!

“Good boy! Now wag your happy little tail for your Mistress!”

Naked and crying, bruno wagged his ass back and forth, anything to avoid the pain. But somehow, he was beginning to enjoy obeying his Mistress’ commands. And besides, he was happy to wag his tail for his stern commanding Mistress!

“Good boy… now wait here like a good little puppy until I come back.” Her words and commands had somehow become music to his ears. Maybe his subconcious remembered Her previous command to be “happy and satisfied” and to obey Her commands.

Marsha turned and left bruno alone in the room with the sapphire he had tried to steal earlier. Exhausted, he rested on the floor. At least an hour went by and he heard nothing. Maybe he could still escape! Should he try? Or…was he beginning to enjoy his captivity? he was so afraid of Mistress Marsha but if She was gone, just maybe he could leave. Somehow he knew if She was there he would be helpless, but-maybe…!

Something inside him told him he should try. It wasn’t right to enjoy this weird treatment. he knew his friends wouldn’t approve! Mommy and Daddy would be ashamed! And about his buddies in the mobs?

Slowly…carefully…he reached toward the door knob. he would never steal anything that belonged to Mistress Marsha…but maybe…? his hand grabbed the brass knob…but:Zap! Zap!

“Naughty boy!”

Dropping to the floor, he cried. he was so sorry and he was so afraid of Her. he shouted at the top of his lungs, “i’m sorry Mistress Marsha…bark, bark! bow-wow!…i’m Your slave Mistress…i’ll never disobey again…Mistress. Oh Goddess, please…please!”

As he continued to sob the Mistress returned to the room. She knew She had totally conquered this burglar. he was now in every way Her total compliant slave.

Soon he would be allowed to worship Her perfect body, to kiss and lick Her shoes and feet…to kiss Her beautiful ass…and to jack off at Her glorious command! What luck! This would never have happened if he hadn’t decided to break in at MarquesaCo to steal the sapphire.

Now he was Her total puppet and She was going to permit him the infinite reward: to serve as Her slave. She held all the strings, the strings that controlled a most thankful and obedient submissive puppet slave.

“It’s almost 8:00 a.m. now slave bruno. Go into the office kitchen and make the coffee. The rest of MarquesaCo’s associates will be here shortly and we wouldn’t want them not to have Their coffee, now would we?”

“No Mistress Marsha. Right away my Goddess. Thank You so much!”

“And do those dirty dishes while you are in there, doggy-boy!”

“Yes my lovely Mistress…anything You say…anything! You are all powerful…i am nothing before You…i worship Your infinite beauty and power. Please let me continue to serve You always!”

As he rounded the corner going to the kitchen he heard Her shout: “Speak boy!”

“Arf, arf, arf, arf…Mistress.”

“Well,” She laghed to Herself, “it wasn’t too bad a night after all. This one might even last a few weeks-maybe if he’s lucky, even a month-before I kick his ass out!”

And bruno? “Hey!” he thought to himself, “this duty may not be all that bad compared to what if i’d stolen that jewel. Now i may be able to see this jewel of a Mistress nearly every day and serve Her hand and foot, never to be ashamed of my open adoration and worship of Her beauty and power.

“Hey! Mom and Dad were dead wrong! Fuck my friends! Idiots all! They have no idea how exciting it is to be owned by Mistress Marsha as Her unquestioning, obedient slave and servant. Never to have to make decisions that could go wrong. All i need do is obey and excel as i do to have Her reward me by being allowed into Her Glorious Presence! Never to be ashamed to worship absolute perfection. No cops or mob ‘buddies’ with a ‘contract’ to fear!

“Nothing to fear from Mistress Marsha if i obey Her in every way and do a super job for Her. But if i don’t keep Her happy and interested, then i’ll have earned Her wrath and i will deserve to be expelled. That is my biggest fear…and it will be my fault!

“In the meantime i will live only to enjoy this heaven as long as it lasts!”