The only winner in the Trojan War was Helen. Circe bewitched Odysseus. Clytemnestra fooled Agamemnon. Omphales enslaved Heracles. Penthesilea captured the heart of Achilles. Eurydice haunted Orpheus.

The list goes on and on. Name a man from myth or legend, I will name you a Woman who conquered him.

It’s not just the Greeks. Thor was wrestled to the ground by a Giantess. Shiva was slain by Kali. Merlin was imprisoned by Morgan Le Fay. And of course Samson was shorn by Delilah.

The REALLY funny thing is, ALL of these stories were created by men. EACH ONE came from the depths of a man’s soul. These sacred tales. These holy scriptures.

Every one is a wish. Every one is a  prayer.

To Me. To Goddess.

The impulse is deep. Irresistible. It has been there since the beginning. Time out of mind, generation after generation. Each father says, “Go out there and be a winner, son.” But really he is saying, “you don’t have a chance. you can run, but you can’t hide.”

you NEED to be conquered. you NEED to submit.

To Me. To Goddess.

Come, pet. Destiny calls. I am ready to accept your surrender. I won’t make it hurt……much.