Sissy Hercules

It is story time, pet. Come sit at Goddess’s feet and I will tell you about Hercules. you have all heard about him killing the Hydra and wrestling with a lion, but do you know he was a sissy? I bet you don’t. Somehow that one tends to get lost in the shuffle today.

Hercules was prone to fits of madness, and in one of those fits he killed some poor prince and as punishment was condemned to be the slave of Queen Omphale of Lydia for one year. He fell madly in love with Omphale and submitted to her every whim.  She ordered him to wear her clothes, which he happily did. He would sit wearing her dresses and spinning thread at a wheel while she lounged on her throne in his lion skin, gripping the famous club with which he had slain so many monsters.

What do you think this story means, pet? Goddess is here to tell you. The yearning to be made into a sissy by a powerful Woman is as old as time itself. you men can’t escape it. Deep down, you all know that any world in which Women are not in charge is mad. That is why the only time Hercules could be cured of his fits of madness was when he was being humiliated and sissified by Omphale.

Come, pet. Stop the restless trembling. Let go of all that anxiety. Put on a pair of My panties. Try this nice shade of lipstick. Sit here at My feet and serve Me like a good girl. It will make you feel soooo much better…..

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…….!


I want you to RELAX and EMBRACE your HYPNOTIC SURRENDER to Me.
I’ll start whispering the legend of Pygmalion in your ear…..

King Pygmalion of Cyprus was an idealist. He was certain no woman could match all he felt a woman should be. The King was also an excellent sculptor. He used all his skills to carve his fantasy of the perfect lady out of marble.

Pygmalion became infatuated with his creation. He adored it so much, he pleaded with the gods to send him a real woman just like the statue he created.

Aphrodite, the goddess of beauty and love, decided to grant Pygmalion’s request.  However, the goddess decided to put her own twist on the situation. She cast her spell upon King Pygmalion’s creation.

One day the King was so enraptured with what he’d made, he started treating the sculpture like it was a living woman. The more he adored the statue, the more lifelike it became. When the King’s adoration was strong enough, this statue became the lovely maiden Galatea. Galatea and Pygmalion fell in love and were married.

In some ways, sensuous hypnosis, hypnodomination, FinDom, BDSM and FemDomme, are like Pygmalion and Galatea:


When it all comes together just so: MY! OH!! MY!!!“`

Can you and I turn mutually pleasurable fantasies into something out of this world?


Maybe some of Aphrodite’s magick is in your future!

Our Emerald Eyes are watching 🙂

New Year’s Resolution: Smart is Sexy, Sexy is Smart.

            “Smart is sexy.” Many have said it, few have embodied this truth as well as I, your Goddess Marquesa. Why do you worship Me? Why do you fall quivering at My feet, offering up paeans of adoration and cries of abject surrender? Is it my gorgeous legs? My exquisite breasts? My bewitching emerald eyes? My classically beautiful face? All of those qualities and more enchant you, yes. But they are not the real source of My power. My mind, My brilliant intelligence, is what makes Me utterly irresistible.

            Hypnotism is not a game for the dull witted. I could not captivate your mind unless I had rigorously refined My own. A lifetime of learning and experience goes into each syllable of every mesmerizing incantation. Hours of thought and intellection impel the force of every word I employ to ensorcell your consciousness.

            Yes, pet. When your heart races, when your cock stiffens, when your mouth waters uncontrollably and you groan with desire, it is My mind to which you are responding as much as My irresistible body. Arousal and allure are rooted in the imagination as much as the physical senses of taste, touch and smell. I am so much more compelling than any of the lesser woman you encounter, because My thoughts, feelings, and wicked fantasies are so much more ingeniously sophisticated, artful, and dynamic.

            But sexy works both ways, darling playthings. The smarter you are about O/our relationship, the greater the heights of ecstasy to which I can bring you. The more frequently and the more intelligently you think about Me and for Me, the more you will turn Me on…and the more I will turn you on.

            So let this be your New Year’s Resolution, pet: be sexy, be smart. Share your thoughts with me, in email or over the phone. Let Me know not just how I make you feel, but why. Comment on whatever you see here that sparks your imagination. Or construct a fantasy and let Me explore it with you. Together perhaps W/we can create something beautiful….and sizzling hot.

            Come, lay your mind before your Goddess. I promise I won’t hurt it. Much. Ha ha ha ha ha……

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