Goddess Marquesa

In Goddess We Trust

            In one of the most thrilling passages of Her audio trance,
“Eternal Love,” Goddess Marquesa commands the listener to obey Her, the
“Magnificent, Merciless Mistress Marquesa.” The phrasing is exemplary of the
Goddess’s poetic use of language, but above and beyond the lyrical beauty of the incantation itself, i have always felt sweet pleasure at hearing the
Goddess describe Herself as “Merciless.” Her Mercilessness is vital to Her
Beauty, it is one of the qualities that most compels others to love Her.

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A Lunar Ritual

The following is an actual email exchange between me and one of my eagerly enthralled pets.

By letting yourself go and indulging in my powerfully hypnotic audios and videos, you too can achieve this level of ensorcelled ecstasy.  – Goddess Marquesa Read more…


After finishing her successful women’s basketball career, six foot nine inch Ekaterina Lisina decided to step out

and make her longtime dream of becoming a world-class, high fashion model come true.  While working to get her foot

in the door of the modeling world, Ekaterina learned that many in modeling agencies thought she was too tall to be…

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My Mesmerizing Style



I have been asked by more than a few slaves and hypno-subbies –  “What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to someone?”

“While you continue absorbing My Words Of Seduction I’m gonna reveal something you may find shocking. ”
Actual cruelty to anyone or any animal is not My way of breaking you into My well-trained pet. Read more…

Being Pinknotized

Hello my passion Pink panty Pet.
Recently one of my special panty pets confessed to me that (s)he was becoming addicted to the color Pink because of My tantalizing tutelage.   (S)he confessed that (s)he desired to find more ways that (s)he could integrate the color Pink into her daily routine and thus her passive Pink pet’s life.
My Pink loving pets!  It is only too obvious how you can make the powerfully provocative color Pink a positive and positively sissifying influence in your life.  And that is something you truly want, isn’t it; My Pretty Pink Pet!

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