Goddess Marquesa

A Happy Birthday Wish!

Your Power and Your Beauty now

As ever make men scrape and bow

A Soul of steel, a Mind sublime

The Sexiest of any time

You are a gift to all You know

i do adore and love You so

Your presence makes the world so great

That all must stop and celebrate

And so i beg that i may say

Goddess Divine, Happy Birthday!

Your Goddess Marquesa is celebrating HER Birthday all of the month of July!

I’m a first time caller…..










“I’m a first time caller…..”

Most of My first-time callers want to know what it feels like to GO INTO HYPNOSIS FOR ME.

That’s right, you’re not alone in your interest; in fact, most people wonder about it, wonder what it’s like, and so you can see it’s perfectly natural to wonder about hypnosis, natural to wonder what it feels like to GO INTO HYPNOSIS FOR ME. Read more…

What you have always wanted.

Mystic Mistress Goddess Marquesa…

What you have always wanted.

Yes!  Even over the phone, you will naturally begin to FEEEL MY AURA, FEEEL THE MAGNETIC POWER of My aura, feeling it bathe your body with MY energy, feel goosebumps of excitement begin to form on your skin, and as you feeel MY awesome power enveloping you, flowing through your body, from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers and toes, through every  limb, every bone, every organ, every tissue, every cell every atom of your being, and as My power envelops you, enfolds you, surges throughout your body. Read more…

A Bewitching Black Hole


“I know you are familiar with the concept of a black hole, which refers to a star that is collapsing on itself, and as it collapses, its matter gets pulled into itself, into the mass at its center, becoming more and more tightly packed, becoming more and more dense, and as it gets denser and denser, its gravity increases, becoming stronger and stronger, and eventually the gravity is so strong it pulls everything — matter, X-ray and gamma ray energy, and even light — everything into the mass at its center, everything gets sucked into the center, by a NEVER-to-be-released power.  Do YOU UNDERSTAND!?”   “Veerry Goood!   And NOOWWW I want you to IMAGINE MEE with all my raw, spellbinding, irresissstible power, all my mesmeric, bewitching energy, IMAGINE MEEE as a psychic,  mystical Black HoleImagine MEE with a gravitational power so strong, so magnetic, IMAGINE MEEE possessing a power and attraction so great that it sucks in your free will, it sucks in any lingering resistance to My Power and commands, It sucks in ALLL your loyalty, all your imagination and it binds you to MEE as though we are joined by MY gravitational pull, by MY PERSONAL MAGNETISM, it sucks in all your attention, and your desire to serve ME and only ME, and focuses your inner mind only on MEEE.  And YOU LOVE IT!

In Goddess We Trust

            In one of the most thrilling passages of Her audio trance,
“Eternal Love,” Goddess Marquesa commands the listener to obey Her, the
“Magnificent, Merciless Mistress Marquesa.” The phrasing is exemplary of the
Goddess’s poetic use of language, but above and beyond the lyrical beauty of the incantation itself, i have always felt sweet pleasure at hearing the
Goddess describe Herself as “Merciless.” Her Mercilessness is vital to Her
Beauty, it is one of the qualities that most compels others to love Her.

Read more…


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