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“When I was a kid in Indiana, we thought it would be fun to get a turkey a year ahead of time and feed it and so on for the following Thanksgiving.  But by the time Thanksgiving came around, we sort of thought of the turkey as a pet, so we ate the dog.  Only kidding.  It was the cat!” ~  David Letterman


Typing in the “hypnosis” and “thankfulness” keywords yields over 300,000 online entries.  One of My newly discovered favorites is an article written by TV personality and businesswoman Deborah Norville entitled: “Thank You Power”

Her article is posted online at The Hypnosis Motivation Institute website.

Deborah’s uplifting and eye-opening piece is available by clicking the  http://hypnosis.edu/articles/gratitude  URL.

Now consider:

#1.  What ideas and imaginings do you have when you think about  what could be unleashed when FemDom hypnotism sensuously stirs up the powers of thankfulness?

#2.  How can you luxuriously lavish the HypnoDomme(s) you adore with what you know is deserved and desirable?  🙂


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Tantalizing Tallulah

  • The ability to fascinate others can come in handy in all sorts of situations. And one of them motivated Me to write this posting after My slave brought the facts to My attention:

    Tantalizing Tallulah…

    Legendary star of stage Tallulah Bankhead (good Goddess above don’t you just love that name!?) was well-known for being a flamboyant, freewheeling, intense woman.

    I am talking about way before any of us were even born but that isn’t the point. Here is the point….

    At one time, she was engaged in a dispute with a young actress who was also in the cast of a play Miss Bankhead was in. Before one performance, the ingénue said she could upstage Tallulah. Bankhead told the bitch she could upstage her without even being onstage. I LOVE it!

    In one scene in the play, Tallulah’s character places a champagne glass on a table and soon goes offstage. During a performance close on the heels of her dustup with the upstart, Bankhead puts the glass precariously on the table’s edge and exits. As the play continued, more and more of the audience’s attention became fixated on the glass. Would the glass stay in place? When would it fall from its perch? What kept the glass so delicately balanced? These were but a few of the questions that occupied the theatergoers who could not take their eyes or their minds off that glass.

    The only thing those who saw this performance found memorable was the glass hanging off the edge of the table. Tallulah had proved her point and her powers. She had wrapped the audience around her little finger (or more accurately around the stem of that champagne flute) without even being on the stage as she did so.

    Tallulah’s successful strategy for putting her rival in her place is an example of two FEMDOM HYPNOSIS FACTOIDS:



    So what’s your take and opinion on My Factoids??  🙂

Listening to Soft Voices Can Cause “Brain Orgasms”

  • So what do you think about autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), a whole body tingling that listening to soft, monotone voices can trigger?


    Interesting article but I guess I have not experienced ASMR because I find her voice somewhat annoying and unreassuring.  I mean can she really expertly fold those towels or what?

    However and whatever… to each his/her own.


    Even as a young woman in My early 20’s I never possessed a tiny, tinny little girlish voice and the way I express or connote commands,  sweet suggestions and irresistible instructions is with I’ve been told a successful air of a fine mixture of sexiness and confidence.


    I’d love some responses to My inquiry and curiosity as to why this Minnie mouse mommy video has gotten 900,000 views and all of My potent and powerful youtube videos don’t come close.


    Maybe it’s the tantalizing towels I’m lacking.  LOL



Candle Power – Mesmerizing Memoirs #2


    Lots of people are fond of candles.  As often as I can I luxuriously enjoy relaxingly reclining on My sofa with My shapely, long legs fully and gorgeously outstretched as My simply irresistible Emerald Eyes dreamily drink in the soft glow of the beautiful, scented candles I’ve lit.

    And reminiscing about candles reminds Me of a titillating, little erotic encounter.


    There was this particular subbie I’d been beguiling for a while.  In one of our post-spellbinding sensualities session chats he mentioned he’d always liked surprises ever since he was a little kid.  And the vivid way he described a surprise birthday party he got for his eleventh birthday seemed to transport Me there to his aunt’s house where this party was thrown.


    Seeing his face just light up as he revealed how much delightful surprises intoxicated him certainly stimulated Me.

    After he left, I started contemplating all sorts of wonderful options for how I’d surprise him during Our next enticing get-together. When I blew out the candles before slipping into My bed, I got an intriguing idea.


    On the day for Our next enthrallment time, I was getting totally amped.  I hoped what I was planning would work out the wicked way I fantasized it would.


    After dinner (which was delivered from a gourmet caterer I really like) and a liqueur I’d been saving…. it was time to turn up the volume on the fun and games.  We moved to the couch and I directed his attention to the candles that were still glowing on the coffee table.

    One thing I told him was that I noticed that people’s eyes often look quite different to Me when I gaze into them by candlelight.  I asked him to look into My eyes for a while and then tell Me if he experienced something similar.  As Our eyes gently locked, I pretended to stifle a couple of little yawns.  I said that a good meal, fine company, and lovely candles often put Me in a drowsily dreamy state of ever-increasing calmness. After a few more tranquility-amplifying suggestions and the right amount of sleepiness-inducing silence, he inevitably slipped right into the palm of My hands.

    At this point I told him I had a surprise for him. When he asked what it was, I said I had to go upstairs to get it.  I turned on some trance music I’m fond of and one of My recordings I knew got him in the mood.  When I came downstairs, I was carrying a long spiralling candle, a whip made of feathers, and a rope made of silk. I commanded him to immediately reach out and touch one of these tantalization toys.  After he selected one, …  😉


    When he left, he had the most satisfying smile on his face and a dazed by passionate pleasures look in his eyes.  To this day, he can’t make up his mind about which of those three decadence devices he enjoys the most.


    Oh! yes, here are the names of some Emerald Eyes-crafted creations that can ignite your interest in what candle power can beguilingly do with, for, and to you.


    Candlelit ConSumating-



    Hot Wax Hexing you. –



    Deeper Into Me you Go-



    Mystic Sofia –



    I appreciate it when Inraptured fans respond with thoughtful comments, questions, suggestions, and replies to My postings.


  • I think I’ve always liked games. One of My early favorites was called “Mommy, may I?” Before a player can do anything they’ve been told to do, they must say those simply irresistible words, “MOMMY, MAY I”. Who knew this innocent childhood game would turn into being a signpost leading the way to exploring, embracing and enjoying FemDom, adult baby playtime, Mommy/Mother Goddess worshiping, and other expressions of Womanly Superiority captivatingly assisting the kinds of people who crave and/or need such spellbinding in finding their proper place under the right Woman’s sway, sorceries, and smarts.
    “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” mentions some of the ways that a towel is one of the most useful and multipurpose items a space traveler can have. This reminds Me that, depending upon the situation and context, an everyday object can possess all sorts of marvelous uses. This fact calls to My mind and passions the titillating times when I employed a common household object in ways never suggested by the manufacturer.

    There was this particular slave toy I’d allured into My pleasures parlor.
    After our pre-spellbinding (him) conversation, one of the first things I compelled him to do was undress for successfully ensorcelling him. Before his arrival, as we chatted, and while he undressed, I was pondering which of the many available arousal avenues would really get things satisfying and salacious.

    Before his stripping teased Me into some more of My wickedest fantasizing, I commanded him to remain motionless and lay near My feet as naked and as still as he could be. Seeing him like that reminded Me of the Mommy may I game. And for some reason, the word “mommy” brought a Krystal clear image of a mummy into My inner Emerald Eyes.

    In a flash, I knew what I yearned to do with and to him. The next thing I contemplated was how would I wrap him up? I know lots of ways to sensuously mummify somebody and drive them wild and right where I want them while doing it. But for some inexplicable reason, using something like Saran wrap just didn’t appeal to Me this time. Ropes, leather bindings, chains, and the like didn’t tickle My fantasies either.

    My penetrating, inviting, intoxicating gaze came to rest upon his all nice and neatly laid out clothes. I am glad this sub of Mine has fine taste in what he slips into–and out of with the right AHIM! encouragement. 🙂 That’s a desirable sign he probably possesses a yearning for excellence in his leisure pursuits. Oodles of experiences remind Me that a plaything’s refined sensualities palate is a wonderful window onto, gateway into, and control box for their mind and body and much more. And as a well-endowed, hedonistic HypnoDominatrix who has an extensive palette of pleasures administrations at My feminine fingertips I can cunningly and compellingly connect with another’s pleasure palate in so many mesmerizingly magical, magnificent ways!

    Maybe it was intuition that drew My focus to the belt loops on his pants.
    Whatever the cause, I saw a series of belts flashing through My mind’s eye.
    I subtly smiled as I had another AHA! moment. Now I knew what My soon to be beguilingly mummified pet would be enthrallingly enveloped in.

    I turned on some relaxing music and played one of My especially soothing yet suggestive recordings for him as I spoke to him and entranced him…..
    before I sultrily slithered out of the room for a while. When I returned a few minutes later, My hands held some of the belts I’ve collected. I took one, and wrapped it around his ankles as tightly as I could. The next belt I used was tied further up his legs. … And that’s how it went. I had to make a second trip to that closet to fetch the rest of the belts I needed to finish this part of what I wanted to do with and to him.

    After I got him all nice and mummy-like, a pair of silky panties was what I enraptured him with next. The two things I did to him with those panties made his being mummy-ized some of the sweetest tantalizing I’ve ever carried out so wickedly and so well.
    * * * * * * * * * *
    I hope these compound questions generate lots of arousing replies and


    (For Dommes)
    ??? Which ordinary object(s) have You used in some truly titillating way(s) not usually associated with that item and how did You successfully employ it to Your advantages?


    (For subbies)
    ??? Which ordinary object has been used on you by a Domme in some way(s) you did not expect and how did She utilize it to bend you to Her will, wiles, whims, and ways?


    By the way, have you met Mommy Mia or Mommy Mesmer yet? If you’re all grown up and you are a good, little, obedient boy Mommy Mesmer and/or Mommy Mia may play with you in Our own especially inviting ways!


    Goddess Mistress Marquesa AKA Lady Krystal Mesmer


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