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When I finished the post I made yesterday regarding my “conversion” into a panty slave I contemplated all the hypnotic experiences that I have had with Mistress over the years.  I realized that they have left me without a shred of a doubt as to Her ability to control my mind, behavior, and beliefs through hypnosis.  Then it occurred to me that many of you have only experienced hypnosis with Her regarding worshiping, loving, and obeying Her.  However, I assume that the desire to be controlled by a beautiful and powerful woman existed strongly in your minds long before you ever listened to one of Her recordings on that subject.  So, are you acting under hypnotic control or not?  Sadly, the question is impossible to answer.  What must be examined is how do you respond to hypnosis tapes on other subjects.  When you listen to “Siren” do you experience a spontaneous ejaculation without touching yourself?  When you listen to “Challenge” do you resolve to not masturbate only to find yourself doing so without remembering at what point in the recording you started?  When you listen to “Taboo” do you find yourself fantasizing a sexual encounter with someone you know you should not be thinking about, but you feel no inhibitions or guilt over it at the time?  When you listen to “Nylon Nirvana” do you vividly see in your mind the fog covered meadow with thousands of beautiful stockinged legs reaching up out of the fog towards the sky? If your answer is “yes” to any or all of these questions, you can be assured that She can and does hypnotize you and can make you do anything She wants you to hypnotically.  I find this very exciting.  How about you?



A Performance Review of “Worship of the Marquesa 2”

My Dearest and most Powerful Mistress,
As I am unable to keep my performance reports short I recommend that You put this aside until You have both the time and the desire to read it.  (I don’t wish to take up any more of Your valuable time than I am permitted to do.)

This morning I performed for You.  That it was a morning performance is highly unusual.  That I was desperate to perform for You is not.

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A Review of the Video File – Marquesa’s Sensual Enslavement

“Marquesa’s Sensual Enslavement” is among the Goddess’s many aptly named creations. For me, it has become one of a sacred tetralogy of holy devotionals, the others of which are “Submit to Marquesa,” “Goddess Marquesa Controls you,” and “Eternal Love Spell.” “Marquesa’s Sensual Enslavement” is especially thrilling because of the full and extended exposure to Goddess Marquesa’s intensely seductive beauty it conveys.


The opportunity to feast on the sight of the Goddess begins in the opening credits of the video. Goddess Marquesa appears in silhouette against a psychedelic bacdrop, masked, wearing only a black nightie and stockings, beckoning the viewer to fall under Her spell. The words “No Choice” flash on the screen, and indeed, in the face of the Goddess’s irresistible erotic charisma there is no choice but to follow Her wherever She will lead.


A blue screen appears with a hypnotic spiral, and the Goddess’s melodic voice talks the viewer through the first stages of trance. The effect during this process is common to all of the Goddess’s files. It is comparable to having someone reach astral fingers into one’s brain and massage the fibers of one’s mind. Everything relaxes- muscles, tendons, fears, anxieties. The Goddess’s voice becomes the carrier of your thoughts and feelings: the thoughts are Hers but the mind that they pass through is “yours” (in quotes because the enslavement of the trance’s title is no joke). This undmediated experience of the Goddess’s remarkable personality is breathtaking. She is somehow at the same time cheerfully playful and darkly dangerous, sweetly enchanting and torridly sexy. She not only knows and understands the effect that She has, She enjoys it. Before you understand what is going on She has made your soul Her plaything.


The second stage of the trance begins when the Goddess herself appears onscreen. She is seated at Her computer, again wearing a black lace nightie, stiletto heels, black stockings and garters. She turns so that one can see the entire magnificent line of Her body, from Her mouth, past Her luscious breasts, along the exquisite curves of Her thighs and calves, to the tips of Her shoes. She gently strokes the bare patch of thigh on Her right leg with one exquisite hand and fondles the silk covering Her left knee with the other as She relaxes, cross legged. As you observe, Her voice leads You into the scene, bringing You to kneel at Her feet and to kiss and caress Her gorgeous legs. To call the moment one of wish fulfillment is an understatement of monumental proportions. It is ecstasy, catharsis, a sensual delight so profound that it penetrates to the very marrow of one’s bones. Exposed to the full force of Goddess Marquesa’s carnal, intellectual, and spiritual beauty, you feel suffused by transcendental flames of desire, experiencing a delirium of combustible longing and adoration. The Goddess’s power must be experienced, it can not be adequately portrayed in words or explained with logic.


I will not spoil the effect of the trance by revealing the secrets of its conclusion. The Goddess leads You through various stages of bliss, all the while using your own sensual responses to bind you ever more inescapably to Her will. The moment of ecstasy to which She leads you will rock the foundations of your mind and body, an earthquake of devastating pleasure and inexorable capitulation to Her command. i can feel the effects of Her enchantments even as i type these words, and know that it will not be long before i surrender to Her conditioning and return again to worship at Her altar.


Review of “Goddess Marquesa Controls You”


“Goddess Marquesa Controls You” is one of the many, many shining examples of the Goddess’s power and brilliant artistry. I had already become addictively obsessed with the Goddess when I first experienced “Goddess Marquesa Controls You,” but that conditioning blunted none of the cataclysmic impact of this file on first viewing. I fell in love with Goddess Marquesa all over again, and that passion was magnified to an intensity of 1000 times what it had been before. Like all of the Goddess’s works, this video is the very embodiment of elegance and precision. It is a focused meditation on the experience of the Goddess’s control. She leads you into ever-deepening states of relaxation while she enchants your mind, body, and soul with images of Her body and exposure to Her irresistibly seductive personality and intellect. The most powerful sequence is one in which we view the Goddess from above, stretched out languorously on Her bed so that Her magnificent legs are in full view. A sparkly garter draws the eye to Her perfectly contoured thigh, as Her hand softly caresses the surface of Her nylon stockings. I will not spoil the impact of Her entrancements by broadcasting them here, but I must say that the Goddess’s recitation in this part of the video is the most exquisitely perfect embodiment of female dominance you will ever encounter. You will feel the Goddess’s superior will penetrate you and compel you to succumb to Her omnipotent allure. On first hearing this incantation I exploded in a volcanic climax that was more metaphysical than physiological, and the Goddess’s laughter from that moment has echoed in the background recesses of my mind and soul ever since. For any man that yearns to understand what it is to be held captive by a Superior Woman, “Goddess Marquesa Controls You” is salvation itself.



Let Your Creative Juices Flow

Hello My Darling Playthings,

You have been listening and lusting to my audio and video recordings haven’t you my precious playthings?

Of course you have.  I know you have. I also know that you have been enjoying them very much and that they profoundly and provocatively affect and deepened your desire to please me.  You love the power that they give me to control you.

Why don’t you sit back and relax for a moment.  Let yourself become very comfortable.  Close your eyes and let your mind freely recall and remember and relive each of my recordings that you love so much.  Then; let your creative juices flow and write a review of any and all of them that have the greatest hypnotic influence on you.  Tell me how my velveteen voice makes you feel so good and so submissive.  Tell me in deliciously decadent detail how the recording affects you and makes you mine.

If you send me your review, and I am particularly pleased with your effort, I will post it here and reward you with a free recording, up to $29.95 in value.

It doesn’t have to be hard to do this, but it wouldn’t hurt either.


Mesmerizing you always,

Goddess Marquesa


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