Four Poems by Slave Breeze

Sonnet 2

Oh fleeting moments lost and time forgot

the gentle breeze doth stir my heart and soul

but passing fancy leaves and all for naught

and only Mistress ever makes me whole


Oh glowing stars and moon She doth outshine

and blooming rose, to Her, can not compare

for tender petals subtle and divine

are dull and drab beside Her beauty fair Read more…

Two Poems by A.R.T.

Your Turn By A.R.T.

Relax as you feel My web weaving
Around and around in your mind
Replacing your worn out conceiving
With a power that’s Heaven to find Read more…

How Many Times 

By Pure Pearl


How many times the sun and moon

Hath to thy beauty been compared?

How many times the rose’s bloom,

Held fast against THEE, and despaired

Yet none of these, if truth be known,

May adequately loom so fair

For thou, by far, and Thou alone,

Are utterly without compare. Read more…

Devotional Triad

Devotional Triad – By Pinky

Part 1


The night has overtaken me
i can hear Her voice
in the darkness
Of my dreams
i can see Her eyes
In the silence
Of my sleep
i can feel Her presence
In my private
inner place Read more…

Goddess of the Emerald Eyes

Divinity’s eyes are green as envy’s hue,

But jealousy is not what makes them glow.

Her light bewitches all who come in view

With a desire that few mere mortals know.

To hear Her voice is to fall in a dream

Of angel’s song and devilish delights,

One’s days become an endless pining stream

And thoughts of Her will haunt all of one’s nights.

Surrender to Her power all you kings,

And tremble at Her feet, you presidents.

Her Beauty overmasters all such things,

Her Splendor overcomes all resistance.

No one is so wise, or strong, or brave,

As can refuse being Marquesa’s slave.


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