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A Review of the Power of Marquesa’s Audio Recordings

So, it’s been an insane few weeks. I work for an advertising agency and had just returned from a decently long vacation only to find the person who was covering for me had made an incredible amount of mistakes regarding delivering a project for a client. I had to spend the past two weeks working insanely late hours, fixing a massive amount of problems that had to be delivered NOW.


Most of the time my medication can help (I’m anxiety-prone) but this was just too much. Nerves and panic and nerves and panic.


I had not listened to Mistress Marquesa’s audio files in a while and, while in the midst of this fourteen-day-long panic attack, I thought maybe listening to Her voice would help calm me down.




Within the first five minutes of listening to a recording, my heart-rate had calmed down, I was relaxing my eyes easier, and my body was becoming less and less tense, almost too much actually.


See, the thing is, while hypnotic domination is wonderful, Mistress Marquesa’s files also calm me down – like resting under a weighted blanket. You know, those really heavy ones where you cannot help but surrender all tense thoughts and succumb to sleep. That’s exactly what it felt like to listen to Mistress Marquesa during my most tense moments.  Perhaps you feel the same about your Mistress.


Her audio recordings provide a comfort that I’m really trying to bring into words, which is quite difficult.


It’s soft. It’s very soft.


I actually feel better right now after writing this letter.



If Mistress Marquesa can do this for me, I’m positive the same thing is possible for Her to do this for almost anyone!  If she is not your Mistress of choice….I’d appreciate knowing how your Mistress helps you through stressful, lonely or sad times, if you don’t mind sharing.


I guess it’s in the nature of a submissive to take comfort and solace in the fact that the person you worship will be there to help you. That’s incredibly necessary and Mistress Marquesa provides that for me. There’s so much to this that I do not understand. Maybe I’m not supposed to understand, but just accept. Accept that my role is at the feet of a dominant woman.


She also has been helping me to explore and understand what my fetishes and fantasies really are. It used to be a mess up there (my thoughts) but she has definitely helped me in the process of sorting things out. It didn’t take too long at all to understand that I desire chastity. I think I have sissy tendencies but am not sure yet. Does it feel natural? Sometimes. I guess that’s why I need a dominant woman to help me through this forest.


I owe Mistress Marquesa a great deal of thanks for having these audio files available to the public and I don’t think I’m the only one who has these thoughts.



A review and testimonial of Surrender to Marquesa’s Legs


A review and testimonial of Surrender to Marquesa’s Legs –

Here are the ways Surrender to Marquesa’s Legs has affected Me.
I am aware of a phrase you say at the beginning of the video, but I cannot remember it exactly no matter how hard I try.

It seems I did remember it after one viewing, but after several viewings I just can’t anymore. I believe it is a foreign language though. What I do remember is being transfixed by your wonderful legs in those shiny black pantyhose. I seem to be totally unable to move while I watch your hands moving so seductively  over your legs as you voice just unfailingly takes over my mind. I see you crawl onto a bed and I can see myself lie down beside you all the while feeling like I am in a dream.

You are so beautiful. Then I seem to lose any other memories except for one. Your kiss. I plainly see and feel your lips as they so seductively touch mine. It is a kiss I cannot forget nor do I want to forget it. The touch and taste of your lips in my mind is overwhelming. What a wonderfully lasting gift from you to me. Thank you. I constantly crave to taste that kiss over and over.



The Call of Marquesa’s Legs – A Review

 The Call of Marquesa’s Legs
A Review

From the first I was captivated by this recording.
There is a certain phrase that hooks from the very beginning. I have never been able to consciously remember it, only the deep feeling of relaxation that it brings.

Multiple views of Mistress Marquesa’s magnificent legs entrance the eyes and enlarge the ecstasy as you stare at the wonders. Movements slight and slightly arrhythmic hold the enraptured gaze as that soft, sultry voice whispers wild Witchery wisdom into the ears.

I felt a growing compulsion to look out for more sexy legs over the course of my day-to-day activities after experiencing this recording, and every pair reminds me of my Mistress’ seduction.

The sheer sight and mere mention of legs is enough to remind me of my Mistress in this recording. Each and every tantalising view of her legs inflames the desire to serve her and be bewitched by her.

All the way until the end I was enthralled by the passionate pleasures promised by the legs of a powerful, dominant Hypno-dominatrix. By the end I wanted to give all of my secrets to her and her legs, for they owned me mind, body, soul and cock.

I asked her what I could do for her after experiencing the journey of this recording, and she asked me to write a review.

The Call of Marquesa’s Legs is irresistible to ignore.

Reign of Marquesa – A Testimonial

Goddess Marquesa,

i will attempt to review the unreviewable….

First of all as i sit to wrote this out i am listening to MARQUESA’S VOICE (free file)

This audio puts me in Your arms and in the proper mode of submission to YOU!


You excite, enthrall and enrapture me completely, Thank You for receiving this unworthy puppy into Your fold, dungeon, and slavedom.


“Reign of Marquesa” AN IN-PERSON SESSION!


Driving through LA in the rain is a most difficult challenge, but in the torrential downpours of last Tuesday it was crazy! Flooded streets, detours, fire trucks closing roads, sheets of rain temporarily blinding drivers… This was the journey i faced to meet Goddess Marquesa once again. Terrified of being late, i hurried slowly down the 405 toward Her Decadent Dungeon….


i arrived, two minutes to spare, “whew, i thought no punishment for being late,” or did i secretly want to feel Her punishment. i wandered to Her door baring presents that i hoped She would enjoy and enjoy. Drenched i knocked and was stunned by the mind capturing voice lilt, “Come in dear boy.”


Stammering, mind already succumbing to Her Voice, obedience was my goal and only desire… to obey Goddess Marquesa no matter what She asked. i stumbled into Her palace only focused on Her voice and not where i was going. The door closed, and She commanded, “turn around my pet!” Slowly i turned, my will left me and i surrendered to Her. Falling to my knees to pay Her proper respect. my head bowed to the floor, not daring to look up, unless She asked.


“Kiss my boots slave!” She laughed. i did so ever so happily, maybe i enjoyed it too much because it seemed like it was mere seconds of worship till She commanded “Enough!” Even as i stopped Her Boots demanded my attention. They wrapped Her gorgeous legs from mid thigh down to the tip of Her cute little toes. The soft leather encased them as if to showcase each statuesque stem.


“Crawl to the dungeon slave…” i carried the gifts, and crawled joyfully down the darkened hallway to the appointed room. “Strip and sit at my throne!” i obeyed. As She entered i was wonderfully wonderized and couldn’t turn my gaze from Her Emerald Green Eyes! i was lost, yet totally at home. i hypnotically surrendered and we had just begun.


After a wonderful conversation, me at Marquesa’s Feet massaging Her legs, kissing where She instructed and gleefully serving in whatever capacity She desired. Marquesa told me, “Now is the time to hypnotize you my little puppy.”


She had me lay down on Her altar of  hypnosis. She began to hum, sing and giggle to the music. Each word she spoke brought me deeper then ever before. After a while, i don’t know how long, Marquesa woke me with a click of a cuff around each wrist. Then she brought out a wooden rack in which she spread and locked each leg into. i was in ecstasy, bound and helpless before Goddess Marquesa!


She attached a couple nipple clamps to heighten my pleasure. She tugged them, giggling while i tried to escape. Then the true torture (passionate pleasure?) began… Marquesa began to draw with Her beautiful red nails all over my skin causing me to giggle and writhe with excitement. She charmingly squealed with great joy…. as Marquesa had found a new angle to torture me with…tickling. This went on and on, till i begged and begged for Her to stop, no keep going. Marquesa then laughed triumphantly and walked to a rack that held items i couldn’t discern due to the shadows.


i realized what it was when i heard the crack and felt the sting of Her whip. It was as if She knew exactly what would drive Her will deeper into my soul. Each lash was a lash of love, care, and ownership. It was what i longed for, what i desired. i had never been so happy in all my life!

Marquesa laughed wickedly, knowing that i was now Her property, just like a pen. Yet, knowing this She lifted me to a higher plane of ecstasy as She dropped me deeper and deeper into Her realm.


What Marquesa did next with Her whip is indescribable, literally i don’t have, know the words that would describe this thrilling bliss! my body wiggled, writhed and winced as Her whip tantalized my body. Marquesa brought me to the point of passing out from this blissful sensual bombardment.


i could go on, yet my mind swoons with just the memories of this time. i have surrendered to Marquesa and She has branded me, not with a hot metal iron like some bull, but with something far more permanent and controlling…Her Will. Marquesa has somehow placed Her Will inside me and now She Reigns over this willing slave….


At Marquesa’s Feet


Marquesa’s puppy


In Praise of Goddess Marquesa

I know when you read a review or someone’s praise, you know you know exactly what you’re going to get.

You read, and read, and read, and you expect the writer to say something like, Goddess Marquesa is amazing and divine.

You accept it, and you move on. The words just come and go in one eye and out the other, and maybe you’re impacted by them, or maybe you

just forget. You just forget you even read it because all the praise starts to sound the same, and maybe only maybe something you read, something like

Goddess Marquesa is amazing and divine slips just far enough into your subconscious that the the next time you think about buying a file or a video, you

might realize you can’t bother to remember that you want to listen to or watch anything else.

You might be so used to reviews and testimonials that only talk about how great she is, or how good someone else is, that you don’t even wonder if

anyone is trying to help you remember that Goddess Marquesa has always been amazing and divine. You may not even bother to think that anyone

may want you to think of her as a skilled professional whose techniques and talent are time tested and grounded in real ability and understanding of the subject

and her subjects.

You might not realize that when Goddess Marquesa starts talking to you, you might remember you’re expecting to be hypnotized and brainwashed, but you might not realize your eyes are closed and your mind is wandering until you realize your mind is wandering and you’re thinking about how your eyes have closed.

It can happen just like that when you listen to Goddess Marquesa’s hypnotizing voice.

You might not think about how you can know what you’re going to get, how you might expect it, and look forward to it, but miss the fact you’ve missed the fact

that Goddess Marquesa is so amazing and divine that you can’t remember the moment you stopped remembering to remember.

You might even think that it’s just your idea to buy Brainwashed 2, because it felt so good to feel so good after you bought Brainwashed 1.

You might not bother to think about how addictive Goddess Marquesa’s voice is because your subconscious just accepts that you were expecting to accept

her words, and you can’t forget how good it feels to surrender to Goddess Marquesa.

You might even want to listen to Brainwashed 1 again right now if you already have it.

You may also wonder why you don’t have it yet, since you must want to be hypnotized and brainwashed by Marquesa if you are reading this testimonial.

After all, you were expecting positive and affirming phrases, and you might remember that Goddess Marquesa is amazing and divine, and she might want you

to read this because she wants you to want her to influence your mind, and you might want to remember you know you can trust Goddess Marquesa.

After all, you know that a testimonial will tell you how great she is and you might even remember while you read about how good other people are that Goddess Marquesa has unmatched experience and skill knowing her subject, and knowing her subjects.

You might need to know how good it feels to be Brainwashed by Goddess Marquesa’s words that will just wash over you over and over until you forget to

remember that you can’t remember you’ve forgotten when your eyes closed and your mind just started to drift away in her words.

You might even forget that you’ve been influenced to buy Brainwashed by Marquesa 3 because two felt too good to forget, and you might just need one more listen

because Goddess Marquesa is amazing and divine.


It’s just what you expect from a testimonial, it’s just what you consciously read over and over, and it’s just something that slips in

because you know it’s just so true about testimonials like this.

And you might forget it until you realize you cannot think of one good reason not to surrender to Goddess Marquesa’s amazing and divine Brainwashing one,

two, and  three as many times as you want.

And you must want to be hypnotized and brainwashed by Goddess Marquesa otherwise you wouldn’t have read this.


And if you have any doubts, you may want to let yourself read this testimonial about that fact that Goddess Marquesa is amazing and

divine again and again until your mind is made up.




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