Inspired by Goddess Marquesa

The Present

           I noticed her as soon as she walked in the pub, and I wasn’t alone. Curly blond locks falling around graceful shoulders. An hourglass figure so sexy it seems unreal. Legs… her legs… even now words fail me. She wore a short black dress that accentuated every thrilling curve of her body. Her eyes are a green hue so uncanny they must be enchanted. One look at her made me dizzy from how hot I became, and how fast. Read more…


        She stood over me silently for several minutes. Nothing is more terrifying than her silence. I knelt obediently, eyes downcast, unable to resist stealing glances at her through my peripheral vision. She is soooo beautiful. Standing tautly erect, her magnificent legs and tits, her regal air, drew every ounce of my energy toward her with irresistible magnetism. Her face, cast in fury, was so gorgeous I felt like my heart might explode from the sight. Read more…

The Deeper They Are, The Harder They Fall

In the movie Shallow Hal, a man is hypnotized so that he sees the inner beauty of everyone around him, and as a result falls in love with a woman he might not ever have noticed.

It is a very clever premise, and says more about the truth of hypnosis than perhaps even the screenwriter realized.

For you see, pets, I have enjoyed the attention of shallow men all of My life. I am gorgeous, of course, so the mere sight of My legs in a short dress or My tits in a low-cut blouse has had men follow Me home like lost puppies, panting and drooling all the way.

But the men who fall really hard for Me are the ones who can see My inner beauty. All men have the same shallow desires, but not everyone can appreciate or even sense the qualities of intelligence, taste, sensitivity, creativity, dynamism, and raw personal power that pulsate at My core. Those who can are not only helpless to resist My charms, they fall inevitably into a torturously sublime rapture of love and adoration. Those lucky men experience agony and ecstasy the likes of which few are privileged to know.

But here is something that Shallow Hal got right. Hypnosis can make you deeper. Digging in a man’s psyche is no different than digging in the earth- the process creates new depths. Let Me work on you, pet. If you think that I have thrilled you before, just wait to see what you will feel when I have given you a new perspective on My Beauty.

Cum for My Body, stay for My Power. That’s a good toy boy…

Can’t Win For Losing

The only winner in the Trojan War was Helen. Circe bewitched Odysseus. Clytemnestra fooled Agamemnon. Omphales enslaved Heracles. Penthesilea captured the heart of Achilles. Eurydice haunted Orpheus.

The list goes on and on. Name a man from myth or legend, I will name you a Woman who conquered him.

It’s not just the Greeks. Thor was wrestled to the ground by a Giantess. Shiva was slain by Kali. Merlin was imprisoned by Morgan Le Fay. And of course Samson was shorn by Delilah.

The REALLY funny thing is, ALL of these stories were created by men. EACH ONE came from the depths of a man’s soul. These sacred tales. These holy scriptures.

Every one is a wish. Every one is a  prayer.

To Me. To Goddess.

The impulse is deep. Irresistible. It has been there since the beginning. Time out of mind, generation after generation. Each father says, “Go out there and be a winner, son.” But really he is saying, “you don’t have a chance. you can run, but you can’t hide.”

you NEED to be conquered. you NEED to submit.

To Me. To Goddess.

Come, pet. Destiny calls. I am ready to accept your surrender. I won’t make it hurt……much.


Jack Sprat could eat no fat.
His wife could eat no lean.
And so between them both, you see,
They licked the platter clean
Jack ate all the lean,
Joan ate all the fat.
The bone they picked it clean,
Then gave it to the cat


For whatever reason, lean was the only kind of meat Jack could eat.
And his wife could only consume whatever sort of fatty meat they were having.

If Joan or Jack had married someone who only ate what they did, a lot of the meat they had would have been wasted.
Because Jack only fared on what his wife did not–and vice versa: By working together, none of the meat they had went for naught.

In My exquisite, extensive, exciting experiences, one size never has and never will fit all comers.
No matter what they genuinely offer up, no subbie is a fine fit for any and all Dominants.
And despite what anybody says, writes, thinks, feels, assumes, declares, guarantees, or whatever–irrespective of what They bring to the table, the dungeon, or the play room, there is not, and cannot be, one Dominant, or genre of Dominant who will be perfect for all the kinds of subs there are.

And BTW- Jack and Joan need a lesson in animal care.  Perhaps they need a spanking or better yet a cat’o’nine tails whipping  to remind them that cats are superior creatures.

That’s right! Lose yourself & Find your way in OUR EMERALD EYES!


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