Inspired by Goddess Marquesa

A New York Adventure

It was a typical late summer’s night in New York:  sultry, hot and humid.  It had just rained, but the night was clear now and the bright light of the Moon snuck down between the rooftops and kissed the glistening, wet streets.  As the special limo carrying my most beloved, adored, and worshiped Mistress Marquesa and myself, Her submissive, pliant, obedient, pink lingerie clad slave/slut girl Danielle careened downtown, I could see that the city was indeed alive, despite the obtrusive heat and very late hour. Read more…

Clark’s Tale

Clark was livid. Not that this was an unusual state for him to be in.  Not at all.  That was, ironically enough, really at the root of the current problem.  Of course, with Clark, there was ALWAYS a problem, or a crisis or a situation, or SOMETHING that he (and ONLY he) could repair and set to right.  This was because Clark was one of those self appointed “General Manager of the Universe” types who felt that no one else was really capable or competent enough to get the job done, and done right; whatever that job was.  He was a stereotypical hard-charger who would never admit to meeting his match – even if he had!  He was about to have his male ego’s perfect track record disrupted, however, and here is where our story begins.  Here is where Clark’s reign as “Lord and Master of All He Surveys” would end, and he wouldn’t even know it. Read more…

My Mesmerizing Style



I have been asked by more than a few slaves and hypno-subbies –  “What is the cruelest thing you have ever done to someone?”

“While you continue absorbing My Words Of Seduction I’m gonna reveal something you may find shocking. ”
Actual cruelty to anyone or any animal is not My way of breaking you into My well-trained pet. Read more…

Being Pinknotized

Hello my passion Pink panty Pet.
Recently one of my special panty pets confessed to me that (s)he was becoming addicted to the color Pink because of My tantalizing tutelage.   (S)he confessed that (s)he desired to find more ways that (s)he could integrate the color Pink into her daily routine and thus her passive Pink pet’s life.
My Pink loving pets!  It is only too obvious how you can make the powerfully provocative color Pink a positive and positively sissifying influence in your life.  And that is something you truly want, isn’t it; My Pretty Pink Pet!

Read more…

Review: Marquesalon of Transformations

Do you fantasize about a beautiful sexy powerful woman ‘Transforming’ you into a lingerie craving crossdresser?  If you do, this is the recording for you!

Without a hint of a hypnotic induction the owner of Marquesalon of Transformations, Mistress Marquesa, will take you by the hand and lead you to the place you so much wish to be.  And all the while you will believe that you are just shopping for a gift.

This ‘Story’ recording is deceptively overpowering.  The Mistress will make you feel so very, very GOOD as She takes you deeper and deeper into your secret dream.

You will want to listen to this recording again and again as Her wonderfully velveteen voice delightfully takes you to where you should be.

Even if you have several of the Mistress’ recordings you should have this one to gain Her positive reinforcement of your secret desire.


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