Christine was not an ordinary woman. Even though she had just taken a job as an electronics technician at the big multi-national company her qualifications said she should be much more.

It was in the summer between her graduation from college and the start of her MBA studies at a prestigious east coast university. When she had interviewed for the job the personnel director had told her that women were not hired as managers. “They have to work to get a man’s job and most of them simply don’t have what it takes,” he had said.

Christine knew that she wanted to meet the CEO, so she decided to take the job until she could make contact with him and convince him of her ‘unusual’ talents.
Her undergraduate degree was in psychology, in which she graduated cum laude, with a 3.95 grade point average. She was intelligent—no, brilliant!—and she knew it. No basket weaving courses for her, only serious studies.

In her second year she took courses in communications, motivation, sociology and leadership skills. In her second semester that year she hit pay dirt. She discovered a course in hypnosis. Self-induced trances, NLP, subliminal advertising, aversion therapy and behavior modification were all major topics in the course syllabus.

Christine was a natural and soon had learned dozens of ways to induce hypnotic responses. She experimented on her roommate, her instructors and her friends. Anyone who would sit down for a few minutes soon found they were enlisted in her experiments.

Soon, in fact, she didn’t even need volunteers. Anyone who was near her was fair game and her skillful inductions of hypnotic trances gave her a great feeling of accomplishment—and power!
Christine soon discovered how to use video and audio tapes to hypnotize her friends . . . or were they her victims?

Once her roommate Tricia, a cute blond, had made fun of Christine’s talk about hypnosis, calling it “voodoo studies, not real science,” but quickly learned that Christine was not to be made fun of. As they sat on Tricia’s bed one evening, Christine showed Tricia a new diamond pendant she had just gotten as a gift from one of her admirers. Soon Tricia found herself kneeling on the floor before Christine, barking up to her like a dog begging for a bone! She learned then not to cross Christine!
Christine did research on  many companies but decided to accept a position at Inslav Inc., a public company, but still run by its founder Robert Slavic, after whom the company was named.

Robert had been through a vicious divorce and, although he was still one of the world’s richest men, he hated his ex-wife and, in fact, all women for his embarrassing defeat in court. His misogynistic feelings were reflected in his company’s treatment of women.

Still, Christine wanted to meet him. Perhaps he would “volunteer” to be in one of her little experiments. One afternoon she tried to enter his office while he wasn’t there and was confronted by the hulking head of security, John Wilson, who stopped her.

“What are you doing here, little girl?” he asked.

“Mr. Slavic asked me to fix his VCR,” the lab coat-clad woman responded.

“The go ahead. But be quick about it,” he answered brusquely.

Christine smiled to herself as she mentally put Wilson on her list. A list he would not want to be on had he any alternative!

The next morning, just as she had expected, she got a frantic call from Wilson. “The bosses VCR is still broken and he needs to prepare for a speech he is giving tomorrow. Get your useless ass up here and fix it, now!”

She smiled and thought to herself, “Yep, he’s still on the list!”

She immediately went to Slavic’s office with a “special” video. He watched her as she rearranged a few wires in the back of the tape player. “Well, that should fix it sir. Let’s take a look at this special test tape to adjust the color and focus—and I’ll be gone, okay?”

“Hurry up!” was his only response.

Christine put in the tape and pressed the “start” button. To Slavic it looked like the beginning of some sci-fi flick with dots of light flying toward him and a low humming sound. The dots of light changed color and speed now and then and a sound track started, synchronized perfectly to the flying points of light.

As Slavic watched he hardly noticed it but suddenly he felt as though he was moving through the field of dots while they were standing still. He felt strange, disoriented, dizzy.

The illusion of movement was strong now and he had unknowingly given in to the pleasant sensation of being swept along by the glowing mass of dots. As Slavic continued to stare at the screen he felt he was unable to look away. He heard the video tech’s voice—coming from far away, it seemed—saying, “Do you like it?”

Slavic continued to stare, “I feel dizzy . . . strange . . . please . . . stop . . . it . . . .”

“No, not yet,” came her quiet response, “just keep watching until I say to stop, understand?”

“Yesss . . . ,” came the slurred response.

Christine was happy to see that the tape was having its desired results so she decided to drive Slavic deeper into her hypnotic trance.

She whispered into his ear, her breath warm and exciting, “Just let yourself go . . . you feel very comfortable . . . very relaxed . . . you want to listen to Me . . . to do as I say . . . to obey Me . . . .”

Christine looked at slavic. his eyes were wide and glassy as he stared helplessly at the screen. It felt so good, to him, to surrender his consciousness to the movement of the dots of light moving on the television screen.

“Now listen,” She whispered, “slavic, My pet, just keep relaxing and watching . . . watching . . . you feel My power over you growing . . . you have no need to resist . . . no desire to resist . . . no will to resist . . . My will is your will . . . obey Me slavic . . . obey . . . obey . . . obey . . . .”

That was it. Five minutes from an arrogant businessman to a helpless toy. Now he would do anything She commanded. It felt so pleasant to him.

With a giggle She reached over to the intercom and pressed a switch. “Mr. Wilson, could you join us in here for a moment?”

After a quick knock, the security director entered the CEO’s office. He saw the slack-faced look on his boss’ face as he continued to stare at the now-blank screen. Wilson rushed to his boss and stood in front of him. “What’s wrong, Mr. Slavic?” he asked excitedly.

Christine slowly walked up to Wilson with a confident, sensuous gait. She held Her lovely hands up before his astonished eyes and spoke. “I don’t know what is wrong. he was just sneaking a look at My erotic fingernails and stopped talking, he’s just been sitting here like this.”

Christine moved Her hands just slightly so the light reflected off the long, red surface of Her seductive nails. “your attention seems to be drawn to them too, john . . . just look . . . My nails . . . john . . . they are so beautiful . . . they hold your attention . . . they seem to have a power over you, john . . . a hypnotic power . . . listen to Me now john . . . you can’t look away from My gorgeous, sexy nails . . . sooo long! . . . sooo red! . . . sooo shiny! . . . keep looking . . . they’re irresistible john . . . I’m irresistible! . . . irresistible! . . . !”

And She was! As She spoke he felt his will to resist dissolve. he couldn’t tear his eyes away. he felt himself slipping deeper and deeper under Her control. All that remained—for him—was Her voice and Her nails. Her voice . . . the voice that seemed to come from inside his own head!

he was powerless to resist Her. he was helpless. he was a slave to Her voice. he must obey Her commands. he was . . . Hers! And it was sooo pleasant!

”Now, both of you idiots, listen to Me. you both must listen to Me and obey My divine instructions. The only way you can feel good is to obey Me in every way. I am your Mistress, your Goddess! It makes you feel warm and good to obey your Mistress!”

Both, now enslaved, nodded their total, enthusiastic agreement.

“Now I want you to take off all your clothes for Me and as you do, you will find My power over you grows even stronger. Take them all off and stand before your Mistress, naked . . . now! It thrills you to expose yourself to your Mistress so She can confirm the power She has over you!”

The two stripped as ordered and threw their clothes to the floor, slipping deeper and deeper under Her spell . . . and loving every minute of it!

“I want both of you to play with yourselves and see how big and hard you can get it for your Goddess.”

Both men, as if puppets controlled by Mistress Christine, groped at their cocks, stroking eagerly for Her amusement. In normal circumstances they would have been blushing with humiliation but somehow, following Her orders seemed the right thing to do.

“Oh, by the way . . . boys . . . remember, you can’t cum unless your Goddess instructs it. Okay?”
As they stroked both nodded their agreement, unable to resist Her evil commands.

“bobbie, My little slave boy, you’ve been fucking your employees for a long time. I think maybe its time I returned the favor. Bend over, My pet.”

As the now-obedient CEO did as his Mistress commanded, Christine led the security man with his now rock-hard cock to him. With just a touch and a gesture She commanded that he shove the giant cock into his boss’ ass.

Doing as he was commanded he thrust until he started to sweat and groan. “Ugh . . . ugh . . . ugh! . . . .” Faster and faster, harder and harder he fucked the CEO’s ass and the CEO was loving every last inch as it went deeper and deeper because . . . because it was what his Mistress, his Goddess wished. It was Her command!

“Ugh . . . ugh . . . ugh! . . . .”

“Both of you boy toys may cum at will after I count to three,” Christine laughed.


“Ahhhhh-h-h!” both slaves screamed simultaneously. The head of security filled his boss’ ass with his cum while the CEO shot a hot load all over his grand executive-size desk. Neither man had ever known such pure, lustful pleasure before. Both were filled with a new level of ecstasy they never even dreamed existed as they dropped, exhausted, to the floor.

“Now . . . you naughty bo-o-oys . . . stand up and gaze into your Mistress’ eyes.”

Had the two men been more conscious of their surroundings, they would have noticed the compact video camera that Christine had tucked into Her purse as She stood watching them.

“In a day or two this spell will partially wear off so I must now plant a few post-hypnotic suggestions to complete My task.” She said.

“you, slave boy john, whenever you hear Me say ‘submissive sissy’ you will again enter this same deep trance of submission. you will want to obey Me, you will absolutely need to obey Me. Do you understand?”

“Yes Goddess. i am your submissive sissy. i will be desperate to obey my Goddess once again.”
A broad and evil smile crossed Christine’s beautiful face.

“Good boy,” She said as She patted him on the head.

“Now you, little bobby, your instructions are more complicated but you must remember them and you must obey each of them. Do you understand?”

he nodded in the affirmative.

“First, you will move Me into this office with you so I may command you any time I wish.”

Again he agreed. After all, he had no choice . . . and he really wanted none!

“Second, you will sign over your portion of the business to Me so I can run this company any way I choose.”

“Yes, my glorious Mistress,” was his response.

“Remember—both of you—you are My slaves . . . you love Me . . . you love My control over you . . . you love it more that anything that has ever motivated you in your entire existence!”

“Yes Goddess!” they chanted, in unison, with unabashed enthusiasm.

“bobby, your post-hypnotic trigger will be when I say ‘you are Christine’s little slave boy and play thing.‘ When I say that, you will instantly be in this same subservient trance state. Now tell Me, what will happen whe I say ‘you are Christine’s slave boy and play thing?”

“i will be hyp . . . no . . . tized . . . . i will obey . . . Your . . . every . . . command . . . i . . . am . . . Christine’s . . . slave . . . and i cherrish the role!”

“Okay boys. When I snap My beautiful fingers you will be awake,” She said, snapping them.
Suddenly the two men looked afraid. As they realized they were standing naked before Christine they grabbed for their clothes.

“Quick Wilson, call your guards. We must stop this woman! She has done something to us!”
“Wait boys,” Christine laughed as She clicked the tape into the VCR. It was the video of the two men fucking! “If you try to throw me out, I’ll show this to the press.”

The two men could barely believe their eyes as they watched their hot, steamy sexual encounter played out on the television screen.

“Grab Her Wilson, we’ll destroy Her tape!” slavic shouted to his head of security—and sex partner.
Calmly, quietly, Christine spoke. “you are Christine’s slave boy and play thing.”

Both men stood completely still—glassy eyed—waiting for Her commands.

“Now then, when I awaken you, both of you will remember what just happened.

“you have no chance of ever defeating Me! I can control your minds and your bodies. I have this tape which no one but us will ever see if you are good boys. But . . . most of all, you both love Me and want to obey Me.

“Now, kneel before your new Mistress, at My feet.”

Now totally under Her power the two still-naked executives fell to their knees.

“Smell Me . . . smell My power!”

They both inhaled the commanding odor of their Goddess and were instantly aroused.

She placed Her hands gently on their heads and leaned down. “Stroke! Show Me your obedience and stroke for Me . . . do it . . . do it for Me, your Goddess . . . do it now . . . !”

Powerless to resist Her instructions, they jerked on their cocks as commanded. The very sound of their Goddess’ voice excited them beyond belief . . . so sexy, so powerful was their wonderful Goddess Mistress.

“Once again I will prove only I can control your bodies. When I say ‘now’ you may climax . . . but only when I say the word!”

They stroked and stroked and stroked their cocks until they were bruised and exhausted but no relief came until finally—was it minutes or hours?—She whispered, “Now!” And She directed them to shoot their hot loads from their cocks directly onto Her irresistibly exciting shoes.

As She stood above them, still fully dressed and wearing Her lab coat, She used Her index finger to lift their repulsive faces so they were staring directly into Her gloriously hypnotic blue eyes.
“Now slaves, get busy and lick My wicked shoes clean!” She demanded.

As each slave bent to eat his own cum from Her shoe She spoke again: “Stop! Trade places!”
She pulled them by the hair so that each was in front of the shoe covered with the cum of the other.
“Now, lick those shoes clean!” She demanded.

They were Hers, and little more. It made them so satisfied they cared for nothing else.