To whom it may concern,

These are the sexual confessions of a pussyhound. i should say a former pussyhound who is now known as slave pussyhound. A ridiculous name, i know, but even to my surprise a name i have not objected to taking. Don’t try to figure it out, because i can’t.

i have been in service to Mistress Marquesa for 7 years. No, i didn’t think i’d be serving this long, but then i don’t think most of Her slaves can foresee such servitude. For me, it started out as a “teasing and denial” fantasy. A seduction fantasy where i was teased and seduced into submission. i never really fantasized about how i performed my submission. i just figured i would submit to Her sexiness, get my rocks off and be on my way. That was 7 years ago.

If you’re asking yourself how powerful is this woman, be aware that Her power doesn’t knock you over. It slowly envelopes You. By the time you realize what’s happening and you think it’s time to resist and fight back, you can’t. It’s not so much that you can’t, but you really don’t want to. The highs She provides (you rationalize) are worth the depths to which you must sink to entertain Her, amuse Her, and get in Her good graces.

By anyone’s account who knows me, i am a regular guy. i love sports, have a great job, come from a wonderful family and have a vanilla and satisfying sex life. i am about as non-dysfunctional as you can get. Yet, two weeks ago Mistress Marquesa had me naked on all fours with a blindfold while i crawled around Her home sniffing like a bloodhound to find a pair of Her used panties she had ordered me to fetch. Normal??? Don’t answer that.

Other confessions or fantasies i have will now be included. These confessions are embarrassing and i can’t believe i’m writing so they can be posted on Her Magnificent website, but two weeks ago at the end our session She said that i would write my confessions so She could post them on Her website for Her slaves and wannabe slaves. She told me i would do it eagerly and with great excitement. Here i am typing as fast as my fingers will fly with a raging hard-on while i bare my sexual sole to complete strangers. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Actually i just lived a fantasy with Mistress. It was my idea (i think) to have Her make me get on all fours while She rubbed Her panties under my nose to get Her scent and then blindfolded me and tossed Her used panties to another part of the house and commanded me to “Fetch!!” And i did…eagerly…at one point laying face down and humping the floor while rubbing my face in Her panties. i don’t know if this panty fetish thing is my idea or simply a suggestion she planted some time ago that has gotten stronger over time. It was after this panty fetching episode that She renamed me “slave pussyhound.”

At the end of our session i knelt naked on her front patio (fenced in of course) and stroked my rock hard cock while She commanded me to bark. i’d like to serve Mistress Marquesa by letting Her bind me in such a way that i am on my back with my legs in the air and my cock pointing toward my face.

My dilemma is to give in to Mistress Marquesa’s sexiness and follow Her commands to cum knowing it will land directly on my face…or…disobey Mistress (getting harder to do all the time) and ignore Her sexy ways and be ultimately unfulfilled.

i also fantasize about meeting Her in a restaurant and being ordered to bring a pair of sexy panties and a cock restraint. At sometime during our meal She instructs me to go to the restroom and put on the cock restraint and to stroke myself to full excitement and put on the panties. With the restraint attached She knows my cock will remain at full staff for a while and after pulling up my pants and walking out of the restroom my bulging hard-on is very evident to anybody who cares to notice.

i’ve had a long running fantasy about serving Mistress and another woman and allowing Mistress Marquesa to display me and use me to demonstrate how much control She’s taken and how well She has trained me.

These are but a few…more to follow

slave pussyhound