Professor Smith from the Archaeology Department at State University was supervising the opening of a new pyramid just outside Cairo. The recent resurfacing and repair of Egypt’s archaeological treasures had exposed the entrance to this new, fully buried, ancient crypt.

After he was notified of the new find, the professor immediately flew to Egypt. Among the exploration party was Cynthia Johnson, a brilliant graduate student. She was a tall, strong and well-shaped woman with gorgeous long, dark hair. Her complexion was a deep olive, completely flawless. During the dig she most commonly wore a khaki outfit consisting of shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Due to the sun she often wore a pith helmet. Boots and long black socks finished her outfit. She didn’t design the outfit to be sexy, but with her full, lush body and perfectly tanned, baby smooth skin, it was!

Smith, his friends called him “Montana” was a hard boss. He worked his students too many hours, taking advantage of the fact they worked for college credit, not money.

After several days of digging they broke through the slab of stone covering the main entrance. Smith ordered his lovely intern to hold a lamp high above her head as he examined, for the first time in centuries, the contents of the pyramid’s main chamber.

As the professor walked around looking at the golden mummy case in the center of the room, Cynthia spied a small hand mirror on the floor next to where she was standing. Thinking it would be the ultimate souvenir of her summer in Egypt, she quickly slipped it into the pocket of her shorts.

A quick examination of the writing on the mummy case revealed that it was the long-lost crypt of Anahnka, an ancient queen of Egypt. As Smith knelt down he read the writing on the sarcophagus: “The mighty Queen of the Nile will live through the power of Her mirror into the future.” He wondered aloud what the writing meant, as he looked around for some sort of mirror.

After a long day, the professor at last told the team to call it a night and Cynthia headed toward her hotel, just a short distance away. After she closed the door to her room, she took the mirror out to examine it.

She carefully examined the gold design of the mirror and its intricate workings. She took a towel from the bathroom, rubbed the face of the mirror and looked into its reflective finish.

She felt as if lightening had struck her! Her mind was filled with the memories of the court of Anahnka, yet she knew she was still Cynthia Johnson. Both personalities suddenly lived within her. Her eyes fairly glowed with power!

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. As she opened it she saw Professor Smith standing in the hall.

“I saw you put the mirror in your pocket, Cynthia. If you don”t give it to me I will have to inform the police. Give it to me now!” And with that he stepped into the small room and began to look around for the priceless relic.

Cynthia/Anahnka moved closer to him, blocking his way. She reached up and placed Her warm hand on his chest. Her eyes seemed to look right through him. They glowed! Smith stared dumbly at his student who suddenly”and unexpectedly looked so powerful. With a deft movement of Her shoulders Her breasts seemed to thrust toward him, causing a sudden stirring in his loins.

She then reached down and grasped his hand. “Welcome,” She whispered.

Her eyes held his as She walked him over to the one soft chair in the room. She paused, close in front of it, and told him to sit down. she sunk into the chair he realized he was still gazing deeply into Her captivating eyes. Even now Anahnka knew She was in charge. “I will own you,” She thought, “I will own you!”

She spoke to him as he stared into Her eyes. “My beauty entrances you, smith, you find yourself getting hard just being near Me.”

The Princess smiled as She noticed the huge pulsating cock bulge in his trousers responding to Her magical command. Her mystic power had not lessened throughout the ages and even the bonding of minds with this modern woman had not reduced the influence She had over men. “I excite you . . . you are becoming eager to please Me . . . eager to obey . . . aren”t you”

smith heard his voice repeating: “Excited . . . eager to please . . . eager to obey . . . my Princess . . . .”

“My voice captivates you . . . My eyes entrance you . . . My mind holds you . . . .”

smith nodded dumbly.

“you are falling in love with Me . . . .”

“i am falling in love with You . . . .”

“you are falling helplessly, hopelessly in love with Me . . . ”

“helplessly . . . hopelessly . . . in . . . love . . . with . . . You . . . ”

Slowly, deliberately, She tore off Her blouse, unzipped Her shorts and dropped both of them to the floor and kicked them aside Then She hooked Her thumbs into the waist band of Her delicately sexy, silky panties and slowly lowered them to the floor, revealing Her ravishingly sensuous femininity. Next She unhooked Her bra and removed it, exposing Her marvelous, long-nippled breasts to Smith’s greedy eyes. his eyes were now totally fixed on Her astonishingly perfect body. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen!

“My body is so-o-o-o-o-o sexy . . . so-o-o-o-o-o beautiful . . . you are falling in love with My gorgeous, sexy body, montana . . . say it!”

“i am falling in love with your gorgeous . . . sexy . . . body . . . ,” he repeated.

“In fact, you are going deeper and deeper into a trance caused by your love for My fabulous, sexy body . . . ”

“Yes, my Princess . . . ”

“Deeper and deeper under Your hypnotic power . . . . Deeper . . . deeper . . . ”

“Yes . . . deeper . . . deeper . . . my Princes. i . . . am . . . falling . . . deeper . . . and . . . deeper . . . my Princes . . . ”

“you love My perfect body.”

“i love Your perfect body,” he repeated.

“you are a slave to My perfect body.”

“i am a slave to Your perfect body . . . ”

“Louder!” She commanded.

“i am a slave to Your perfect body . . . ,” he said in a louder voice.

“Louder slave . . . let Me hear it nice and clear. Louder!”

“I AM A SLAVE TO YOUR PERFECT BODY!” he passionately screamed.


“i am a slave to Your body forever, my Princess!” he said in great reverence.

“Take off your trousers and hand them to me, slave,” She ordered. She pulled out the wide leather belt from his trousers, then She tore the fabric into strips.

“Extend your hands to Me, slave boy,” She ordered. And as he raised his hands, She used a long strip of cloth from his own trousers to bind them. She wrapped the strip of cloth tightly around his wrists and tied them securely. Then She placed her foot on his belly and pushed him to the floor.

‘show Me your bare ass!” She shouted.

As ordered, he rolled over and thrust his ass into the air. Now it became obvious why She had told him to remove his wide black leather belt. She held it in Her right hand and swung it savagely at his naked ass! The belt slashed at his bare skin . . . Whap! . . . Whap! . . . WHAP! . . .

In Cynthia-Anahnka’s mind every real and imagined slight that montana had ever committed against Her was re-lived. Tremendous anger and sexual arousal rose within Her.

Again and again She brought the belt across the cheeks of his bare ass humiliating him and controlling him more and more with each swat. Whap . . . Whap! . . . Whap! . . . WHAP! A cruel yet incredibly sexy smile played across Her beautiful face.

As She made a brief pause, the doctor turned his head to look up at Her. “i love You,” he said.

She laughed”Her only response”a wicked and totally sensuous laugh.

A thought crossed Her wonderfully creative mind and She walked over to the small wooden dresser in the hotel room. She pulled open a drawer and rummaged through its contents. There in the drawer She found what she was looking for.

She took the roll of clear plastic wrap from the dresser. It was plastic that archeologists usually use to wrap the valuable artifacts they unearthed.

‘stand up slave boy”……she cooed.

Immediately montana jumped to his feet as his Goddess commanded.

The thoughts and memories of her centuries as a mummy raced through Her revengeful mind. She approached the entranced, love-struck scientist and ran her sensuous fingers across his chest. Suddenly She pinched his right nipple “hard” causing him to wince in pain.

She leaned over, bringing Her full, sensuous lips near his ears and whispered.

‘stand perfectly still, My pet,” She said.

As he stood at attention, in more ways than one! She wound the wrap around his naked body. Around and around She went, fully mummifying his body. And then, as a sudden afterthought, She pushed him down onto the bed.

Unable to even extend his hands to break the fall, he landed with thud onto the bed. As he lay helpless before his Goddess, She climbed onto the bed and stood over him. She then ran Her boot-clad foot across his plastic-encased body. First his hard, straining manhood and then his lips felt the sole of Her foot. his manhood and then his ever-eager tongue strained to worship her leather-clad foot.

Again She laughed as She looked at him in his extremely excited state, all wrapped up in the plastic wrap so that he was unable to do anything about his “rigid” state of affairs.

Just at that moment She heard a knock on the door. When She opened it She found a uniformed Egyptian police captain standing there. “Professor Smith called me and asked me to meet him here. He said that he had captured someone who had stolen antiquities from a pyramid. He wanted to collect the reward,” the captain said.

Anahnka thought to Herself, “The bastard did call the police! he’ll pay dearly for that!”

She focused Her glowing dark eyes on the hapless policeman as he immediately felt his own eyes drawn helplessly toward hers. As he stared powerlessly into their depths the Princess gracefully and seductively walked over to him and without warning grabbed him by his balls and pulled him into the room. She then slammed the door shut behind him.

With surprising strength, She easily forced him to his knees. While he was still shocked and motionless She reached down and held his head in Her lovely hand, digging in with Her erotic long nails to force him to gaze directly into Her deep, compelling, hypnotic eyes.

She felt his will withering and weakening. he was becoming more and more subservient and submissive to Her will as She continued to force his complete mental surrender by gazing into his helpless eyes. And- as he sunk deeper and deeper under her control he became more and more sexually aroused. he had NO control over his desire to be her sex slave and loyal pet.

It made him so hot and horny to merely kneel before her!

She slowly glanced around the room, stopping first to gloat over the shrink-wrapped professor. Next She spotted Her ancient mirror, the source of Her endless life and Her limitless power. Finally She shifted Her eyes to the lowly policeman who was slipping deeper and deeper under Her magical sexual spell.

“I think I am going to love this century,” She thought to Herself as a cunning smile made its way across Her face . . . .