shoes_sm-01Hi darlin,

I posted My first audio (PlayList) in My Profile page.  I hope you’ll take a listen.


Sweetheart,  are you  willing, ready, and able to genuinely, generously, and eagerly give Me what I want, when I say so. I’m not holding back anything as I focus My potent powers to place you much DEEPER AND DEEPER under My influences, controls, dominating, and inspirations.

In wondrously wicked ways I’ll intensify your SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE desire to go deeper into hypnosis for Me.  And of course, I won’t hesitate to even more sensuously suggest Myself into your SWEET DREAMS.
If you are truly ready to HYPNOTIC SURRENDER to Emerald-Eyed Economistress Krystal Mesmer, you will do well to listen to this recording. It uses a repeated set of enthralling and oh so hypnotic phrases recorded in my special Dream Voice.
No hypnotic inductions are involved however, DEEPER AND DEEPER is just as powerful and sweetly addictive as any of My other Hypno-Erotic releases! I well-built these repeated phrases to make your devotion to Me grow DEEPER AND DEEPER. And you’ll realize interactive listening to DEEPER AND DEEPER magnifies your COMPULSION to taste more of Moi!  Remember! I told and promised you so! 🙂