Dear Goddess:

I have to tell you how much I love your AUDIO DUNGEONS AND DESIRES I have listened to it each and every day since I bought it. I cannot remember when that was but be it as it may, it most certainly does the job on all counts. First: masturbation is exquisite when I listen to your voice. I also do not know how it ends because I am asleep long before then. In it – you warn the listener to watch out for falling asleep. Indeed, I have taken heed of that and also you speak of that in WORSHIP OF THE MARQUESA 2 .

Here is the way I picture what is going on when I listen to it… I see you telling me the story, me getting an instant hard on and plus I am about 19 instead of in my 40s. It is absolutely fabulous to listen to this. My inner young man comes to the surface. I get a hard on, make a mess, and then go to bed. A good arrangement. and indeed I thank you for it. I will put something like that in your suggestion box. What I mean is the way you tell the story. The masturbation, the mess, the full enjoyment are all standard BUT……exquisite. Thank you again for such a wonderful AUDIO.

Your slave,
t. b.