I am an average kind of guy at 26. I am about 5′ 7″ with short brown hair and weigh about 165lbs. I take care of myself and stay in shape. Most women find me attractive but then again, there are some who don’t. One night I was hanging out at a roadside bar just out of town. A quiet little place that doesn’t attract many people. That night there were about 5 people there. A couple guys playing pool, a young couple in the corner and another guy sitting across from me at the bar trying to keep his head up. A quiet, non-eventful night, that is until she walked in.

She was a beautiful woman about 5′ 8″ with long blonde wavy hair. She was wearing high heels, with a black leather skirt that showed off her long beautiful legs. Her red silk blouse under her black leather jacket matched her lipstick. She walked with a graceful stride to an empty table and sat down about 20 feet from my left. Her lovely green eyes met mine and she gave me a little smile. I smiled back and then turned to my beer. I didn’t want her to think I was staring at her even though I wanted to so bad. I was about ¾ the way through my beer when the bartender sat a fresh one in front of me.
“Compliments of the lady over there” he said nodding to the woman at the table. So I turned to look at her. She lifted her hand and wiggled her fingers. She was still wearing her black leather gloves that made her look all the more sexy. For a second I thought this was a mistake and maybe she thought I was someone she knew. I knew I had to go and talk to her and at least thank her for the beer. I could feel my palms beginning to sweat as I got up. I was a little nervous. She studied me from head to toe as I walked to her table.

“My name is Linda,” she said lifting her hand to shake mine. Her voice was very sexy; I felt that I should get on my knee to kiss her hand. Instead I just gave her a light shake and said, “Mine’s Vic.” As I touched her hand and looked into her eyes a strong tingling sensation came over me. I realized she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen and I felt very submissive to her beauty.

“Vic, hmmm. Please, won’t you sit down, Vic?” her open hand inviting me to the chair next to her.

She appeared to be in her mid 40’s, she was extremely beautiful and very sophisticated. Everything about her looked perfect. I sat down and thanked her for the beer and then asked why. With her legs crossed she placed her hands on her knee and said,

” Let me get straight to the point, Vic. How would you like to engage in some hot sexual activity tonight?”

The lump in my throat grew the size of a golf ball, but I managed to swallow it and say “sure.”

Our conversation was short and sweet. I ended up following her to her house which was way out in the country. I was following her silver Cadillac down roads I have never been and was completely lost. I figured she was a rich lonely housewife who decided to go out slumming for some young guy while her husband was away. That is the only reason why I could figure she had stopped at the dive I was at.

Her car turned into a driveway with large gates that opened when she pulled up. They closed after I followed her in. Her house was huge, the kind you could get lost in. We walked through the side door. Out of respect for her home I took off my shoes and placed them on a mat. I noticed a pair of cowboy boots that were on the mat too. They were about a size 14, much larger than my size 9 tennis shoes.

“Those are some big boots.” I said, standing back up.

“They belong to my husband” she replied.

” Where is your husband?” I said, a little nervously.

“Let’s not talk about my husband right now.” She said, turning around and running her finger down the side of my cheek. The touch of her finger in that soft leather brought back that same overwhelming sensation. Her heels clicked as we walked down the hard wood hallway. Following her I could smell her sexy perfume. My erection was getting stiffer by the second. We went into a small room with leather furniture. It was my guess that she was into leather. I loved it. She sat me down on the leather sofa. She stood in front of me taking off her gloves and setting them on the table. Then she took off her jacket. She leaned over in front of me and touched my chin with her thumb and index finger. She brought her face only inches from mine. I thought she was going to kiss me but instead she said,

“How about I get us something to drink?”

Once again I managed to swallow that golf ball in my throat and said “sure.” The room that we were in had a bar in it and I heard her pop the top of a champagne bottle. She sat down next to me, handing me the glass. I could tell she was looking for a little romance. We sipped our champagne, smiling at each other. I was trying to get mine down quickly so we could get down to business. But before I could finish, she took the glass from me and set it on the table. When she turned back around I leaned over to give her a kiss. She stopped me by putting her finger against my lips and said,

“Not so fast, Vic. Tell me how you’re feeling”

I realized she must have drugged me, although I was in complete control, I felt weird kind of clumsy.

“What did you put in my drink?” I asked

“Oh, just a little something to calm you down” she said

My attention was distracted by the sounds of footsteps coming down the hall. Only this time it was not the click of high heels. This sound was a clack. Like sound of boots. I then thought about the huge boots I saw when I came into to the house. I felt a cold icy shiver run down my spine. I turned back to her and she said,

“Now we can talk about my husband”

The clacks grew louder and closer. Fear shook through my body. I got up and tried to leave but I tripped over my feet and fell on my face. I got up on my hands and knees and was staring at the size 14 boots again. I could hear her laughing at me. I looked up at the man wearing the boots. He was as big as I pictured. He stood about 6’4″ and was full of muscle. Other than his boots he was wearing black leather chaps and black leather gloves and nothing else. His exposed skin, chest, stomach, and even around his cock and balls was completely hairless. It looked soft, smooth and shiny as if were nourished daily with lotion and Linda’s caressing touch. His muscles were very toned like he worked out on a daily basis. He was looked down at me with an evil look in his eye, like he was ready to tear me apart.

“Don’t worry, he won’t hurt you. Unless, of course, I tell him to.” She said, getting off the couch.

“As long as you do what I tell you and not try to escape, you won’t get hurt. Now stand up!”

I got back up to my feet.

“Now Vic, I want you to take off all your clothes,” she said standing next to him in front of me. I hesitated for a second until I saw him pulling his gloves tighter on his hands making a fist. I knew I couldn’t run and even if I could I knew I wouldn’t get far. I knew I couldn’t take him. He was far too big for me to take on. I don’t think I could throw a punch or kick that would even faze him unless I kicked him in the balls but that would probably only just piss him off. So I just started to take off clothes. My dream come true turned into a nightmare.

After I finished taking off my clothes she began to laugh.

“Vic, Did you really think you were going to please me with that?” she said, laughing and pointing at my groin. I was embarrassed and humiliated. She was standing next to man with a cock over twice the size of mine.

“I have to admit it is kind of cute though. Now this is a real cock,” she said holding her husbands cock.

“Now, let me get straight to the point on why you are here, Vic. My husband likes to have his cock sucked. Yet I believe that no woman should kneel down to any man no matter how much she loves him. And I do love my husband, which is why you’re here. You see I believe that sucking cock is for little fem boys with little dicks like you. In fact, I think you would make quite a cute little cocksucker. Shave off some of that disgusting hair, put you in a pair of silky pantyhose with a skirt, paint your nails, maybe even a little body lotion to make your skin silky smooth. Yes, I’d love to dress you up like a little bitch for my husband. Now all you have to do is what I tell you to do….. when I tell you…. and you will save yourself a lot of pain.”

I felt slightly turned on by what she was saying but I was too scared to think about that at the moment. I have had dreams about being dominated by a woman. I have always been fascinated by a woman’s femininity, but I never thought of myself as being feminine.

Linda turned to her husband and said, “Just so he knows, show Vic what happens to little boys who don’t obey me.”

With no hesitation her husband stepped forward and rammed his knee into my balls. I doubled over and fell to the ground. I thought I had been paralyzed; I was in a lot of pain and knew I didn’t want that to happen again. She leaned over me and said,

“Aww, does poor baby have sore balls? I just wanted you to know what it feels like when you disobey me. Now come on and get up on your feet” I wanted to stay in the fetal position but I knew if didn’t do what she said he was going to do it again. So I tried my hardest to get up.

“Oh come on now, Vic, he didn’t knee you that hard. Little men like you have no endurance for a little pain in the balls, now shake it off and get on your feet”

It took me a few seconds but I managed to get up on my feet. I was still in a lot of pain, holding my aching balls.

Despite the pain, I tried my best to stand up straight, I was afraid she might instruct her husband to give me another knee to the groin. She walked over to her purse and pulled out a small bottle of lotion and put some on her hands. Then she walked back over in front of me slowly rubbing it into her hands. I am not sure if it was the drug, the beautiful feminine scent of the lotion, or the hypnotizing motion of her hands rubbing together, but I started to get an erection. She rubbed the lotion softly and slowly through her slender fingers. Although my balls were still sore and her husband was still behind her with his evil eyes. I could only focus on her hands and the smell of the lotion and I was getting turned on even more than before. She slowly walked up to me and put one hand on my neck and the other on my stomach. She then began to caress my naked skin with her soft feminine hands. She ran her hand across my stomach and then up across my chest. She brought it up alongside the other side of my neck and slowly across my face. I took a deep breath of her intoxicating scent. Although she stood only inches from me, the only part of her body that touched me was her lovely hands, yet I could feel all of her. I felt her all over me, in my head, running through my veins, and devouring my soul.

She then rested both of her hands on my shoulders. She leaned close to my ear and whispered “Your knees” Instantly, my legs went weak and I dropped to my knees as if I couldn’t control my own body. Once again she started speaking in that soft sexy voice.

“You want to please me, don’t you?” she said rubbing her hands on my shoulder and through my hair.


“I enjoy watching little boys like you, Vic, sucking my husband’s cock. It turns me on, and you want to turn me on, don’t you Vic?”

“Yes” I said again, I couldn’t believe I was agreeing with her on that but it felt so right.

“How bad do you want to turn me on?” she asked sliding her finger down the side of my face and slightly circling my mouth with her red fingernail.

“Very” I said

She began to run her finger on the inside of my lips and then slowly slid it into my mouth.

“Close your eyes and suck for me Vic. Show me how well you can suck.” She said slowly sliding her finger into my mouth.

Her hands were like magic. I was completely under her spell and would do anything she said. She slid her finger back and forth in my mouth, telling me to suck it. The more she told me to suck, the harder I sucked. It felt good to do what she said. It felt so comfortable to just go with it and let her lead me into ecstasy. Even though my balls were still sore. The pain felt good. She slid her finger back out of my mouth and gently caressed my face.

“Open” she whispered to me. I opened my mouth. Her husband stepped forward and put his hand on my head and slid his cock into my mouth.

“Now suck it Vic. Suck it hard. Show me how much you appreciate me.” She said still running her finger down the side of my face. I was following all her instructions, doing every thing she said, and loving every second of it.

After a couple of minutes went by, she withdrew her hand from my face and went over and sat in the leather chair. She then snapped her fingers and I began to realize just what I was doing and I let go and spit his cock out of my mouth. Once again, Linda began to laugh. Her husband didn’t find it too funny. I looked up just in time to see his leather glove come down and smack me across the face. He sent me flying back down to the floor, sprawled out. I felt like a truck hit me.

“How does it feel to get bitch slapped by my husband? Surrender to me Vic and the pain will become pleasure. Surrender to your feminine side and be the little cock slut you were meant to be.”

Her husband picked me up from off the floor and gave me another knee to the groin, even harder than before. And threw me over the leather ottoman in front of Linda. My knees were on the floor and my chest laid across the ottoman, I was staring at Linda’s crossed legs in front of me. Her husband pulled my hands away from my aching balls and held them behind my back with one had. I tried to squirm and wiggle my way out of his grip but he was too strong. Then I felt his stiff cock pressing hard against my butt. I knew what he was about to do but I could not understand why a man would want to have sex with me when he had a wife as beautiful as Linda. Then I realized he was no ordinary man. He was a robot. Although he was made of flesh and blood like me, his mind was completely controlled by Linda. He was so deep under her spell she could just think what she wanted him to do and he would do it.

Linda looked down at me and asked me,

“Do you wish to surrender?”

I knew that if I said yes and surrendered to her, I would become hers forever. She would turn me into the little cock slut she wants me to be or anything else she wanted for that matter. Even though I could not say no, I still could not say yes. And with a hard thrust he shoved it in. I moaned in pain as I felt his hard cock spread me open. With one hand holding my hands and the other gripping my shoulder, he pounded his way deep inside me. It was too much for me to take. I looked up into her eyes and said,

“I Surrender, I give my soul, mind, and body to you.”

With a smile, she leaned forward and gently grabbed my chin. Her smile faded, as she looked deep into my eyes. As I smelled the sweet fragrance of her hand I began to feel her power once again. My body started to go weak and limp as if she was sucking all the energy out of my body through her hand. My hands fell to the side as he let go and started to rub my back giving me deep slow thrusts. I never imagined sex could feel this intense and good.

“You belong to me now my pet. You will now live a life happier then you ever imagined. Because now you are free. Your body may be bound to leather restraints and my husband’s strong hands and your mind may be bound to my loving control, but you are more free then you have ever been. Because now you can be, what deep down inside you have always wanted to be, Enslaved.”