An amazing story written for Me about Me!

This is NOT just one man’s dream in writing.  This may very well be your dream come true!



Imagine yourself meeting a client for the first time.  Of course, You’ve previously chatted with him by telephone and vetted him as well as You could, and he seemed to respond well to your suggestions.  So, when he asked to meet and experience You in person, You agreed to receive him.

Of course, he doesn’t know this, but You guardedly harbor high hopes for him.  Nor can he know that, despite the commanding, self-assured confidence You always project, You are as interested in meeting him as he is in visiting You.  You’ve ordered him to arrive clean, drug-free and sober, and, most important, on time.

To greet him, You’ve  dress in an outfit that is both appropriately alluring and very sexy, guaranteed to capture and hold — arrest — his attention.  Your ‘hostess’ couture consists of a tightly clinging, custom-fitted black rubber top that perfectly silhouettes both the valley between your breasts and your nipples.  Completing the ensemble are latex pants, custom fitted to extend all the way to the bottom of the gluteal cleft between your ass cheeks and discretely open at the crotch, so that the opening isn’t visible to the casual on-looker.  This outfit is also guaranteed to make You feel — even for You — extra hot and supremely commanding.

Your client appears precisely on time, unknowingly garnering himself brownie points, and as You greet him, You note that he appears breathless, excited and a bit nervous.  Graciously, You invite him inside, usher him to a windowless room in the interior of the house, and bid him to sit on a deep, comfy couch.  Of course, he complies.  You sit beside him, and engage him in introductory small talk.  As he speaks, You reflexively adjust your respiration rate to match his, building rapport, and almost unconsciously, You observe his physical responses to your questions — changes in respiration, pulse and eye blink rate, pupil dilation, skin tone — as You assess his possibilities as a subject and future servant.  A couple of times, unbeknownst to him, You test his responsiveness to suggestion.  At one point, You casually take a deep breath, throwing out your breast so that your nipples thrust into their outer latex epidermis, and You watch in approval as he unconsciously follows your lead, taking a deep breath and then lowers his glance to your proud breasts.  Yes!  Veeerrry Goood!   In your initial assessment, he presents well — he’s early- to mid-30-ish in age, good looking, well groomed and shows good muscle tone.  His answers to your queries are sharp and well informed, and his responses to your more subtle stimuli are acute and swift.  And, although he was understandably nervous and tentative when he first entered, he has become more self-assured and comfortable as the conversation progresses.  Excellent!   You think, This one could prove to be a very good, maybe superior submissive/slave.  Veerry  Goood!   You begin to feel hot.  After enough introductory pleasantries, You suddenly command, “Remove your shoes, socks and clothing.”  [The highlighted words are delivered in a slightly different tone — You are no longer inviting or asking, but commanding;  taking charge, taking control. Your voice exudes a dominant, authoritarian quality that until now has been kept under wraps, and instantly, your command changes the mood of the encounter from that of a friendly chat between two equals to that of superior and subordinate.]  “All of it, all of it,” You continue. “Fold your clothes neatly and set them aside.”  With these commands, You completely capture his attention, and he swiftly complies.  “Noooww, stand straight, feet apart.”  Your voice carries a whiplash tone that commands instant obedience.  “Look straight ahead and say nothing.”  Again he complies.  Standing in front of him, You ostentatiously pull on a pair of clear, tight fitting rubber gloves and circle him a couple of times, looking him up and down.  Then, You slow down, continuing to circle, much more slowly, deliberately, closely inspecting, prodding here and there.  You grab his balls and cock, gently holding them, savoring their heft and feel in your hand. “Ummmm!!”  You murmur with an enjoyment You can’t help but feel.  At one point, You ‘inadvertently’ push your rubber-clad boob into his chest, your pointy nipple feeling his well toned musculature.  Your gesture is rewarded with a hint of erection.  Good!!  Veeerry gooood…  You slip around behind him and, out of his eyesight, You oil up the fingers of your gloves, and suddenly, without warning, and with a practiced smoothness that says You’ve performed this act many times before, You thrust a well lubricated finger deep into his rectum.  In response, he emits a surprised gasp, and his erection becomes more pronounced.  “QUIET,” You command, placing your other hand on his shoulder to steady him.  You continue, “Contract your rectal muscles on my finger….tight….tighter….TIGHTER still.”  The strength of his contraction pleases You, and a brief smile, unseen by him, crosses your lips.  With your finger up his ass, its tip gently beginning to massage his prostate, You ease yourself beside and slightly behind him, your free hand moves from his shoulder to his nipple, which You gently begin to pinch.  While the other hand remains connected to his rectum, You slowly, gradually, guide him to the sofa.  You remove your finger, sit him down, take a seat beside him and grab his cock. “Look into my eyes,” You command.  “Tell me what you want, tell me what turns you on.”  Manfully, he tries to describe his turn-ons, yet somehow, he finds it hard to concentrate.  Why?  Perhaps because, slowly, sensually, You’ve begun to stimulate his cock and balls, in a way that only You can, gently rubbing your slippery gloves over them, and pacing his response by murmuring, “Ummm.  That feels veerrry good, doesn’t it?” [“Yes.”]  “Yes, it doesThe body naturally relaxes when I do this, and you will feel yourself continuing to enjoy this sensation and just relax as I stroke the cock and balls…”  As though they have a mind of their own, the fingertips of one hand now lightly trace their way in a graceful S-curve from his crotch up over his belly and continue on to his closest nipple, which You now grasp and gently begin to roll between thumb and forefinger.  Soon, a telltale drop or two of pre-come appear, rewarding your efforts.  His erection is massive, and You love it.  Unconsciously, your lips part in excitement and anticipation, and your nostrils flare to allow more oxygen into your racing heart, pumped up by surging adrenaline.  You feel yourself becoming moist between your legs and, reflexively, involuntarily, your vaginal muscles begin to contract themselves.  “Veerry goood,” You whisper, “and know that I can bring you the most indescribable pleasure, and you love it when I do this [as you administer the most exquisitely sensual touching, pacing him, sending him into ecstasy], don’t you?”  [“Yes!” — at this point, his eyeballs have rolled up in their sockets; he’s in such a state of sensual bliss that he can barely hear what You’re saying to him]  “And as I touch you, continue to JUST LISTEN…to bliss out…zone out…just reeeelaxAND PAY ATTENTION…because, as of this moment…[a long pause for effect]….. I OWN YOU!!!” [and as You say this, You run your thumb and forefinger around his scrotum, at the base of his cock and balls, so that they are now separated from his groin, and, holding the package in your fist, You now squeeze, squeeze tightly enough to cause discomfort, enough to interrupt the sensual reverie into which You have placed him, and, looking directly into his eyes, You say, with great, quiet intensity and just an undertone of cruelty, “and..your..cock..and..balls ..belong…to….MEEEEE….[an extra squeeze, and then a pause, before continuing more softly]…don’t they?”  [“Yes.”]   “Yes, GODDESS  [squeezing the balls].”  [“Yes, Goddess.”]  With the realization of this change in his station in life sinking in, You reinforce your message, “To..MEEEE..and..only..ME, don’t they?”  [“Yes, Goddess.”]  Now, with one hand stroking his cock and balls with the initial sensuality, and the other fist closed tightly around the base of his scrotum, so that the twin sensations of control and pleasure come together in his mind, You tell him, “Veerry Goood!  And Nooowww know that I can bring you the most extraordinary, indescribable pleasure (stroking sensually) and the most intense pain (now grabbing his balls so tightly that they really hurt, and he audibly gasps in response, his reverie ended), and know that I can do either…as I choose…when I choose…do YOU [sudden squeeze] UNDERSTAND?” [More command than question.  “Gasp! YES, Goddess.”].  “Veerry Goood!   That answer pleases Me greatly, and for pleasing Me, I’m going to have you come for Me, that’s right, you are going to come swiftly and you will give MEEE all your semen, and I’m going to count down from to Five to One, and when the count reaches One, you will release all your semen to Me, you will come for MEEE  as you’ve never come for yourself or anyone else before.  Won’t you?” [Quick squeeze. “Yes, Goddess”]  “That’s right, I’m going to count down, from Five to One, and when my count reaches ONE, two things will happen.  First, when my count reaches One, you will instantly shoot your semen all over, you will ejaculate, you will ejaculate, you will give MEEE all your semen, and you will be and feel spent, you will feel sapped and drained, and at moment, I will give you a command, a VEEERRY important command, that YOU WILL OBEY, and you will obey it INSTANTLY,  Won’t you?”  [Another brief scrotal squeeze.  “Yes, Goddess”]  “Veeery Goood, and the count is …”  And so, massaging his cock, You count him down, and when the count reaches One, his Old Faithful erupts, exactly as You had commanded, and now You say, with all the command and intensity and power You can summon up,  Noowww….REELAAX AND SLEEP FOR ME!!”  With the word sleep, You bring your free hand in a lazy, karate chop motion down in front of his face.  Reflexively, his eyes close, and before they can open, You quickly continue, “That’s right!   SLEEP INSTANTLY, SLEEP DEEPLY….[now speaking more softly and slowly]…sleep and relax the body…sleep totally…sleep fully…sleep profoundly….sleep completely….SLEEP DEEPLY FOR MEEEE….[now almost whispering]…relaxing the arms and legs, relaxing the entiiire body, and as you sleep deeper and deeper…[as You say this, his body tonus is changing:  his head is now nodding, and his shoulders are beginning to slump as your commands take hold]…you will begin to FEEEEL the thrill…the indescribable joy…of submitting to MEEEE…your Goddess… submitting to MEEE completely and without reservation or hesitation….experience for the first time the joy of obeying MEEEE, the joy of carrying out ALLLL MY orders and suggestions, of carrying them out INSTANTLY and to the best of your ability…and most of all, begin to FEEL THE overwhelming JOY that comes ONLY FROM SERVING MEEEEE…from pleasing Me…from satisfying Me…from servicing Me.  That’s right!  YOUR BODY AND MIND ARE…MIIINE.  They exist only to PLEASE ME.  From this moment on, My pleasure will be your pleasure.  Remember, I own you…YOU BELONG TO..MEEEEE.  When I give you an order…when I give you a command…when I give you a suggestion…you will carry it out, you will OBEY ME INSTANTLY AND WITHOUT HESITATION because YOU WILL WANT TO PLEEAASE YOUR GODDESS, you will want to PLEASE HER more than anything else you could do or imagine, and you will especially want Her to be pleased with you.  Don’t you?”  [“Yes, Goddess!”]   “Yeeessss!” You purr.   “And NOOWWW you can PLEASE YOUR GODDESS by sleeping deeper and deeper, hearing only me, responding only to MYYYY voice.  That’s right!   And in a moment I’m going to take total control of your body and your mind, and you will let me do so, you will give yourself over to me, gladly and willingly and instantly….WON’T YOU?”  [“Yes, Goddess”]

As You ease him deeper down into a state of relaxed submission, all the physical energy and mental alertness seem to drain out of him while, concurrently, You remain acutely aware of his responses and become more and more physically keyed up, feeling almost like an athlete before a race.  It’s as though by deepening him into submissive putty, You are draining, transferring and absorbing into your body and mind all the natural sexual energy, eagerness and excitement with which he walked in your door.  And indeed, You are feeding on his energy, feeding off his descent into submission, and especially on the process of achieving the ultimate mastery over his mind and body: “And Noowww I’m going to take complete control of you, complete control of your body and mind.  I will begin to ask you questions that require a YES or NO answer, and you will not answer out loud, but the forefinger of one of your hands will twitch to indicate Yes, and only Yes, and on the count of three the Yes-finger will show itself to Me by twitching.  And the count is ONE…TWO…THREE…and…[the right forefinger gives a telltale twitch]…Veerry Goood, the right forefinger will tell me Yes from now on.  Correct?”  [Twitch, Yes!].  “Goood, and so the left forefinger, and only the left forefinger, will twitch when your answer is No.  Correct?”  [Twitch, Yes!]   “Veerry Good.  And Noooww, as of this moment, the toes [You now purposely refrain from referring to his bodily members and organs with the implied possessive modifier yours; instead, You will henceforth preface their mention with the generic the] on both feet are no longer your toes but MYYYY TOES.  The toes belong…to MEEEE.  And the right forefinger will twitch your assent.”  A few seconds pass, as though he is wondering about carrying out what he’s been told to do, maybe even resisting, but then, almost as if it has a mind of its own, the right finger twitches.  Yes!  “Veeerry GooodI am pleased.  Very pleased, and so you are pleased, too, aren’t you?”  [Twitch, Yes!]  “Goood!  And Nooww you will PLEASE ME by giving me control of the feet, both the right foot and the left foot, and your Yes-finger will tell me when their control is Mine…”  A couple of seconds later, another twitch.  And so You continue, systematically transferring ownership of his legs — the legs — and ankles, shins, calves, knees, and upper legs to You.  You pay particular attention to the cock, balls and prostate because, when it will please You, You want them to perform instantly.  You feel increasingly moist and continue to involuntarily contract your vaginal muscles as You continue, methodically, taking control of his gluteal muscles, his stomach, back and chest, shoulders and fingers, hands and arms, now moving up to his neck, to the chewing and swallowing muscles, the facial muscles, the eyes, ears and, finally, the brain:  “Nowww, you will give me the brain, give me the cerebrum, and the yes-finger will twitch to signify that it now belongs to MEEE…. [Twitch. Yes!] ….Veeeerrry, Veerry Goood! and NOW GIVE ME the cerebellum, and the Yes-finger will twitch to show that the cerebellum now belongs to MEEE…[Twitch]…Veery Goood!  You are pleasing MEEEE greatly, and you will continue to PLEASE ME by giving Me the medulla and brain stem and, again, the Yes-finger will tell Me when they belong to MEEEE…[Twitch, Yes!]….Veerrry Goood…and NOOOWW you belong completely to MEEEE.  Your former body is NOOOWWW MYYYY body, your former mind is NOOOWW MYYYY mind, and I own and control not only your former arms and legs, your former cock and balls, but also your former mind and autonomic nervous system, meaning that the thoughts and reflexes that come from them belong completely to MEEE, your Goddess.  Don’t they?”  [Twitch, Yes!]  “That’s right!  Veerrry Gooood!!  YOUR SUBMISSION IS NOW COMPLETE!”  This summary has You so excited that You are positively dripping.  His responses to your commands are unusually acute, making You feel consumed with power, and this turns You on. Feeling flush with the strength and potency of your powers, You continue, “Your Goddess is pleased. Very, very pleased.  In a moment I am going to show you how lucky you are because I am going to demonstrate MYYY total control, my massive, supreme power over the body and mind that used to be yours, the indescribable, unstoppable, irresistible power of a hypno-master, a power so strong, so overwhelming that even now you haven’t the faintest inkling of how privileged you will be while you will EXPERIENCE MYYYY EXTRAORDINARY POWER….a power so strong your former body and mind — nooow MYYYY BODY AND MIND — will do MYYY bidding…will react instantly…unhesitatingly…reflexively…involuntarily…unconsciously…and without thinking.  And when you experience this power, you will also experience the thrill you have long dreamed of, and as this realization seeps in, you will feel, you will fully feel, for the first time, the awe and joy of being owned, of being controlled, of being totally, completely, mentally, physically, and sexually under the power, under the absolute control, under the total domination, of an extraordinary woman, a woman of supreme authority and power…you are under her domination physically… mentally… hypnotically…sexually.”

As You are saying this, You are also keying yourself up mentally, physically and sexually because taking control of a slave turns You on as nothing else can.  You feel so hot You can no longer stand it.  With your rising body temperature, your rubber outfit becomes more elastic and clings more tightly than ever to the graceful curves of your body, beads of sweat are breaking out on your forehead, your gleaming eyes are wide open and fully dilated, your own eye blink rate has slowed, your lips are parted and moist, your breasts are swelling with desire, and your pussy is dripping.  You are almost in a trance of your own.  “Stand up,” You command.  Lethargically, he complies. “In a moment, I will command you to open the eyes, and when they open on myyy command, you will remain deep, deep asleep.  Do you understand?”  [Twitch, Yes!]  “Very Good!  Open the eyes and remain asleep, deep, deep asleep.”  In response, he complies, and now  You carefully guide him between two stoutly built, straight-backed chairs.  The eyes are dilated and he moves slowly, sluggishly — as though he were sleepwalking — to the spot and in the position You want him to occupy, feet next to one chair and back to the other.  You command, “And Noowww, as you stand here, you will stand at attention.  Back straight, feet together, arms at the sides.  Veerry Goood!!   And Nooowww  the entire body is becoming stiff and rigid, as stiff and rigid as a bar of steel, stiff and rigid, so stiff, so rigid that you cannot move…” and as You speak, You deftly, lightly run the fingertips of your rubber gloves over the arms, legs, gluteal and abdominal muscles, neck and torso, constantly repeating, “Stiff and rigid…that’s right, stiff and rigid …more stiff and more rigid than ever before…now ten times more stiff and rigid than before,” and under the twin effects of your commanding suggestions and your ever-so-subtle touch, his body becomes extremely stiff and rigid.  So very stiff and rigid, in fact, that the muscles stand out on his arms, legs and neck.  You slip behind him, place your hands on his shoulders and command, “Close the eyes.  In a moment, I’m going to tilt the body back from behind, but it will not fall l because I will guide it back down onto a chair, and as the body tilts back, it will remain as stiff, it will remain rigid, even more stiff and rigid than now…exactly as it is now, and Noowww I’m tilting it back…”  Being both practiced and strong, You place one knee under his body and ease him backward and position his back across the seat of one chair, constantly suggesting stiffness and rigidity, so that his body assumes a 45-degree angle to the floor.  This done, You tell him, “and now, I’m going to lift the legs so that they rest on the other chair seat, while you continue to remain stiff, so very stiff and rigid, as stiff and rigid as iron…” and You easily raise the legs up so that the weight of the body is distributed, more or less equally, on both chairs.  You now take his cock in your hand and begin once more to rub it, telling him, “And Noowww, you will PLEASE ME by making the cock stiff and rigid FOR MEEEE….as hard and stiff as the body…that’s right.  And the cock will remain so, it will remain hard and stiff, Veeerrry Gooood!   Now,  I am going to remove feeling from the cock. That’s right.  You may feel pressure on it, the cock may register pressure, but it will no longer receive and transmit pleasurable feelings; you will no longer be able to receive pleasurable feeling from the cock.  Do you understand?”  [After a moment, Twitch, Yes! ]  “… and now you will visualize in the mind’s eye a dial, a dial just like the one that controls volume on a radio, and the yes-finger will inform me when you see it…[A few seconds pass, then Twitch, Yes!]…Veerry Goood!  And know that this dial, this dial you see, controls the flow of sensory nerve impulses from the cock to the brain, do you understand?” [Faster than the prior response, Twitch, Yes!]  “Veerry Goood!  You are pleasing Me, and making Your Goddess happy.  And in a moment I will count down from Five to Zero, and as My count progresses, you will turn the dial, turn down the volume, turn down the sensory signal from the cock to the mind’s pleasure center, and when My count reaches Zero, the sensory signals from cock to mind will also go to Zero, so that while you may feel pressure on the cock, the mind will receive no pleasure signals.  Do you understand?”  [Twitch, Yes!]  “Yeesss, of course you do, and I now control the body and mind completely, and so I will count down starting Noowww…and the count is Five…Four…Three…dialing down the nerve signals…Two…One…signals fading, fading, almost gone [delivered in a whisper]…and down to ZERO, and NOOWW the cock no longer feels pleasure, it cannot transmit nerve signals to the brain, and it will not be able to do so until I command otherwise, do you understand?”  [Twitch, Yes!]  “Veerry goood!  and now I am going to touch the cock and when I ask you, the yes-finger will tell me if you feel sensation…”  You wait a few seconds and, without touching his cock, You ask, “Do you feel anything?”  [Twitch, No!]  “Very well.”  After a few more seconds, You take his cock and fondle it a bit, and then, in the same tone as before, You ask, “Do you feel anything?” [Twitch, No!]  Great!!  His cock doesn’t feel a thing.  You are so excited by his responses to your commands that You can hardly wait. “Veerry Goood!  I’m going to mount the body and the body will remain stiff as a bar of iron, and I will then insert the cock inside me, and the body and the cock will remain so hard, so very stiff, and it will give MEEE great pleasure …”

Now You mount him, sitting astride him like a jockey on a race horse.  Your juices are dripping between your legs, so no additional lubrication is needed, and his erect, throbbing rod of steel slips easily into your eager, moist, waiting pussy.  Your vaginal muscles seem to grasp the cock, pulling him as far and deep into You as they can.  After all this anticipation, feeling his cock inside You, warm and hard, sends You into ecstasy.  Your legs are just long enough so that, if You choose, You can ride him upright, with your feet just touching the ground, but instead, You choose to lean forward, your legs along his flanks as though You were a jockey astride a living Sybian saddle, riding streamlined as if to cut down wind resistance.  Your head lies on his chest, and You twist and sometimes bite his nipples, as your flexible, strong, highly trained vaginal and gluteal muscles, painstakingly developed by years of exercise, alternately pump and squeeze his cock.  Viewed from behind, with each downward thrust of your pussy on his cock, your lower abdominal muscles and rubber covered ass cheeks corkscrew, making your lower torso appear to wind and unwind like a powerful spring, grasping the cock as if to pull it ever deeper into your pussy.  Sometimes, you vary the workout by rippling your vaginal muscles up and down the cock, working them out and pleasing yourself.  And as You alternately contract and then pump up and down on his cock, as it pleases You, You are pleased and pleasured by feeling his cock way down deep inside You, remaining hard as a rock from your command and under the ministrations of your trained vaginal muscles. You also feel pleasured by the acuity with which he so readily responds to your command.  But most exciting of all is the thought that, as much as You are enjoying this encounter, his cock feels nothing;  he cannot feel a thing and so all of the sexual enjoyment derived from this encounter is yours and yours alone, and the sudden realization of all this — coupled with the power and control that You have been able to achieve over him in so short a time — generates a sudden, unanticipated flood of endorphins in your brain and sends a surge of electric ecstasy to your breasts, especially your nipples, and to your pussy, and You climax involuntarily, spontaneously.  And You love it because this is what You live for…this is what You yearn to achieve with a slave but which happens all too seldom.  Reflexively, You contract even harder on his cock, squeezing it so tightly that even if You ordered him to come, he couldn’t.  This thought pleases You, and so, squeezing him even tighter — if that were possible — and just for the hell of it, You order him to ejaculate, “I want you to ejaculate for MEEE, to empty all the semen from the balls and loose it into me, and NOOOWWW you will try as hard as you can, TRY TO COME FOR MEEEEThat’s right!   TRY…TRY TO COME FOR MEEE…TRY NOW…TRY HARDER,”  You urge.  In response to your command, his face shows the physical strain as he tries manfully to bring forth sperm, but so tight is the grip of your vaginal muscles on the cock that he cannot do so.  After a couple of minutes, You command, “Now stop trying to come, Just remain hard, as hard and stiff and rigid as ever.  Continue to relax and sleep, JUST SLEEP DEEPLY.”  He complies.  You think ecstatically, my pussy is stronger than his cock, and the physical triumph of your pussy over his cock makes You climax again, and then again.

Although You feel physically exhausted by the effort, your body sweating under and outside its rubber casing, with the exertion-heated rubber giving off its own distinctive smell and so the room reeks of rubber and raw, animal sex, You remain horny, very, very, horny, and You crave more mental and physical stimulation.  You dismount from his still rigid body and tell him, “I am going to count to Three, and when the count reaches Three, the body will no longer be stiff and rigid, and you will be able to set the legs, one by one, on the floor and stand up.  One…feeling less stiff, less rigid…Two, the leg muscles and joints now looser and becoming pliable again…and Three, and Now the body resumes its normal muscle tone.  In a moment you will open the eyes, but even though the eyes will open, you will remain deep asleep, deeper still under my power, and so Nooww you will open the eyes and stand up, and move to a spot over there,” pointing to the sofa.  He slowly complies, moving as though he were in a trance.  You sit down on the sofa, legs apart, and bid him kneel between them.  He does so, and You throw your body back, reclining against the corner of the couch, and You command him, “Nooow, you will PLEASE ME MORE, you will place the head down on my pussy and extend the tongue, and I will guide the head so that the tongue services me as I require, Aaahhh, that’s right!  Give me pleasure…”  As you guide his head, tongue extended, up and down, the slippery, oiled fingers of you rubber glove slide easily along the lips of your pussy.  The sliding tongue and fingers combine to give You the most indescribable pleasure, and You moan in ecstasy.  You pull his hands up to your swollen, rubber covered breasts with your nipples hard with desire, and You command, “Tweak and pinch my nipples.”  As he complies, both your hands return to your pussy and stroke the lips and occasionally guide his tongue.  Waves of pleasure begin to wash over your body, each one larger and more intense than the last, and You feel this intensity, feeling their pressure and the pleasure, the energy and the ecstasy, building inside.  Eventually, the inevitable occurs:  your nervous system experiences a massive sensory overload, sending an almost electric charge throughout the entire body, but especially into your nipples and pussy, and You can no longer stand it and, crying out with a guttural, animal moan from deep within, You reach a shuddering climax, far more intense than before, spurting fluid from your pussy.  Breathing deeply, You throw back your head, move his hands from your breasts, and command, “Lick me…Lick it up…Swallow it.”

      You slowly cool down as You descend down from your sexual Matterhorn and gradually return to the here and now.  You order your client to stand while You think about what to do next.  You’re very pleased with him.  He has performed exceptionally well, and so, after a few moments, You tell him, “You are very, very fortunate because you have now experienced my power firsthand.  Few other slaves get rewarded as I have chosen to reward you. This has happened because you have pleased Me greatly, and since my pleasure is your pleasure, you may be very, very pleased with yourself.  Your inner mind will know and remember all that has just happened to you, but your conscious mind will not remember what has happened until three days have passed. That’s right!  As a reward for pleasing me greatly, you may now speak, but you may only speak in response to my questions.  Do you understand?”  After a couple of seconds, during which he seems to struggle to find his tongue, he responds, “Yes, Goddess.”  “Gooood!  In the meantime,  I am now going to place you in a special prison of MYYY making.  Until I command otherwise, you can hear no one but ME, you can hear ONLY MEEE, and that is happening right NOWWWW.  And from this moment on, you will see nobody but MEEE, that’s right, others may be present, but you see only MEEE.  Your inner mind will recall in perfect detail all that you have gone through.  And your inner mind will marvel at my extraordinary power over you.  You will find yourself wishing to experience it more, you will be thinking of your Goddess, wondering how you can please Her and wanting to please Her and reminding yourself that in pleasing Her, in pleasing MEEEE, you also please yourself as never before. And thoughts of MEEE will come to you often, during your waking and your sleeping hours.  These thoughts of MEEE will come into your mind increasingly often, and they will crowd out other thoughts, and you will find yourself longing for ME, longing to be with ME, longing to experience my power, longing to SUBMIT TO MY POWER, and most of all, longing to PLEASE ME…YEARNING TO PLEASE ME…LONGING TO SUBMIT AGAIN…OVER AND OVER…and while you will continue to desire to see Me, you will only see ME, you will visit ME ONLY when I command your presence.  Do you Understand?”   “Yes, Goddess.”  “Veerry Gooood.”  You grab his cock and stroke it lightly, fondly to demonstrate your approval and pleasure.  And now You continue, “You will remain deep asleep, and pull on your clothes.”  He complies, slowly, sluggishly.  “Now, the shoes and socks, put them on.”  Again, he complies.

The time has come for his dismissal.  “Noowwww, you will return to your car.  When you enter your car, you will be able to see and hear and avoid other vehicles and pedestrians. You will drive away from here heading north.  After you have driven two miles, you will no longer remember where you were, and the directions to my house will slip from your conscious mind, but they will remain lodged in your inner mind.  After you have driven four miles, normal sensation will return to your cock, you will become wide awake, and you will be able to see and hear and talk to other people.  And after six miles, you will suddenly wonder where you are and why you are driving there.”  So far, so good.  Partly because You are still recovering your equilibrium from your recent workout, partly because he has performed extremely well, and partly because You want your message to sink deeply into his mind, You repeat your earlier message.  “I am very pleased with your performance today, as I have gotten much pleasure and enjoyment from you.  So as a reward, the memory of our encounter will also disappear from your conscious mind, and it will remain unavailable for three days.  But then, because you have pleased Me, after three days, that memory will suddenly become available to your conscious mind. and you will recall all you need to know, and you will know what needs to be known.  AND YOU WILL KNOW AND MARVEL OVER MY POWER OVER YOU…AND…YOU…WILL…CRAVE…TO… SERVE…MEEEEE…MORE…THAN…EVER.  And, finally, when you answer your phone and hear my voice command you to COME TO MEEE, you will drop everything and climb into your car and you will instantly return to MEEEE, directly to Me, and your inner mind will know the way here and it will guide you directly to MEEEE.  Do you Understand?”  “Yes, Goddess.”  “Veerrry Goood!!  You have pleased Me greatly today, and as a reward, you may drop to the knees and kiss my feet to show ME how happy you are to have pleased MEE.”  Almost eagerly — he’s still deep in trance — he complies.  “Noowww, KISS MY PUSSY….[his head rises appropriately]…Veeerrry Goood!”  [You are savoring this moment, inwardly thinking Ahhhhhh!!! ….Still, the time has come to release him.  For now…]  “Now stand.  Turn and GO.”

As You watch with a satisfied, knowing smile, He turns and walks stiffly, woodenly to his car, starts it up, and drives off.  After he has driven a couple of miles, the memory of where he has been just drifts away from his awareness.  After he has driven another two miles, he suddenly becomes aware of other people on the sidewalk and notices the drivers of other vehicles.  Absentmindedly, he touches his crotch with his free hand, and his cock registers the touch.   And after he has gone another couple of miles, he wonders where he is and what the hell he’s doing here….