Sonnet 2

Oh fleeting moments lost and time forgot

the gentle breeze doth stir my heart and soul

but passing fancy leaves and all for naught

and only Mistress ever makes me whole


Oh glowing stars and moon She doth outshine

and blooming rose, to Her, can not compare

for tender petals subtle and divine

are dull and drab beside Her beauty fair


Oh shooting star that shines and fades to black

is but a flash on blackness far above

all beauty fades but Hers of Her whip’s crack

her service is my everlasting love


I long to serve for all the days i see

upon my knees for Her eternity



Sonnet 8

Your unseen hands upon my naked skin

make my pulse quick as fingers grace my thigh

your probing touch reveals the slave within

appraising me like something You did buy


Oh my heart longs to feel Your binding touch

and know the perfect truth that it implies

that as Your slave You own me oh so much

your wish commands my pleasure and my cries


Please let me serve however You see fit

please take me as Your humble shaven slave

please break my will with harness, crop and bit

please bless me with Your bidding, i so crave


My need to serve, no explanation gives

but it, for the interrogation, lives



Sonnet 9

I tremble so to say Your name aloud

and yearn to feel Your whip become my guide

Your service does my happiness enshroud

and in Your hand my freedom does reside


I am your dog so train me as You would

and deal with me as though i were Your pet

please punish me just like You know You should

and brain wash me so i cannot forget.


i quiver at the thought of Your caress

i dream Your hands explore me like a toy

i give to You my body to possess

and yearn to have You ration out my joy


Invade me, push me, bring me to my knees

my broken will needs only You to please




Love Song for a Dark Secret


Behind the water curtain

beyond the yawning void

lay an ocean he could not swim

but only be carried by the currents


She stands over him


Before he had an eye, he had no i

before he saw the deepest green, he couldn’t recall

how he would cling, like a baby, like a devouring sweet tooth

to that color, that blindness


Her wondrous rapture is more than any Goddess

the slightest curve of Her smile, more than he could bear


And the garden in the backyard of his boyhood home

sweet glowing grass, that yields like a purring kitten

a tender lavender tulip petal

A rippling carpet of the deepest purest green ever,

turned faded, washed out, sepia green soup

a video of a Technicolor masterpiece

oh for the garden, and it’s calm cool waters

in them he saw his reflection, his eyes saw his i


crack! the hard report of the paddle, ricochets off the wall

and the ocean closes over his lips

crack! again, so loud it squeezes his mind shut to the pain it causes

a shoplifted glance over his shoulder into heaven’s form and smile

and then the waters rose

a deep, dark, undulating sea of abyssal nothingness

the deepest, most sorrowful, longing blue ever

a woman over her child’s grave

he looked into the void but it does not look back


and beneath the void is a bottomless well of black tar bliss


crack! and again, crack!

squeezing, twisting his will in a clove hitch and tossing it into the forge furnace


numbing his mind


then nothing.

Her, beautiful voice

the soothing, subtle, pianissimo from the choirs of cherubs

floats to him on the back of her, slender, feminine fingertips

gliding over his bare flesh, his legs, his cock, his ass

he has never wanted for anything more from existence


except that


by and by the peaceful garden drifts further and further away

the tulip’s petal long gone

he looks into the void


Mistress stands over him

the dark waters do not look back