Rick looked down at the woman sitting next to him. The bar was crowded tonight, people were in a good mood. Friday, the weekend had begun. The woman was brunette, mid-twenties, very cute. Perhaps an aspiring actress or a rising young professional recently out of college. She had begun flirting with Rick almost as soon as he entered the club, and continued through two kamikazes.

This was not unusual for Rick. He was tall, broad-shouldered, with classic square-jawed features and a chiseled physique. Women liked him. Liked him a lot. Until recently he had never lacked for company. Right now he was only interested in one thing.

The wide bedroom eyes and the toothy smile the woman was flashing at him told him he was close to what he wanted. “Let’s ditch this place and find somewhere more…private,” she breathed.

Rick saw daylight and ran for it. “Well…,” he began in practiced tones, “I have to be back at my office in half an hour for a late-night meeting. We are planning a weekend conference, all hands on deck…Could I have your number?”

The woman’s smile faded, but her interest didn’t. “Okay,” she said, a bit crestfallen. “Do you have a pen?”

“Let’s just take a selfie with your phone,” Rick suggested, following his well-rehearsed script, “and then you can send it to mine. This way we will have each-other’s numbers. And if we get married we’ll have a memento of the night we met.”

“Yeah!” the woman agreed, laughing with pleasure at his flattery.

Minutes later Rick was on the road, rushing to deliver what he had procured. He had to fight himself to keep from speeding. He couldn’t get pulled over tonight. Any delay would kill him, his heart could barely endure the time it took the road to pass under his wheels, much less the long wait for a cop to fill out whatever ungodly paperwork was involved in a citation.

Finally he pulled up in front of her house. He prayed softly as he approached the door. She had agreed to see him, but she had broken her word before. She liked to keep him in his place…almost as much as he liked being reminded of it.

“Come in,” she said to his great relief, after the bell had been rung and the door duly opened.

“Thank, you, Goddess,” he said meekly, bowing slightly as he accepted her invitation and entered the house, brushing past her closely enough to be intoxicated by her perfume.

“Sit down,” she commanded, gesturing toward a chair. Rick did as he was told and looked up, desperate to speak but knowing better than to do so except in answer to a question. Goddess Marquesa had obviously been relaxing before bed when he arrived. Her hair was in a state of late-night disarray that somehow made her face even more heartbreakingly beautiful. She wore a short, silk oriental gown that clung to accentuate the enticing shape of her breasts, creating an impression of her luscious nipples against the sheer fabric. Its length left her legs irresistibly bare. Rick shifted to make room for the enormous erection he always experienced in her presence.

“Would you like a drink?” she asked, moving toward a hutch that displayed liquor bottles and Krystal glasses.

“Yes, please, Goddess,” he answered, hoping alcohol might calm his nerves.

She poured him a scotch on the rocks and handed him a glass, holding out her emptied hand, palm up in expectation. “Let’s have it,” she ordered.

Rick handed her his phone and took a sip of his drink, ice cubes clattering nervously as his hand shook.

Goddess Marquesa touched the screen on Rick’s phone and pulled up his last text. “Oh, she’s tasty,” the Goddess intoned archly, looking at the photograph attached to the message. Reading aloud, she continued, “‘Call me xoxo Cindy.’ Are you sure you want to pass that up?”

Rick was too tense to answer. He only nodded, stiffly but emphatically.

Goddess Marquesa pressed the “return call” tab on the phone’s screen. A faint ring tone, then the sound of someone picking up on the other end. “Yes?” a young woman’s voice asked.

“Did you just meet a very handsome man named Rick?” Goddess Marquesa inquired into the receiver.

“Who is this?”

“This is his wife. Did you sleep with him?”

“What?!? No! Wait…he’s married?!?!…”

Goddess Marquesa ended the call and tossed Rick’s phone back to him. “Very good, pet. How many is that?”

“That is number fifty, Goddess.”

Goddess Marquesa laughed. “That took you…three months if I remember correctly. Fifty aborted booty calls in just over ninety days. Oh, you are quite the stud muffin. How many more do you need?”

Rick lowered his eyes, biting his tongue to hold in an outburst. She was testing him, or tormenting him. He would know soon enough. Either way he knew better than to resist.

“No more, Goddess,” he said, being careful to keep his tone deferential. “You had commanded me to acquire fifty phone numbers.”

Goddess Marquesa stepped forward, invading Rick’s personal space. At the angle at which he was keeping his head lowered he found himself staring directly at her gorgeous breasts. He could feel the heat coming off her body. His cock twitched longingly, his heart fluttered.

“So now you want a reward?” she asked.

This was an obvious trap. Rick knew better than to fall in it. “Not a reward, Goddess,” he replied. “I did this to earn Your trust. To prove my devotion. That is all.”

“And yet you expect Me to make love to you?”

This made Rick tremble, his agitation made worse by the fact that he could see her erect nipples straining against the silk of her gown. The thought of making love turned her on too. Rick fell to his knees at her feet, his eyes still lowered.

“i expect nothing, Goddess. Yes, i want to make love to You, more than anything i have ever wanted in my life. Oh, God…to feel myself moving inside of You, to feel You wrapped around me.  Enveloping me…,” Rick stopped in mid thought, his throat constricted by emotion. After a moment his muscles relaxed enough to allow him to continue, “But i wouldn’t dare ask unless i could see that You want me, too. Why must W/we abstain from pleasure? Why refuse what W/we both want?”

An elegant hand swept across Rick’s face smacking him hard and stinging his eyes with involuntary tears. “You presume to tell Me what I want!?” Goddess Marquesa bridled.

“No…no, please…i….i…,” Rick stuttered, his tone shameful and panicked.

“Shhhh…,” the Goddess soothed, laying her hand on Rick’s slapped cheek and stepping in even closer, so that his other cheek lay on her breast and his cock pressed against her shapely leg. “That’s all right, pet. you’re right…you are such a pretty piece of man-flesh, it would be very, very satisfying to fuck you. But those very feelings are what hold Me back. I am a dominant…have you forgotten silly boy? In all of our interactions it must be you who are controlled by desire, not Me. To act otherwise would be against My nature.”

Rick swayed slightly against Goddess Marquesa’s touch, made woozy by such close proximity to her. She sensed his weakness and retreated, allowing him space to compose himself.

“Please,” he finally spoke, looking up pleadingly into her brilliant green eyes, “i want to give up complete control. Hypnotize me! Go deeper than You ever have before. Rewire my brain…my soul. Turn me into Your ideal lover. Rebuild me from the ground up, so that i am the man that You would choose if You could make one custom order- Your perfect sex slave and toy.”

Goddess Marquesa’s knowing smile suggested that this protestation, however heartfelt and spontaneous, did not surprise her at all. Indeed, she seemed to have been expecting it for some time. “Do you mean that, pet?” she asked, her eyebrow raised insouciantly. “I could do as you ask, but the change would be very radical. Be careful what you wish for.”

Rick’s face lit up, his expression hopeful for the first time in a long while. “i am absolutely certain, Goddess. i could not object to anything that would please You. Remake me in Your image, i beg You!”

“Excellent, pet,” Goddess Marquesa cooed. “Let’s begin. Listen to my voice and relax. you feel your mind easing…all of the tension is flowing out of your body as you gaze into My eyes….”

Rick awoke some hours later, he did not know how long. He was naked, seated in a chair in Goddess Marquesa’s bedroom. She stood before him, still dressed in her gown. She had just snapped her fingers to call him out of trance.

Seeing Rick awaken, the Goddess unbelted her gown and let it fall from her shoulders, so that she stood before him naked.

“The work is done,” she said. “Let’s fuck.”

She lowered herself onto Rick’s lap and drew his mouth down to her nipple. He sucked eagerly, running his hands down the supple curves of her back and along her thigh. She moaned with pleasure and rubbed her pussy against his erect cock. The anticipation had worked on her as much as him, her juices flowed over his pulsing member, mingling with the sweat of sexual excitement. After a few brief moments of foreplay she engulfed him in her moist pussy, pumping and thrusting hungrily.

Rick was in paradise. This magnificent Woman; this Goddess unlike any other human being, man or woman, he had ever encountered; Whom he worshipped with all his heart and soul. He held her in his arms and gave himself totally to the ecstasy of the moment. His one fear was cumming too soon. As she rode him with wild abandon his pleasure mounted unstoppably. He arrived quickly at the edge of orgasm and struggled to hold back, fighting to keep from going over the top.

To his surprise, though he felt that at any moment he would explode, he did not. Goddess Marquesa bore down on his cock ferociously, sending jolts of sweet delight radiating up his spine and down his legs, but producing no release. His muscles began to spasm as if he were orgasming, but no semen flowed. He realized that this must be the result of Goddess Marquesa’s conditioning, and rejoiced inside. He could relax and give himself over to the moment without worrying about failing her.

Rick looked at Goddess Marquesa. Her eyes were closed, her face a mask of pure pleasure. Delicious, sensuous beads of sweat formed on her upper lip and trickled down her temple.

“Oh yes!” Rick exclaimed. “Yes, Goddess! Goddess Marquesa…”

“Shut up and let yourself be fucked, slave,” Goddess Marquesa retorted, her tone a mixture of censure and affection.

After a few minutes, Goddess Marquesa began to tremble, her back arching in pleasure. A moan escaped her exquisite lips as she came. When her trembling subsided, Rick made as if to shift position.

“Stay, put slave,” the Goddess commanded, resting her forehead momentarily against his shoulder. “I’ve not had My fill yet.”

After a moment’s pause she began to thrust again, slowly building the intensity of her pressure and rhythm as she stimulated herself with Rick’s body. Rick was exhausted, but he held her passionately and surrendered to her lust. Her motion brought him quickly back to the very edge of orgasm where he hovered in excruciatingly endless anticipation.

When she had orgasmed again, the Goddess commanded, “Take Me to the bed.” Rick lifted her, his cock still enveloped deliciously in her pussy, and laid her underneath him. They fucked twice in the missionary position, Rick raining kisses on her neck and breasts as she came with screams of deep satisfaction. She then ordered him onto his knees and backed her pussy onto his cock, taking him inside her from behind. As she came the second time in this position his muscle spasms became uncontrollably violent, robbing him altogether of balance. He collapsed backwards, falling from the bed to the carpet, and blacked out as his head hit the floor.

When he came to she was seated looking over him on the edge of the bed, still thrillingly naked, a gratified smile on her face.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I fucked you senseless, you passed out,” she declared. “Even so, you held out through six orgasms. Not bad for a first try.”

“First try?” he asked.

“Sure,” Goddess Marquesa replied matter-of-factly. “W/we can do this again if you follow some simple rules. Firstly, of course, you will have to do some training. you aren’t in awful shape, but you will need more stamina if you are going to keep up with my appetites. you will also have to remain chaste for me. If you fuck anyone else, you and I will never fuck again. Finally, I will want a tribute from you every time W/we fuck. Before each encounter I will require one more number from a rejected booty call, as a token of your devotion.”

Rick raised himself into a sitting position, propping his torso up with his hands. “I accept Your rules gratefully. Thank You, Goddess!”

“Don’t thank Me yet, pet,” Goddess Marquesa warned, laughing sardonically. “Do you understand what I’ve done to you?”

“Yes,” Rick replied, “You have made it so that i can come close to orgasm, but never fully release.”

“you’re half right,” the Goddess explained. “you won’t be able to come on your own, or when I fuck you. But all of your equipment will still work normally with other women. The tribute I require would hardly be worth anything otherwise.”

“i see,” Rick answered, his tone guarded.

“Do you? I included some other little elements in your conditioning, but I think I’ll let those be a surprise. Come back a week from now with your tribute. Right now, go ahead and let yourself out. I need to wash up and get some rest.” With that Goddess Marquesa rose and walked into her bath, leaving Rick splayed on her carpet.

The next day, Rick enrolled in a P90X workout program, to build his stamina as he had been ordered. The regimen was agonizing, but Rick was grateful to the pain for distracting him (somewhat) from thoughts of Goddess Marquesa. Even through the exhaustion and soreness, however, his yearning was almost unbearable, and the week crept by at a snail’s pace. Finally Friday night came, and Rick set out in search of the Goddess’s tribute.

Rick stood at the bar of his favorite hook-up spot, nursing a scotch, and surveyed the club for likely prospects. Almost immediately a woman sidled up to the spot next to him. She was not very attractive, and far less beautiful than the women he ordinarily offered to the Goddess as a sacrifice. She was tall, but heavy set and wore thick coke-bottle glasses that made her eyes appear beady. Her hair was curled frizzily into a tight perm and cut in a way that did not flatter the shape of her face. Rick worried that the Goddess might not deem her number a worthy tribute, but he was too polite to coldly rebuff her attempts to flirt.

“Hey handsome, where you been all my life?” she asked with a giggle, favoring him with a sassy wink as the bartender set down a cocktail in front of her.

“Oh, here and there,” Rick answered in a non-committal tone, accepting her offer to clink glasses.

“Do you come here often?” she began, showering Rick with smiles, “This is my first time, but my girlfriend at work told me…”

Rick felt strange as she chattered on and he listened politely. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her, and he could sense himself becoming turned on. He realized, too late, that this was a “surprise” element of his conditioning that Goddess Marquesa had refrained from telling him about: he would be intensely aroused by whatever woman flirted with him. The conditioning was working. As the woman spoke, Rick could not keep from running his gaze over her eyes, her mouth, her pendulous breasts. At first she was insensible to his mood, too engrossed in her own coquettish prattle to notice the effect she was having on him. But eventually his agitation became so obvious that even she caught on.

“Hey! You’re a real tiger, aren’t you?” she proclaimed, gratified by his arousal. Setting her drink down on the bar, she closed the space between them, bringing her face to within inches of his. “Don’t be shy,” she breathed, laying a tentative hand on his crotch and feeling the bulge rising in his pants, “momma likes what she sees too. What say we get out of here?” So saying she reached up with her free hand and pulled his face down to hers, locking him into a deep kiss.

Rick’s head was spinning. His first inclination was to say, “Yes!” He was exploding with unreleased sexual tension, and could not help succumbing to this woman’s allure. Exerting Herculean effort, he summoned the willpower to pull away from her kiss. “P…p…please….I have to go to a late m…m…meeting,” he stuttered, fighting to get through his usual script.

“Oh, fuck your meeting,” the woman snickered, wedging her thigh between his legs. “You are too hot. Don’t even think about trying to get away from me.”

Rick’s hands seemed to have a will of their own. One crept around her waist and drew her closer, pressing his cock more deeply into her thigh. The other reached down and grabbed her ass, fondling its heft and shape with brazen appreciation. She made no attempt to resist, too aroused to feel embarrassment. They locked lips again and kissed with abandon, drawing uncomfortable glances from the bartender and other patrons. Finally, the woman brought her lips next to Rick’s ear and whispered, “Take me to the men’s room and fuck me silly, big boy.”

This triggered a shocked reflex in Rick, which quickly degenerated into panic.  All capacity for politeness gone, he pushed the woman away rudely, drawing cries of outrage and disgust from surrounding onlookers.

“I’m sorry!” he cried over his shoulder as he exited into the parking lot toward his car, fleeing as if pursued by wolves.

He was on the road and driving hard before becoming fully aware of his surroundings. He could try to go to another club, but he had too much experience of Goddess Marquesa’s power to doubt what the outcome would be like there. After a moment’s reflection he knew where he had to go.

A few minutes later found him on Goddess Marquesa’s stoop, pounding frantically on her front door. She opened it and stood aside to let him rush in, obviously having expected and gratified to see his state of frenzied distress.

“i….i almost….i didn’t….” Rick stammered, storming into the middle of Goddess Marquesa’s living room. As she closed the door and followed him he turned and sank to his knees, hands clasped in supplication.

“Do you have My tribute?” she asked in a tone that suggested she knew the answer to her own question.

“No, Goddess,” Rick replied, his voice choking with sobs. “i tried, but i couldn’t ….The urge to….i wanted so badly to…but i didn’t! i didn’t! Oh, Goddess, please believe me, i didn’t….”

Rick fell silent, his voice choked off by wrenching gasps and tears.

“Shhhh….shhhhh, pet,” Goddess Marquesa soothed. “I believe you. But if you’ve failed to acquire My tribute, what are W/we to do? Don’t you want to make love?”

Rick stopped crying, and looked up, his eyes momentarily hopeful. “i do, Goddess!” he declared. “i have been yearning for You all week. i can’t go on, i can’t live without being with You…”

“So go out and get Me My tribute.”

Rick looked at the door, his eyes fearful. “No, please, Goddess. Don’t send me out there again. i resisted the urge this time, but next time….i can’t take that risk…please don’t make me….”

“But why?” asked Goddess Marquesa, her tone playful but not unsympathetic. “Those women out there can please you. Trust me, I know. I’ve wired you so that sex with any woman other than me will go off like fireworks for you.”

Rick began weeping again, more softly this time. “i don’t want anyone else, Goddess. i realize that i don’t only want You…i love You. i yearn to make You happy, to please You. i need that more than anything else in this life…”

“But the rules,” she said, suppressing a laugh, “you agreed.”

Rick’s crying intensified. He crawled forward on all fours and assumed a supplicant posture at Goddess Marquesa’s feet.

“Please, Goddess!” he cried. “Give me new rules! Anything, just don’t send me back out there to be tempted. Give me new rules, or please kill me and put me out of my misery. This life is not worth living if i can’t be Your lover.”

“Well,” mused Goddess Marquesa, looking down appreciatively at her work, “You’ve been a good pet. I think I can offer you a different arrangement…”


A knock at the door woke Rick. He made no move to answer. The knock was simply to alert him of the Goddess’s approach. Nothing would change the fact that he was naked and chained to the wall, so there was no need for him to call, “Enter!”

Rick perked up eagerly, hoping that today might be his day to serve Goddess. As She approached through the maze of exercise equipment in the windowless room he could see, from Her street clothes and the items She carried, that he would be disappointed. Still, he was pleased. He did not miss the outside world, even though it had been a year since he had last seen the outside of Goddess Marquesa’s house. The intervals in which he could not see Her were painful.

“It’s time for your monthly procedure,” Goddess Marquesa declared.

“But it hasn’t been more than a week,” Rick protested, though his eyes remained lowered deferentially, “i don’t want to lose any potency for when You desire to use me.”

Goddess Marquesa laughed gently. “Silly boy. When I want to fuck you, you will be plenty potent. you should know that. Meanwhile if we don’t clear the pipes soon, you’ll be no good to anyone. Bend over.”

Rick did as he was told. Accepting the small bowl she handed him, he held it compliantly below the head of his cock.

Goddess Marquesa donned the rubber gloves she was carrying and applied some lubricant to the fingers of her right hand. As she set the tube aside, Rick said, “i love You, Goddess.”

“I know, pet…I know.” Spreading his ass cheeks apart, she probed in search of his prostate….



The End