Recap:  The Marquesa de Sade had established her own Queendom in which Her rule and authority over the lives and fortunes of hundreds of male slaves was without bounds.  The Queendom, in fact, had no respect for national borders nor did it limit itself to the laws of those nations when the higher principles of Female Superiority and Female divine rights were the issue.  To give her Queendom structure and to facilitate strict compliance with Her requirements and needs throughout the Queendom, She formed aq cabinet from Her inner stable of trusted and loyal male slut slaves.  This was known as Her “sluts of the round table.”

A cornerstone in the very foundation of the Queendom was the holy policy and sacred requirement to avenge any foul play perpetrated upon any sexy female by any sex mad male.  A recent example of where this policy was brought into play was the case of Billy Bronco, a conceited bastard who would hypnotize beautiful girls he found in bars, take them to his home, rape them (tho under hypnotism they would yield willingly), beat them, induce amnesia via post hypnotic suggestion – then dump their beaten abused bodies in a dark alley.   The Mistress was sure She knew who the culprit was and how he operated – on the theory he was the man She had seen picking up a girl at a bar under very suspicious circumstances – the very girl whose beaten body was later found in an alley.

On going back to the bar the Mistress was approached by this same man.  Soon he busied himself with his hypnotic techniques to cause the Mistress to find him irresistibly sexy – to be crazed to get him alone to satisfy Her urgent sexual desires.


The Affair of Queen Marquesa and Billy Bronco


Billy:  “Now – open your eyes!”

The Mistress opened Her gorgeous emerald eyes.  Immediately, She started to work on billy to get him physically aroused.  This was, of course, not at all difficult, as the Mistress was easily the most bewitching sight he had ever had the good fortune to behold.  Billy became overwhelmed with desire and quickly suggested that they go to his place.  The “hypnotized” Marquesa readily agreed.  When they had gotten into his car billy couldn’t help but notice that the Marquesas’ black leather skirt had ridden up – exposing Her stunningly sexy legs.  He found it impossible to resist staring whenever a passing street lamp found Her Magnificent Legs.  This would explain why billy failed to notice being followed by a giant of a man from the bar in a car driven by a man of ordinary dimensions.

On arriving at his place, billy found himself unexplanedly turning to assist his “helplessly hypnotized” Beauty out of the car.  He had never done so before – but none of his other pickups possessed the “Legs, Tits, and Ass” of the Marquesa!  No sooner were they in the house than slaves bill and gene parked their car and approached silently.  All windows had bars!  How were they going to help- or save – their Queen?

Meanwhile, billy led the Mistress to his well equipped “playroom.”  “Now – Marquesa, on the count of three you will begin a wild wanton dance of seduction.  You will do anything I suggest because You find me so sadistically sexy!  One… two… three!

The Marquesa didn’t move a muscle!  Something was wrong. “I said three – dance, you Bitch!”  “Fuck you – you slimy creep!” replied the Marquesa.  “So – you faked being hypnotized.  No matter – I have other ways of making You dance and suffer for me!”

“In the first place, dog shit, someone with your pea brain could never hypnotize a Superior Female like Me!  You are My prisoner.  Soon you will be tried and punished for your despicable crimes.”  Billy went berserk.  “What?  Your prisoner!”  billy lunged toward the Mistress.  When within range She need him in the balls.  He doubled over with a confused look.  The Mistress completed Her surprise one-two punch by pivoting on Her other foot and executing a Karate Kick in which her five inch spike heel caught billy flush in the face.  He went down with a thud.

Outside, slut slaves bill and gene could only hear the violent commotion coming from within.  They had no idea what or who had hit the deck.  They simply must come to the aid of their sacred Queen.  Slave bill put his giant muscled shoulder to the door.  On the third try the massive door yielded to his equally massive muscular frame.  They rushed inside.

“Mistress, Queen, wherefore art thou?” they each cried in unison.  From inside the playroom a voice sang out, “Get you asses in here right away and see what your Queen hath wrought!”  The “two stooges” entered the playroom in a scene reminiscent of a Marx Brothers comedy.  The Mistress was standing triumphantly on a motionless body.  “What took you boys so long – I had to take this creep out myself!  Is my hair still in place?  Slave percy worked so hard on it to give it that irresistible wanton look – and also importantly, did you remember to bring the bag?”

“Yes – Mistress – here it is.”  The mistress opened the bag and took out three pairs of surgical gloves.  “Here slaves, put these on.  We don’t want to leave fingerprints.  Besides, this creep seems to have developed a bleeding problem and we don’t know what he might be carrying.  We musn’t chance an exchange of bodily fluids!”  The Mistress then noticed a set of chains attached to wall studs in the playroom.  “Now – chain this heap of shit to the wall – nude!”

Conditioned to obey the Mistress’ slightest whim the two stooges complied instantaneously.  Billy began to regain consciousness just as he had been rendered totally helpless.  “What the fuck!  Help!  Police!”  slave bill responded:  “Listen to you fuckin’ shit faced squirt, another word from those cunt sucking lips and you are just another foul smelling dead fish!”  billy’s black and blue face turned white when he saw the physical attributes of the giant standing over him.  Billy uttered nary a word again while slave bill was present – until his later “ordeal,” when utterances were strictly involuntary.

“Now, billy boy, I’m sure you won’t mind if I use your phone to make a call.  As She dialed, She read billy’s mind and added – The number I’m calling is a pay phone so you can trace it if you want but it’ll do you no good!  I have a slave waiting there for My orders.”  Then, into the phone She spoke the coded message:  “The toilet is secured and ready to be shit upon.”

While they waited for the others, the two stooges prepared some cheese fondue for “their guests” and also cased the place.  They found video equipment and tapes on which billy had recorded his treatment of the women he had brought home.

When the other arrived, billy was confused when some stayed out in his living room while thirteen came into the play room.  Twelve sat aside in one area together.  The other turned out to be the slave of state, slut slave Alvin who stood at attention on the opposite side of the room.  With a nod from the Mistress, Alvin got the proceedings underway.  “All rise.  This court is now in session, slut slave steve presiding over The Queendom vs billy bronco.”  It seemed indeed surprising that a court trial would require the slut slave of state to act as court bailiff and the slave of justice to preside – but this was no ordinary trial.  This man was to be tried for the most grievous of high crimes against the very Queendom itself!

Another slutty male slave in a black robe made his entrance and went to a table in the center of the room, he turned to the right to face Her nod of approval, he said, “Without further ado, the case of the Queendom vs billy bronco will commence!”  Turning to the defendant he continued – “you are accused of the most vile of perfidies against the highest most precious evolutionary attainment of this planet – the beautiful sexy human Female!  You are accused of their abduction, torture, and rape.  Do you have anything you would like to say that might shorten this trial before we find you guilty and sentence you to punishment befitting your high crimes?  I do want to be fair about this!”  “Yes, your honor,” replied billy, quickly noting that slut slave bill had temporarily left the room, “I do!  FUCK YOU and all you other ASSHOLES!  You’ll never get away with this Marquesa!”

“Silence – you are held in contempt!”  (Now that was an understatement!)  “I will not have my court treated in such a manner.  Gag him!”  Adhesive tape (it goes on easy but comes off painfully) was applied over his mouth.  Slut slave steve continued – “you will not be tried before a jury of your peers.  This is because there are not twelve creeps on this earth as low as you.  Instead, your fate will be determined by twelve males as low and as sleazy as the court could find in this country.”  Turning to the Mistress, he asks – “Are the plaintiff present, Your Majesty?”  “Yes, slave – They are.”  “Then please, slave Alvin, have them brought in.”  To billy’s shock and horror, each of the Females he had assaulted made their entrance.  “Is the Prosecution ready?” “Yes.”  “You may proceed.”

The Mistress took center stage.  She began:  “sleezy sluts of the jury, I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt billy bronco’s guilt.  My original intent was to use the testimony of the Victims.  This would be difficult because they had all been hypnotized with amnesia being induced to deny them memory of his vicious assault.  Although I, too am an accomplished hypnotist and was able to reverse the effects of amnesia on his Victims, new evidence in My possession will make their testimony unnecessary.  These marvelously beautiful bewitching ans sexy specimens of Femininity can be spared and further pain!  Without further ado – I give you Exhibit “A.”  All of these bras and panties before you belong to our Female Plaintiffs.  These exquisite articles of Female Sexuality were found in a drawer in billy’s bedroom.”  The sleezy sluts of the jury gasped in unison.  Slut slave of justice steve interjected – “The jury will remember that this alone does not constitute guilt – we must be fair, you know.  Please continue Your Gracious Majesty!”

“I now present My final piece of evidence.  These tapes were made by billy right here in this house.  They speak eloquently of the nasty defilement he inflicted upon my noble Sisters.”  The lights were dimmed.  Throughout the showing no one spoke.  Only the groans and shrieks of the Victims and the dirty mouthing of billy could be heard above the squishing rhythmic sounds of his cock plunging in and out of his Victims’ bodily orifices.  When the tapes had finished their tale of perfidy the Mistress spoke just nine more words:  “These tapes speak for themselves.  I rest my case!”

The slut slave judge steve ordered the adhesive tape removed from billy’s mouth to determine if he had anything to say in his behalf.  However, noting that slut slave bill was in the room, billy was mute.  But he hadn’t reckoned on slut slave bill’s anger and frustration that had been boiling as he viewed the videotape.  Slave bill charged up to the defendant and cried out:  “OK, slime ball, so your afraid to talk.  You’ll never talk again!”  With this, slave bill stuffed billy’s mouth with a yard of extraneous videotape that had been immersed in crazy glue.  The Mistress cried out:  Guards!  Remove this crazed slave so e can calm down.  I’ll deal with him personally – later.  (She had in mind an exquisite reward to be consummated later that evening.)

When calm was again restored in the courtroom, the jury was charged.  Deliberation was short.  Billy bronco was found guilty on the first ballot.  The Mistress’ prosecution record was intact – She’s never wrong!  The jury felt so strongly about his sentence that they simply decided his punishment should be whatever entered the Mistress Queen’s beautiful head – they were so sure She would know exactly what punishments to deal out to fit the crimes of billy bronco.


End Part two.  Part 3(?) and billy’s punishment  coming soon!