During the course of Her career, our Glorious Glamorous Goddess has amassed a league of slut slaves who are both loyal and totally committed to seeing that She lives a life full of material and physical pleasures.  That She was able to accomplish this is not at all surprising as She is a Gorgeous Dominant Female well versed in using Her Superior Mental and Physical Attributes.  As Her Queendom grew, the Mistress realized that it was up to Her to give it order.  A Queendom without structure would be chaos.  To this end the Mistress established a cabinet comprised of Her most trusted sluts of the Round Table because She treated each of Her toys (yes – they are Her toys) fairly and equally.

Some of the advisor positions are listed here:

Slut slave of State – slut slave Alvin.  He has been with the Mistress the longest and is Her most trusted and closest confidant.

Slut slave of Defense – slut slave Bill.  He is a mountain of muscle that any female would enjoy having at her beck and call.  The Mistress wanted him so he became Hers.  It is he that She uses as a decoy when there is a female to be distracted and separated from a male the Mistress has selected for Her own.  Then, after the cat is away, the Tigress makes Her play!

Slut slave of Justice – slut slave Steve.  He is the judge before whom all serious offenses are tried.  Though he is fair, every defendant before him has been found guilty.  This is partly because the   Mistress is both Grand Jury and the Prosecutor – besides, She is never wrong!

Slut slave of Seduction – slut slave Gene.  It is his responsibility to develop the individualized seduction  seminars the Mistress uses on targeted males.  Once She has selected a male for ‘slave-hood’  the Mistress and slut slave Gene review his fantasies and fetishes.  Together they develop a         program suitable to the Mistress that lures the prey further and further into the Mistress’    Queendom.  During early sessions (disguised as dates) Her feminine charms are employed to            attach an invisible leash around his neck.  Once She has him in Her power the Mistress leads him to her pool of domination quicksand.  He doesn’t know it but his fate is already sealed.  She gets him to stick his toe into the pool.  (This often entails the male on his knees before a seated – enthroned – Mistress, perhaps first being required to replace an “accidentally” dropped spike heeled shoe – and ending only minutes later – an eternity to the teased and tormented prey – with he being “required” to play with his exposed cock and balls!)  Once his toe is ion the pool, the Mistress’ Spell of Domination engulfs him and he is relentlessly sucked deeper and deeper into the pool.  Some males try to resist – most don’t, preferring to enjoy their fate (blind luck!) – but, in any case, there is no way to reverse the process before the reach that blissful heaven of being owned body and spirit by a Magnificent Merciless Mistress – a true Goddess and their eternal Queen!

To perfect Her techniques, slave Gene is often used as a guinea pig.  The reason he makes such good guinea pig it that he has so many fetishes that the Mistress can attack the very one he shares with Her prey.  This is not always as pleasant as one might think.  In Her quest for absolute perfection, the Mistress often applies one sexual stimulus after another bringing slave Gene to an absolute frenzy of lust and desire.  Nonetheless, he loves it (Who wouldn’t?).  Not  only because he gets to work closely with his Goddess, but also because he gets such a rush of sub-missive satisfaction watching yet another male succumb to the Mistress’ magical hypnotic charms!

The very first thing the Cabinet did was to name the Mistress’ Queendom.  The sovereignty over which the Mistress rules is known as “BECUMASLUT.”  It accurately describes what becomes of every male who crosses its borders.  They become a slut – not just any slut – The Mistress’ slut!

Being in the state of sluttishness induced by the Mistress involves more than a realization that you are Her sex toy.  It is also an acceptance of Her knowledge and Her code of ethics.  Her sluts come to know that Females are the Superior Sex – the only sex.  This is because their superior physical charms and mental powers naturally entitle them to rule over and manipulate all mere males.  At the pinnacle stands the epitome of Female Charm and Grace – the All-Powerful Mistress Marquesa de Sade!  As powerful as She is, She is still bonded to all other Females.  In this way every male slut slave bonded to Her is also bonded to the Female Universe.  Therefore, an attack on the well being of any Female is considered an attack on the Mistress.  It must be avenged.

As we pick up our story, there has been a rash of abductions and rapes of Sexy Females in town recently.  The M.O. is always the same.  The victim is in a bar – the next thing She remembers, She is in an alley beaten black and blue, half naked, with her bra and panties missing.  A physical examination always confirms that a sexual assault has taken place but, the unfortunate victim can provide neither clues or details!

This is the topic of discussion among the Mistress’ sluts of the round table.  As the Mistress sits on Her throne with an All Knowing smile on Her face, they are trying to determine how the deep is done.  “How about drugs – you know, a mickey?” says one.  “No,” says another, “the cops find nothing out of the ordinary in the girl’s blood streams.”  Finally, the Mistress decides to enlighten Her sluts:  “The question, slaves, is not how it is done, I know that, but rather, who is doing this foul thing so I can bring him to justice!”  Together the sluts respond, “What? You know how it’s done?  Please enlighten us. Oh Mistress, we beg You – please!”  A deep quiet settled on the room as the sluts waited patiently for their Queen to speak.

Finally – “Hypnosis, my stupid sluts!  I have given you the treatment many times – since you beg for it so much – and you know you can remember none of it except for my post hypnotic suggestions and your warm feelings of sissified masochism!  This creep is hypnotizing the girls at the bar.  He gains their trust as well as their lust and gets them to leave peacefully.  He takes them to his place where he has his way with them.  I’m sure he makes them beg for it.  Then, when he is through fucking and beating them, he induces amnesia and dumps them in an alley.”

The entire council of slut slave advisors sat stunned in awe stricken silence.  Once again, their Mistress Queen had demonstrated Deductive Mental Powers matching Her unrivaled Seductive Powers!  Meanwhile, the Mistress picked up the current edition of the local paper.  The latest victim is shown on the front page – a very pretty sexy young lady.  The Mistress announced: ”I saw this girl the night before last!  On my way home I stopped at this bar I know.  While there I was approached by a very good looking male.  Of course, he didn’t measure up to slaves Bill or Alvin, but I could see some Females being attracted to him.  Slut Bill blushed and Alvin lowered his eyes.  “Anyway I was not on the prowl for new slaves, so I dismissed him.  Then, I saw him approach this woman.  They went to a table.  His back was to me.  I could see that She was concentrating very intently on something he held in front of himself.  Later, I saw he had his leg up Her skirt rubbing Her thighs.  She was getting very hot!”

“Then, when they left, She was all over him – like a Bitch in heat!”  “Would You recognize him if You saw him again?” asked slut slave Steve.  “Of course,” replied the Mistress.  “Let’s go to the police now,” exclaimed slut slave Danny.  “No! Fools!  I want this asshole for myself and my system of Justice!”  the Mistress declared with finality.

Immediately all eyes were on slut slave Gene in expectation of a juicy seduction scenario to snare the culprit.  Slut slave Gene turned to his Queen and asked submissively and reverently, “I have an idea.  May I speak, my Queen and Mistress?”  “Of course, fool, I’m as anxious as the rest of you to hear what foul scheme your demented mind has concocted.  On with it!  Don’t keep me waiting!”  “Thank You, Your most Gracious Highness!”

Slut slave Gene then proceeded: “This animal is of the lowest form.  He uses a gift that he has to injure lovely Females.  This is a drastic situation calling for drastic action.  The Mistress can surely enslave him, he is not worthy.  He must be punished severely.  He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword!  What I propose will be dangerous…”  Slut slave Steve proceeded with details of a very dastardly befitting plan.  When he was done all eyes focused on the Mistress.  She was immersed in thought.  Suddenly Her eyes lit up in a twinkle.  She smiled, and as if in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, sang out, “I Love It!”

When all preparations had been completed a week later the Mistress went back to the bar where She had seen the creep.  She took a seat at the bar.  Immediately, like a flame attracting moths, she was surrounded by males.  One by one She dismissed them politely.  But She could sense the slimy presence of her prey.  Sure enough, after a half hour he made his move.  “This seat taken?”

The Mistress quickly confirmed he was the one She wanted.  “Not unless he’s invisible, pretty boy!”  He sat down.  “The name’s Billy.  Billy Bronco.”  The Mistress gave him a cold look, not wanting to appear too anxious.  “What your handle, babe?”  “Marquesa.”  “Tell me Marquesa, why did you allow me to join you after rejecting all those other guys?”  The Mistress was right, he had been watching He ever since She entered the bar!  “Maybe there’s something about you that makes me want to be alone with you!”  He took the bait, “I’m sure that I have what you need.  Let’s take a table for a little privacy.”  When seated at the table a light behind the Mistress made it easy for Her to see him.  As he talked he began to play with a medallion he wore around his neck.  He started to shine it in her eyes.

“I find you as alluring as you find this charm I am wearing.  It was drawn to you just as you are now drawn to it.  See how it sparkles.  You can’t take your eyes from it.”  He droned on and on until…

“Your eyes are very heavy.  They want to close and sleep.  Sleep!”  Slowly the Mistress closed Her gorgeous eyes.  “When I tell you to open your eyes they will open.  When you see me, you will find me to be very sexy.  So sexy, you’ll do anything to be alone with me.  You desperately want to make love to me.  You can hardly wait!  Now, open your eyes!”

The Mistress opened her eyes.

(End Part 1 of ? parts)