i was sitting and reading at the lobby lounge at my hotel in my second day of vacation, it was at the evening and there was the Woman that i was looking at the Beach taking a tan with tree males around her always.Now,  She was wearing a nice beach dress and sandals, i was wearing bermudas, t shirt and tennis shoes. It was the first time that i saw her alone and She walked  in front of me with a superior smile looking that i was alone but she was to the reception desk,  but She came back and ask me to sit in front of me and i said that is very nice to me, thanks. Then:

She: I see that you are alone.   me: yes i am spending a week  of rest, here is a very nice place. She: yes, but it could be boring to be alone a complete week of vacation. me: it could be, but i will try to do as the best. She: if you accept, you would be my fourth boy for the next two weeks, the only thing that you have to do, is to do as I say. It is simple and you will love to be with U/us.  me: but i don´t know You and . . . She: Ohhh boy, I am Marquesa, and you?  me: i am john  She: nice, now W/we know who  W/we are, it`s simple, the live is simple and is time to be together, but don´t answer me now, just think your answer and when you will be ready to come to me, just tell me. But know that i will catch you because i decided that i want you as one of my boy!


She stood up and left to the elevator, i was there thinking in her presence, in her power, in the next opportunity to give her my answer. . . then i had dinner alone, i got to sleep alone, the breakfast alone and i got to the beach to be alone again, but She was there again with their boys that are sitting at the floor on the towel and She at Her Tumbona, just She commands two of them to play raquet ball in front of her, and after She commands them to run by the beach. . .  i could appretiate how She is always giving something to do to these boys, they got exausted around her like domestic animals that love to obey Hers and She caress them like her pets at the same time that She give to them some piece of fruits in their mouth, only when their are sitting around Her. Then one of that boys came to me and gave me a note from Her, that note said: I want you at the swimingpool to night to talk at 9 and come with the same clothes that you had yesteday but without your underpants, just BECAUSE I SAY! when i end to read the note, i took a look where She was but She and the boys were leaving, i was alone thinking in Her again.


At 10 minutes before 9 i was sitting at one table of the swimingpool and She was there at 9:05 then:     She: good boy, you are doing very well. me: good night Marquesa. She: good night boy, call me Madame Marquesa for the next time. me: sure Madame Marquesa. She: very good boy, i like that you learn quickly. Me: did you have dinner?

She: yes i already did and you boy?  me: yes Madame, do you want something to drink Madame ?  She: yes, i want a glass of water, but only if you go for it, DON`T CALL THE WAITER. me: but Madame. . .  She: GO or i don´t want nothing. At that time W/we got O/our eyes looking each one and she sign with Her finger to go for the water saying now. . .  i could not resist to look up and i saw down and i went for the water to Madame Marquesa inmediately. She:  Good boy   . . . then i came with the water and serve as She said to me and after She said to  me, sit again my boy servant, LOL  me: but. . .   She: sssssshhh, don´t talk. and i sat in silence. she was looking me permanently but i could not see at Her eyes, i don´t know why. i was looking at her hands at the moment that She put a pair of short pink satin gloves on the table, i got curious for the gloves and Her hands movement, She: I see that you like my gloves, come closer boy and i got closer. She: nice, W/we are gonna play a game and the only thing that you have to do is to see my glove and answer me when I will ask you, I just will ask you what i am doing with my hands, gloves and other things that i have to this game, everytime that you talk without my questions or have a wrong answer or look away,  you will have to be punished for me, do you understand? wanna play? yes, i like your gloves, i like them.  She: good boy.


She started to take her gloves at her hands talking to me, She: I like that you are concentrate, just focus on my hands and my voice to get the best level of this game, nice look my hands. She was moving her hands with a nice motions until she had both hands gloved. she what are you looking boy?  me: Your gloved hands Madame , She: good, but the next time that you say my name incomplete you will be punished, my complete name is Madame Marquesa, ok?  me: yes Madame Marquesa  She: good boy you are learning good as one of my pets, DO NOT LOOK AWAY, good boy!  She was moving Their gloved hands at the same time that talk to me and put a nice fingering in Her right hand She: what i did boy?  me: you put a fingering in Your right hand Madame Marquesa, She: good boy, how many fingerings do you think that i have in my bag to put on my fingers?  me: five  She: OH OH you are wrong boy, i have 8, you have to be punished then close your eyes and take off  your shoes. me: but. . . She: you talk without question take off  your socks too, DO IT if you wanna be still enjoying my soft pink gloves and beautifull rings, do you understand? me: yes Madame Marquesa, and now i am without shoes and socks. She: well well, i like it, now open your eyes and concentrate again in my voice, gloves and rings, nice. Then she took out all the others rings and put them on the table, She: just look boy, just obey as one of my domestic creatures, DO NOT LOOK AWAY, good just concentrate, your eyes are almost closer but don´t worry be still listen my voice, tell me, do you like to be with Me?  me: yes Madame Marquesa, She: how did you feel when you went for the water and serve to me as one of my boys? me: good Madame Marquesa. She: how many boys i have now in this vacation? me: 3 Madame Marquesa. She: OH OH you are wrong again, i have 4. CLOSE YOUR EYES and take off your t shirt. then i did as she said,i feel good doing as She says, i was only in my bermudas. She: BE STILL WITH YOUR EYES CLOSE, good, just listen my voice, get relax, relaaaaaax each word that you listen you get 1000 time more relaaaaaaaaaax and warmmmm, yesssss good boy, yesssssss good pet, yessssss sleep for me, gooddddd when i count 3 to 1 you wake up, 3 you love to obey me, 2 you are unable to escape, you need me 1 WAKE UP! then i openned my eyes She: do you like it? me: yes Madame Marquesa She: then I want to continue this game but not here my little boy, BE STILL with your eyes closed until you count from 1 to 200 and after come to the suite 1013, I will be waiting you there. then i count as She said and when i opened my eyes i saw that She took out my shoes, socks and t shirt, puuuffff!


A little later i was knocking the door of the suite 1013 just in my bermudas, Madame Marquesa opened the door with her pink gloved hands. that was a very big and nice suite, the space was like a warm, ordered and clean house, then Madame Marquesa took me to the living room to a small table and told me SIT DOWN, and i did. On the table were some others  fingerings and some other pairs of gloves in differente colours,  satin and leather and there were a roof lamp that only iluminate the table, the air acondicioned was very cool and i started to get cold but at the same time Madame Marquesa sat down in front of me. She: then just continue, LOOK MY HANDS, MY GLOVES, my ring, ( i automaticaly did) good boy mmmmm   good pet welcome home baby ( i just get sleepy quickly) tell me, how are you feeling? me: i am sleepy Madame Marquesa and i am a little cold. She: don´t worry, i know that you wanna close your eyes but resist for a little more, look my gloves and all the gloves that i have on the table, do you like gloves? me: yes Madame Marquesa, She: and you like all that i have on the table? me: yes Madame Marquesa. She: they are my personal gloves, only to Me little pet, but i have another gloves to you, will you like to wear gloves too?  me: yes Madame Marquesa, i am very curious. She: I will love to see you with your gloved hands jejejeje  you will do soon my pet servant, i know. DO NOT LOOK AWAY. She: just obey and you will be safe my pet, see how i move my fingering, good, close your eyes and tell me how many gloves are on the table?. me: 14  She: OH OH you are wrong again, there are 18 , now you only have your bermudas but i have a treat to you boy, you may continue with your bermudas to don´t be complete naked if you accept to wear 3 things that i will put to you for each mistake of you, that will be good for you too because you are getting cold. Then i was ashamed and i accepted to don´t be complete naked and cold, me: yes Madame Marquesa i accept your proposition. She: is a nice answer, then first she took out a pair of yellow rubber maid gloves and She order me WEAR them and i did, second She took out a collar dog and She order me  WEAR it, i did and third a rubber mask and She order me WEAR it, and i did, the mask had holes to my mouth, nose, eyes and ears was soft rubber and comfortable to wear (after i had the mask She walked behind me and locked the mask to my collar) i just listned, click and saw Her sit in front of me again with a beautiful superior smile, LOL! . She: you begin to look better my baby, how do you feel? me: nice and relax Madame Marquesa. She: you look pretty with this pink rubber mask, I like it but now  look my hands well you are sleepy boy i think that you are strong enough to end the game my puppet maid, but don´t worry you are safe, you are warm now, just listen to me and close your eyes, nice, you are doing well, you are doing as the best, sleep, sleeeeeeeeep, gooooooood, now you are mine, yessssssssssssssss. . . everytime that you listen me to say TIME you inmediately get sleep to your Madame Marquesa just to sleep and receive orders to obey, good, good boy, my puppet maid,  . . . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .  1 WAKE UP, i was sitting in front of Madame Marquesa, i felt good at the same time that She was smiling and She told me, the game is over did you like it stupid? me: yes i like it but why you call me stupid? She: because you are stupid, a BIG STUPID and now this is my other game that i am gonna demostrate that you are STUPID, jejejeje! me: i am sorry but stupid is the one that think that the other one is stupid. She: but in your case you are the stupid here and the game is that you are gonna admit it, if you admit it you lose the game  but if you don´t you win game, wanna play? me: ok, i play Madame Marquesa. She: good, you are gonna learn from know to say as I SAY, my words are the law, you have to learn, TIME.


WAKE UP i was sitting on the floor, but now i was wearing my mask, my collar, my rubber maid gloves, a pink body in licra, soft pink pantyhose and two high hells , Madame Marquesa was sitting beside me in a comfortable sofa and in  front of me was a big mirror. She: hi STUUUUUUPID ! me: i am not stupid Madame Marquesa. She: you will admit it poor boy, you are begging your trainng to be a nice maid as one of my stupid male creatures, now go to that table and wear that uniform that is on. me: i am sorry Madame Marquesa but i don´t want: She: TIME.


WAKE UP i was sitting on the floor, and now wearing the complete maid uniform with a wig, full make up,hells with my hands cuffed to my sides. She:  STAND UP MAID. at the same that She whip me four times and i stood up She: good maid, you are begging to obey , LOL! then She put me a ballgag in my mouth and a blindfolder in my eyes, i just can listen HER! She: now you have to resist standing up as much as you can until i get tired, if you do, you win! then started to whip and hit my very soft but fluently in my legs and arms at the same time that She was talking to me, She: only a stupid can be wearing as you do for me, JAJAJAJA! then i was getting tired in my legs and arms until i get down at the floor, She: jajajaja JAJAJA! that is all that you resist stupid, but i get up again, and She continue to whip and hit my arms and legs, it was so difficult to me to be stand up and my arms are just complety downnnnnn, puffffffff i got the floor and She put Her foot over me. She: I win, admit it my pet. then She took out my blindfolder, the cuff and the ballgag, i tried to stand up and move my arms on and i couldn´t do it, i was so tired She: JAJAJAJA ! then you cannot move, now you know who is the Superior and the inferior here, don´t you PET? at the same time that She push me down. me: yes Madame Marquesa You are the Superior and i am inferior . She: JAJAJAJAJAJA, THENNN WHO IS THE STUPIDDDDD HERE. me: i am Madame Marquesa. She: you are WHAT? me: i am the stupid here, Madame Marquesa. She: ohhhhh my little boy, you are doing very well, now you have to know that your best way is obey and serve as one of my pets, don´t you pet? me: yes Madame Marquesa i am to obey and serve You as one of your pets. She: if I want you as a maid you will be, if i want you as a servant boy you will be, if i want you as one of my gardener you will be and . . .  you will be as i requiered, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? me: yes Madame Marquesa She: then welcome to my world baby! She put her black leather gloved hands on me caresing my face at the same time that She told me, good pet, gooooood. Then She pulled out one of her gloved fingers and the  finger that appeared was a red rubber finger and She put it in my mouth saying, suck it my little bitch and i did as She was caressing my hair as one of Madame Marquesa´s obedient girls. TIME

WAKE UP i was naked in a small cage furniture that i have to be in four, in a room that everything is red and pink and there was Madame Marquesa with another two Women standing up in front the cage, all of Them were wearing a complete rubber pink suit with short rubber red gloves and low rubber boots, They are in impermeable body suits, at the same time that i saw that all the room was impermeable and They started to wet me with a hose, i was in the cage and Madame Marquesa openned the door saying, get out boy. Then i got out as a dog in four when i tried to stand up i feelled a kick in my leg and i fall down JAJAJAJAJA Them: he beleive that he can stand up JAJAJAJAJA, then They started to kick me in soft way but fluently and trample me and i couldn´t escape of Them at the time that i was saying MERCY, PLEASE STOP but They didn´t stop until They wanted, i was exahusted and They ordered me to be in four as a dog only and i obeyed as They said, one of Them put in my mouth a deflate ball  with long a chain that get out of my mouth, very fast she clicked a valve in the ball and in a second it was inflated and it was gagged me inmediately, JAJAJAJAJAJAJA and one of Them locked the chain to a iron ring in the celing, i was standing up now trying to take out that ball of my mouth just listen JAJAJAJAJA and They started to hit me soft but fluently wetting me with the hose that in minutes i was crying as a baby, after all They started to caress and seduce me as a female pet and They  unlocked the chain and i got down in my all four, one of Them deflate the ball gag and i was at Their rubber boot JAJAJAJAJA as i saw that now they were wearing red strapon dildos, Uauuuu the dildos were red and brillant like candies and i sucked them and They fucked me as They wanted and i just learned to be the most lovely pet bitch for these Madames that after all  oredered me to get inside my cage after They end,


WAKE UP it was the next morning and Madame Marquesa told me to get out of my cage and wear my maid uniform, then from that time i started to serve as a maidmale to Madame Marquesa cooking Her favorites plates, doing laundry and ironing in the adoration of Her clothes, those were my duties, but sometimes Madame Marquesa took me to the beach and public places as one of Her boys where W/we enjoyed nice time of D/s relationships TIME


After all now i am home waiting a message from Madame Marquesa ready to serve Her in Her next trip that She needs me.