Krystal w pendantHello My hypno-subbies!

GODDESS MARQUESA BRAINWASHES you #1” is why I cunningly crafted {perhaps wicked witch-crafted} this beguilingly brain teasing, alluring aural aphrodisiac to place you under My thumb. GODDESS MARQUESA BRAINWASHES you #1” is why I well-endowed My premier, predominately mind-f–king brainwashing audio with research made by a groundbreaking, mind’s eye-opening psychologist I enthrallingly employ to continuously and seductively slide suggestive COMMANDS and sorceries into your consciousness.

I named this psyche spellbinder “GODDESS MARQUESA BRAINWASHES you #1” because I’ll be unleashing other brainwashing recordings when I know it’s the right time for Me to ever-increasingly curl your cranium’s contents around My little finger in any way I chose.  Bliss-fully beguiling you into brainlessness (My horny robotic zombie!)  GODDESS MARQUESA BRAINWASHES you #1” is a simply irresistible innovative recording during which I literally, figuratively, and in all ways brainwash into and/or out of you –  thoughts, feelings, sensations, and desires…All according to My will.