Goddess Marquesa had a simple plan. As an expert in hypnosis programming she made a program and sent an email to all the council members who happen to be men. In it she said please review my latest tax proposal, and included a link. “Any feedback would be appreciated,” she told them.

Councilman Nathan looked at the email and clicked on the link. Suddenly the screen blinked, and then Nathan found himself surprised; and he was a man who wasn’t easily surprised, ever, but on the screen in front of him was a video of Goddess Marquesa sitting on a satin covered bed in a very sumptuous room and she was wearing a short sexy negligee.

“Shoot! What the hell is going on here?” Nathan thought, suddenly she began speaking.
“Hello there my sexy little man. So you’ve made the right decision and paid to enter my very secret, very discreet and very entertaining Goddess Marquesa website have you? All I can say is that the only regret you’ll have is that you didn’t come sooner but we’ll see all about coming shortly.” Nathan was temporarily dumbfounded to hear this but could only assume she had sent him the wrong link

Nathan was going to shut it down but for some reason just had to watch to see what was going to happen next. Goddess Marquesa looked to the camera. “Now you’ve decided to reward me by becoming a valued customer and it’s only fair that I should reward you, after all what are friends for and I already think of you as a friend.” Goddess Marquesa was stunning to look at and Nathan had an uncomfortable feeling of butterflies in his stomach as he looked at her. She was a medium height blonde with gorgeous, long legs that were currently covered in fine black stockings. In fact she was dressed all in black and as his gaze traveled up her legs and over the expanse of thigh, he saw that she was wearing small black undies. Above that was a black negligee which housed two full breasts which looked as if they would be firm to the touch nestled in between them was a red crystal. The tops of her breasts bulged out of her tight negligee and Nathan found himself hungering for Goddess Marquesa to open her top so that he could feast on the sight of them. She was wearing a black silk gown and was looking up at the camera with little gorgeous green eyes, her long blonde behind her.

Now we will play together and we’re going to have a nice little game now. I’m going to caress a part of my body and ask whether you like it or not and we’ll see if I can guess what your favorite part of me is. Now why don’t we start with my legs?” The camera panned down as Goddess Marquesa reached a hand down and started stroking her left leg at the calf, her fingernails were immaculate and painted s frosted white. Nathan looked forward into the screen. “Hmmm do you like my legs, they’re covered in these sexy, silk stockings, if only you could feel them, my fingers running over them. Feeling the silk and my smooth legs, up and down on my smooth, silk covered legs.”

Suddenly a flash occurred on the screen. It was only momentary, so Nathan didn’t notice it much and concentrated back on Goddess Marquesa. However after a few seconds the screen flashed again and the afterglow of the images settled in Nathan’s mind. The screen was white and there were stars and circles and other shapes all over the screen. “Must be some problem with the software.” Nathan thought. “Still better keep watching, this is seriously hot.” Goddess Marquesa continued.

“So now I’m just running my hand up to my thighs, do you like them? I think you do. Just imagine how it would feel to rub your hands over my stockinged thighs, up and down. Or maybe you’d like to rub something else on my thighs; you could brush it on my thighs so lightly and create a delicious friction. You could even rub it on my stocking tops and on the skin above my stockings. Would that be naughty? Is the thought of rubbing your member on my thighs getting you hard?” All the while those frosted white perfectly manicured nails rubbed up and down the outside of her thigh, keeping the same smooth rhythm.

By now the frequency of the white flashes on the screen were becoming more regular and without considering the matter in detail Nathan felt that whilst they originally flashed every thirty seconds or so, the frequency was now down to fifteen seconds. Still it wasn’t that disconcerting, a little relaxing if he was honest, and he was getting so damned hard for Goddess Marquesa

“Now I know we’re friends now and the more I talk to you, the closer I feel we become. I’m starting to feel a little hot here and I think you are too.” The camera looked back at her gorgeous face and those hypnotic green eyes; she smiled suggestively before putting her finger at the corner of her mouth. “Why don’t you show me what a friend you are and take your member out for me? I’m sure you’d like to and I’d really like it if you did.” Nathan gasped as he was just thinking the same thing. Goddess Marquesa continued, “Go on, get your big, stiff member out and take it in your hands. Doesn’t that feel so much better, so much freer, and so much more enjoyable? Now let’s keep playing our game.”

The camera panned down to Goddess Marquesa’s breasts and Nathan hadn’t even considered the fact that his member was now in his hand and his pants were around his ankles. It had just happened, just as the white flashes with the changing shapes and spirals were happening. Now all he was thinking about was Goddess Marquesa and his member, he wasn’t even conscious of how relaxed he was feeling, nothing else mattered except Goddess Marquesa.
“Now look at my breasts, see how big and round they are. I would really love for you to be able to hold these just like this.” She gripped her tits at the side, rubbing her hands around the outside of each breast. “You could caress my breasts and feel how firm they are under this silk negligee. They’re just bursting at the seams, so firm but so soft at the same time. I hope you’re holding your member right now, thinking about touching my breasts, about stroking them and rubbing them. Why don’t you start stroking your member? I’d like you to. Just slowly, enjoy it; enjoy feeling your member being rubbed up and down, up and down. Enjoy it and think about my breasts, clad in silk with you rubbing my tits with one hand and jerking yourself off with the other hand. Now don’t jerk off too fast. I want you to enjoy this. Think of my breasts in your hands, covered in silk and think of my nipples, they’ve gone all hard because I’m thinking about you with your member in your hand, jerking off over me.” Nathan was lost now, the white flashes were dazzling and disorientating him but yet they didn’t register at all. Goddess Marquesa’s breasts were all he could concentrate on, that and the urge not to come yet.

“You keep playing with your member while I tell you a little story. Look at my breasts and think about my hard nipples, I have to show you something and then I’ll show you my nipples too. I hope you’re not thinking about coming on my breasts and dribbling sticky come all over them. Not until I tell you to anyway.” Goddess Marquesa started to pull the top of her negligee down, exposing more breast and suddenly Nathan could see the red crystal nestled between her two perfect breasts. Her voice continued. “A few years ago I bought the red crystal necklace because the sales clerk said it would look amazing on me. Her hands moved to the crystal, her frosted white nails glistened with the red beams emanating off her necklace. She went on “I love how the crystal feels between my breasts I love to touch it and rub my hand back and forward, back and forward, just like you are with your member.

That’s it, just keep stroking your member and look at the crystal and my breasts, rub it, rub it backwards and forwards. Oh that feels so much better I think I’d better get my nipples out. Now don’t come yet, keep stroking your big member but don’t come….”

Nathan looked on spellbound as Goddess Marquesa pulled her negligee top down to expose her breasts, they were so full and round. Her skin was pale but her nipples were a beautiful shade of pink. They were round and currently stood out stiff. Goddess Marquesa’s finger moved from her neck down to her left nipple where her finger played with it, her finger circling her nipple and then squeezing it. The white flashes on the screen no longer existed to Nathan and yet they were now occurring every few seconds. In reality, he was nearly mesmerized.

What would you like to see next Nathan…his mind rattled he could not answer…she smiled and said I know and the camera slide down her long sexy legs and stopped on her perfect feet. You want to stare at my perfect feet. Nathan mouthed ‘yes’ to the screen. The camera stopped on her stocking clad feet but under the black nylons he could make out her perfectly manicured white polished toes. Goddess Marquesa wiggled them playfully and said “are you staring at my perfectly polished white toes?” Nathan said out loud “YES”.
As he stared at them it was almost like spirals were forming around them pulling him deeper and deeper into them.
Have you ever see anything sexier than my perfectly polished white toes? Nathan said louder than last time, “NO”
NO of course not…I bet you would like to explode soon…you would like to explode all over my perfectly polished white toes wouldn’t you?
Well I could slide off my nylons so you could have a non-obstructed view of my perfectly polished white toes.
As he said this he was stroking faster and faster…getting harder and harder

Well keep jerking that member, jerk for me, harder now. I can imagine you there, sitting there with your member in your hand, shooting your thick sticky load all over my perfectly pedicured feet; you must be going really fast now. You must be going really fast for me. That’s it, keep going, harder.” Goddess Marquesa looked slowly and deeply into the camera, a small smile playing out on the corners of her gorgeous mouth. The look of power and control was in her eyes. She held Nathan in her grip and they both seemed to know it. She inhaled and continued, giving a filthy look to the camera; a look that seemed to say “You are mine”.

“Now you’ve been such a good boy, sitting there, jerking off and thinking about me, I think I’ll let you look at my perfectly polished white toes now.” The camera followed goddess Marquesa’s perfectly manicured nails up her long perfect leg and she slowly began to slide the nylons down her leg…further and further down. As Nathan watched any resistance he may have had left went further and further away as he stared his eyes glued to the screen.

Down her leg to her ankle were she stopped. Nathan gasped it was so close if she just would slide it over her ankle and down her foot he would get to stare at her perfectly polished white toes again , he could see those pretty spirals, for some reason that was all he could think about… that was all he wanted. Nothing else in the world mattered.

He didn’t realize he was stroking his member so fast now it was so hard but in his mind he knew he had to see goddess Marquesa’s perfectly polished white toes before he could explode.

The screen panned up to the goddesses face and she smiled, councilman what would you do for me to allow you to explode all over my perfectly polished white toes?
Nathan said into the screen “anything”

Well I only need one thing from you….your mind and your will. You only need to understand “obedience is pleasure”
Nathan repeated the phrase “obedience is pleasure”
Don’t you think you should be kneeling before my perfectly polished white toes Nathan got off his chair and knelt before the computer as he did the camera panned back down her leg and as it got to her ankle to slowly rolled her nylons down her foot and the camera stopped with a perfect view of her beautiful feet and perfectly polished white toes Marquesa said…it’s ok you understand my perfectly polished white toes are perfection and they own you… you may come on them. As she said this, Nathan screamed as he emptied his load all over himself, the PC and the desk in front of him. On the scale nothing could compare. It was the most intense sensation he’d ever experienced. He was breathing heavily at the intensity of the experience but as he came down and relaxed he found he had a problem. He couldn’t stop looking at the screen and now there was only the white flashes to look at. He could still hear Goddess Marquesa’s voice though.

“Well councilman welcome to my hypnotic world you are now my slave you hear and obey only Goddess Marquesa Nathan mouthed yes Goddess

Slave when you see (and she held up the red crystal) this red crystal nestled between my perfect breasts or my perfectly polished white toes you will fall back under my power and obey.

Nathan could only say one thing
Yes Mistress

This scene was repeated seven times by each council member but the result was the same….
They all serve Goddess Marquesa now.