My Dear Readers:  My silly sissy secretary arranged this story in the wrong order for publication.  Please read this installment of “Marquesa Takes Over the Town” before reading Phase 4.


Between her computer program and survey she was quickly taking over the town.  She decided it was time for a TV spot to ensure the entire town would be under her wonderful spell

Her first program hit the air At 8:00 promptly with a small blip, the every TV screen in town came to life. If people were already watching TV it changed to this channel. Translucent letters reading Marquesa Pleasures drifted across the screen in front of a swirling background. Soft music began leaking out of the living room speakers. The beauty of this program was it was special once you looked at it for five second you could not pull your eyes away

A stunningly beautiful woman appeared on screen she was wearing stiletto high heels shoes, a short black mini skirt, tight black corset and sheer black nylons, she moved seductively to a desk and sat down… She looked at the camera and said welcome and started to slowly rhythmically tap her long shiny silver nails on the desk. Slowly sensually each graceful finger tapping onto the table making a slight clicking sound. One nail hit then the next one then the next one, next one…. over and over, click, click, click, click. The woman made sure that her nails were facing the light the polish she had chosen was shiny and reflective so the light would reflect into the viewers eyes.

The reflections off her nails flashed again and again across the screen, the rhythmic clicking of the nails was soothing pulling everyone’s eyes to stare at the shiny silver nails. As they continued to stare they were unconsciously concentrating and focusing on each gentle movement of them. Each one would rise then slowly sensually fall click, click, click, click, click.

The woman slowly slid her nails off the desk and down her long sensuous legs. Down, they went until they got to her foot which was now shoeless. The nails stopped as they got down to her toes which were painted a brilliant white. The camera followed as the perfectly manicured nails they moved directly on top of the white toes.

As everyone watched the program not sure what as going on one thing was sure all there eyes were held by those mesmerizing white toes. The woman’s white toes were so amazingly radiant and shimmering. Suddenly a blaze of color dazzled them. Vibrant hues of blues, purples, reds and yellows. Seemingly random flashes of light pulsated in front of them. Everyone watching wondered what was happening what was going on with this program maybe they should shut it off. But those white toes as they stared at them, they saw swirling patterns were so soothing. So relaxing. Was it a random series or was there a pattern? Everyone was compelled to keep looking. Slowly, with­out even being aware of it, everyone one watching was allowing their mind to sink into the endless rapture of the flashing colors and perfect white toes. That brilliant white on her toes was devoid of color, so relaxing all thoughts of turning off the program evaporated.

In fact, it was becoming very difficult to think at all. But that didn’t matter. There was no need to think anyway. All everyone wanted to do was keep looking at the gorgeous white toes on the camera in front of them. They had never seen any­thing so beautiful in their life. The more they stared into the white toes the more amazing the sight they must keep looking

As the camera panned in closer to the white toes you could see a swirling vortex it was all-consuming. We all needed to keep following the endless loop of spiraling patterns and colors

The entire town was silent and staring vacantly at the screen the more you stared the more they absorbed your concentration sucking any stray thoughts away mind was a void of blankness.
The only thing that mattered were those perfect white toes
The spirals
The colors.

No one had even realized as they were staring at those amazing white toes, everyone had take off their pants and they were stroking already hard cocks or the women were putting there fingers in there spping wet pussies. The camera panned off her perfect white toes and you could hear then whole town gasp. It pulled back so you could see all of Marquesa she finally spoke again.

I am sorry to mention but spiral you watched at the begging of the show had a subliminal message imbedded in it…you can not cum…not matter how badly you want to you cant.  You probably wish you could ejaculate, but unfortunately for you, you’ve been staring at a subliminal that suppresses you’re ability to come. You must be quite worked up by now.
Every head in town nodded as more blood flowed out of their brains and into their cocks and pussies

Sadly for you, you’re in the perfect position to be completely brainwashed by me right now in your excited state. You would probably go right into a deep trance if I showed these to you

With that, Marquesa crossed her legs and showed the helpless town her marvelous feet that bounced up and down. The camera zoomed in and everyone felt their mind get pulled into the beautiful image of her swaying, white toes. She continued to talk, but the helpless town didn’t bother trying to follow what she was saying. They all found it much easier to answer questions instead.

“You like watching my feet and white toes, don’t you? Say that for me.”
“I like watching your feet and white toes.” they all said, their wide eyes glazed over and glued to the television.
Marquesa smiled, “Excellent you may reward yourself and stroke yourselves for Marquesa.
Both the men and women could feel themselves so turned on almost ready to explode but not able to

Watching me is the Ultimate Pleasure for you, isn’t it?” Marquesa prompted.
“Watching you is the Ultimate Pleasure.” Everyone agreed.
“You can’t resist this pleasure.”
“I can’t resist this pleasure.”
“You’ll do anything at all for this pleasure.”
“I will do anything at all for this pleasure.”
“You are watching Goddess Marquesa.”
“I am watching Goddess Marquesa Pleasure.”
“You will do anything for Goddess Marquesa”
“I will do anything for Goddess Marquesa .”

The minutes swept away into the vortex of pleasure, commands, sex and perfect white toes

Every person in town could get close to orgasm but couldn’t, something clicked in their brains and they continued to watch the T.V. enthralled. Little did they know that those clicks were the mental noise of what’s left of their brains slowly shutting off what was left of their higher reasoning.

Marquesa grabbed some cream from off camera and began to massage it into her feet, making her feet and toes glisten and shine as they slipped in and out of her hands.
“You are now under the control of Marquesa
“I am now under the control of Marquesa
“I am Marquesa and I am your mistress. You will do what I tell you whenever you see my white toes. Whenever you see my perfect white toes, you will go back into this relaxed, open, and horny state.

They all repeated yes
Cum slaves
and they all cummed every single one imagining on her perfect white toes they then closed there eyes awakening the next day knowing there true purpose