Armand sleeps comfortably and contentedly.  Curled up in the fetal position and partly covered by a blanket, Goddess Marquesa’s pet derives the maximum use of an oval mattress lying on the bedroom floor at the foot of his Goddess’s bed, a location She judges a fit resting place for Her sleepy serfs.  No, Armand isn’t hypnotized; he’s really and truly asleep, thoroughly exhausted from the sheer, unrelenting exhilaration and sexual highs he’d experienced at the hands of his Goddess three short hours earlier.

Cutting happy Z’s, he twitches and emits occasional grunts in the manner of a sleeping hound hot on the trail of a rabbit, almost certainly reliving in Dreamland his most recent escapades with his Goddess.  Occasionally, as if to confirm the subject of his dreams, his gluteal muscles involuntarily contract and his rear end pushes forward in a pelvic thrust.  Armand’s canine-esque sounds are most fitting, as his mattress originally belonged to Marquesa’s great Dane, Dozer, a wonderful companion long since departed to the Big Kennel in the Sky.  By nature thrifty, Marquesa was naturally disinclined to throw away so useful a furnishing after Dozer’s celestial ascent, and so, in a moment of sudden inspiration, She repurposed his mattress into a resting spot for other favored pets, a category into which Armand certainly falls.

Save for one item, Armand is stark naked.  That item is a rubber harness fitted snugly around his balls and the base of his cock and attached by a rubber strap that extends between his legs and connects to a rubber dildo that Marquesa inserted earlier into his rectum.

Above him, lying in a magnificent, circular, oversized bed fit for…well, fit for a Goddess, lies Marquesa in all Her resplendent glory.  Clad in one of Her favorite items of sleepwear, Marquesa appears and, more important, feels sexy and commanding.  Her body fills out a sheer, one-piece fitted catsuit of black gauze so tightly woven it appears to be of silk.  The suit opens from the top of Her crotch to the top of Her ass-cheeks.  Her nipples protrude through three-inch holes in the bodice.  Extended sleeves, secured by gauze fingerlets that fit around the base of Her three interior fingers, extend down Her wrists to cover the back of Her hands.  The outfit clings to her body as though made for it (which it is) and glued to it, and despite any obvious drawback in providing warmth, it more than compensates by the heat it generates from any voyeur.

This room, Her inner sanctum and boudoir, merits a few descriptive words.   As bedrooms go, it is extremely commodious, sizeable enough to grace a large villa.  Thick walls and foam insulation blanket the space from outside noise — and shield the outside world from noises emanating within. The room is windowless; the ceiling is covered mostly by mirrors.  A giant television screen, which can show television, CD and taped videos, sprawls across one entire wall.  The space is illuminated by two sets of lights — one of standard white light, one of red light, such as one might find on a ship at night.  Each set can be brightened or dimmed as the Goddess pleases.  The headboard of the main bed, which abuts an inner wall and is centered from adjoining walls, features a reading lamp.  Above the bed hang a pair of gymnastic rings, a trapeze and a swing.  All are connected to an electrically powered, industrial jib crane, operated from Her bed by a push button remote controller. The crane is recessed into the wall behind and above the headboard.  The arrangement can easily hoist, lower or suspend more than one heavy body.  Other furnishings include a pair of clothing chests, one filled with lingerie and sleepwear, one with fetish wear.  A large armoire serves as a discreet repository for toys and other aids.  An armchair and a handsome, capacious, luxuriously padded chaise lounge, beside which stands a small bedside table with a reading lamp, complete the furnishings.  Egress from the room is provided by two doors.  One leads through a hallway that gives way first into a huge walk-in closet with a well appointed vanity, and then opens into a large bathroom.  The other door opens to a hallway and the rest of the house.

Besides affording restful sleep, this space has seen almost every form and description of carnal activity and sexual practice, some carried out consciously and some, unconsciously; it has even served Marquesa — seemingly everything as well as everyone serves Marquesa — as a venue for experiment, a secure and secluded place to try out new toys and techniques; in so many words, a laboratory (we’ll venture more deeply into this realm presently).  At least as much playground as boudoir, this multipurpose space is the Goddess’s pride and joy.

In a bedroom that admits no unwanted sunlight and allows no invasive, disturbing outside sounds, Marquesa normally sleeps soundly.  Except that, right now, at 4:00 AM, She isn’t sleeping at all.  Yes, earlier in the evening, She’d had Her way with Armand, and after he’d provided Her with hours and hours of stimulation and pleasure, She finally wore him out.  Recognizing that his batteries — physical and psychological alike — needed recharging, She reluctantly “put him to bed.”  Truth be told, at that moment, She Herself was feeling a bit weary.  But now, after little more than a power nap and listening to Armand’s grunts and whimpers, Marquesa feels Her second wind coming.  Moreover, She finds Herself in not quite a devilish, but in an…umm, exploratory frame of mind.  This means that She needs more than merely to have Her sexual itch scratched.  Yes, She does feel horney, as hell, but She desires and, right now, needs more than mere physical titillation.  Right now, Marquesa desires — She craves — mental stimulation even more; She seeks to blend Her creative juices into the other juices that often flow within Her.  So…what to do with Her sleeping serf?

Taking a deep breath, Marquesa commands Her mind to come up with some way to satisfy a desire that has begun to rage throughout Her mind and body.  As She quietly lies on Her backside, absentmindedly running Her fingers between Her legs while She ponders Her conundrum, Her thoughts suddenly flash back to a phone conversation months earlier with a client always overflowing with insatiable curiosity, who had asked Her whether it would be possible to take a sleeping subject — like, say, Armand — and somehow place him in hypnosis without waking him up in the process.  In reply, Marquesa recounted that years before, a California hypno-domme colleague had mentioned doing just this with a sub, over and over, so that the sub would pass instantly and seamlessly from sleep into hypnosis and back into sleep again, without ever entering waking consciousness along the way.  Why do this? asked Marquesa’s inquisitive client.  Well, Her California colleague had sought to hypnotically wire her prized submissive — totally and completely — and so she spent many hours (and presumably lost a good deal of sleep) in her never ending quest to achieve perfect, absolute control over the lucky lad.  To this, Marquesa’s curious client, naturally, asked Her whether She Herself had ever attempted this procedure, to which She replied that no, She had not.  Why not? Her client wondered.  She deemed the training process much too lengthy and arduous, because, as Her colleague described it, it required far more time and effort than She, Marquesa, was willing to invest (Marquesa didn’t tell Her client that She plies Her craft so expertly and rigorously that She’d never felt the need to spend Her waking nights engaged in any such training program;  Her clients all respond just fine to Her regular programming regimen).  In reply, Her client mused that the only way he could imagine this procedure being carried out would be to command an entranced subject to respond to a post hypnotic trigger that would instantly flip him from sleep into trance.

Marquesa thought that idea interesting, and then their conversation veered off to other topics; namely, Her client’s fantasy du jour.  But now, contemplating the somnolent Armand, that earlier conversation floats back into Her mind.  I wonder if this ploy would work?  She realizes that over the years She has known and worked with Armand, She has implanted and activated numerous anchors and triggers by which She controls him effortlessly, unconsciously, almost by instinct, and so now he, in turn, responds instantaneously and acutely to all Her commands and suggestions.  “Hmmmm,”  She thinks, “I wonder…I think it could work…Yeess!!  I bet it would…and I want to try it out.”

Throwing off Her bedcovers, Marquesa turns on the red room lights to a Dim setting, affording Her just enough illumination to see but not awaken Her somnolent pet.  Eyeing Her prey like a prowling nocturnal jungle cat, She climbs lightly down off Her bed and quietly tiptoes over to the recumbent, softly snoring Armand.  “All right, My little guinea pig,” She thinks.  “We’ll see how you respond to your Goddess when you’re asleep.”  Crouching down by his side, She reaches for his shoulder with Her left hand, squeezes it and, simultaneously, She commands him to SUBMIT!!… SUBMIT INSTANTLY!…SUBMIT TO MEEEE…SUBMIT….GO DEEP…DEEEP…DEEEEP into submissive relaxation…Just SLEEEEP…SLEEEP…SLEEP DEEPLY…DEEPER STILLDEEPER STILL…DEEEPER STILL”   

With each successive iteration of the words Deep and Sleep, Marquesa gradually lowers Her voice from STENTORIAN DIRECTIVE down to little more than a whisper, simultaneously squeezing his shoulder and thereby intensifying the impact and power of Her command.  The Submit! trigger, implanted through prior hypnosis sessions too numerous to recount, is one She uses routinely on many of Her subjects, and most of them drop off instantly when She employs it.  Certainly, when he is in waking consciousness, Armand, who happens to be superbly receptive to Her, responds to this trigger as though She’d flicked a light switch.  Marquesa often employs a hand squeeze on Her subjects’ shoulder to deepen their relaxation, plunge them ever deeper into trance and help them achieve swifter, more complete submission.  And simultaneously employing two modes of command — one oral and one tactile — is a ploy Marquesa employs so often as to be second nature to Her.  Combining them now, She reckons — and hopes — should suffice to transport Armand, or more accurately, his mind, from its current slumbers to Her induced sleep with virtually no intervening passage through waking consciousness.  However, because Armand will not be in waking consciousness when Marquesa gives Her commands, and since She’s never before attempted this procedure on a naturally sleeping subject, She pauses with clinical interest to observe the impact of Her words and action.  Armand’s response, She notes approvingly, seems a bit stiff yet otherwise fully receptive.  GOOOD!  Veerry Goood!  From here onward, this should be a piece of cake...

“From Noowww on, you will OBEY all my commands.  Rise to your feet.  That’s it.  Stand up.”  She steadies him as he shakily rises,  “On the count of THREE, your eyes will open, but you will remain deep, deep asleep.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Goddess,”  He replies sluggishly.  Understandably, his voice is tinged with weariness.

Still, his response delights Her, as it indicates he is completely in hypnosis and so he should fully respond to Her commands and suggestions. “Veery Goood!  Your Goddess is pleased.”  Not only is She pleased, but She has suddenly become moist, very moist, between Her legs, as She contemplates what She will next do with Her toy.  “The count is ONE…TWO…THREE…Open the eyes, remain deep asleep, and you will walk to the side of My chaise lounge and sit back.  I will guide you.”  Armand wordlessly complies, and as he takes his place on the couch, Marquesa maneuvers him into the position She wants him to assume, carefully leaning him against the backrest.

She has hatched big plans for Her pet.  One of the little noted aspects of hypnosis, and one that seldom, if ever, appears in hypno-erotica, is that feeling and sensation in a hypnotized subject can be increased or dampened by the person giving suggestions.  This arcane area few hypno-dommes even mention, much less discuss, either in their websites or other advertising, or with their clients, yet it remains rich with possibility for exploration, experiment and sheer exhilaration — for domme and sub alike.

To proceed with Her plans for Armand, Marquesa knows, She’ll need to take him deep down into trance, and She wastes no time in getting started. “Noowww, My pet, From this moment on, you will say nothing until and unless I command you to speak. You will nod or shake the head to indicate Yes! or No!   And you understandcompletely understanddon’t you?”  [A nod]   “Veerry Goood!  And NOOOWW I want you to GO DEEPER AND DEEPER for your Goddess. That’s right!  And nowCLOSE THE EYES and Go even deeper, deeeper than you’ve ever gone…Yeess, that’s right, and now go deeper still…deeeper stilll.  Way down deep asleep…Waaayyy down deep asleep.”  She pauses a moment, reaches into a drawer in the bedside table, pulls out a small bottle of oil, pours some into a cupped hand, and rubs it on the palms and fingers of both hands.  As She resumes speaking, She continues to squeeze Armand’s shoulder, as before, timing each squeeze with the word Deep.  With Her other hand, She also begins, tentatively, almost hesitantly, to stimulate his cock and balls, not grabbing and yanking, but lightly running Her lubricated fingertips over them.  His cock responds to Her expert ministrations in a most predictable manner.

She deliberately slows the tempo of Her commands, pacing the slow, calculated movement of Her fingers over his genitals, and as She does so, Her stroke gradually becomes firmer, more controlling,  “And as you GO EVEN DEEEPER for your Goddess….Yeeess….Pleeasing your Goddess…you find the cock becoming stiffer and stiffer…and stiffer still…as you continue to GO DEEEPER, the cock getting harder and harder…the cock more…erectmore erect than ever before…going DEEPER than ever before…DEEPER stillall FOR MEEE…that’s right…Doing only what I tell you…DOING ONLY AS I COMMAND…” [spoken with an almost terrifying intensity]  “…The DEEPER you go…” [At this stage, these words excite, energize and arouse Marquesa even more than they arouse Her experimental toy] “…the harder the cock…the stiffer the cock…all for MEEE…and knowing that you are pleasing ME makes you GO EVEN DEEPER…DEEPER STILL…” [She continues to squeeze his shoulder with every repetition of the word Deeper] “…FEELING MYYY CONTROL over you increase, FEELING MY CONTROL extending from the cock and balls down the legs to the tips of the toes…to the arms and hands to the fingertips…to and throughout the core of the body…Yeeess…to the neck and the head and NOOWW into the minddeep…DEEP…DEEEP into the mind…the cock NOW SO STRONG…SO RIGID it feels like a bar of iron.. and still FEEEL MY CONTROL over the mind and MY CONTROL over the cock INCREASE, MY CONTROL BECOMING STRONGERMORE ABSOLUTE, BECOMING EVEN DEEEPERDEEEPER STILL…”

She’s whispering now, even as She squeezes his shoulder.  As She pauses a moment to check Her pet, reclined, eyes closed as commanded and breathing hard, Her left hand moves down between Her legs and, unconsciously, She begins to stroke herself.  She’s also breathing hard, Her pulse and heartbeat have quickened in anticipation.  At this point, She can’t help Herself.  Playing with his mind, more, even, than playing with his cock and balls, turns Her on like nothing else, because controlling each part of his mind, the conscious and unconscious alike, and bringing them so deeply under Her power that Armand not only becomes catatonic, but he completely morphs into an extension of Her mind and body — to Her, this is the ultimate turn-on.  So complete is Her control over Her pet that he responds instantly to Her commands and suggestions, and in his never ending quest to please his Goddess, he often anticipates Her desires, so much so that She sometimes feels as though he truly has become a part of Her mind-body system.  And the charge, the sheer primal, sexual excitement, that She derives in achieving ultimate hypnotic control over him — and Her other subjects — is wired into Her as genetically as Her emerald green eyes.

Moreover, having hypnotized numerous subjects, submissive and vanilla alike, thousands of times before, Marquesa has reached that point in Her evolution as a domme where Her oral commands and suggestions to Her subjects have cumulatively come to affect Her mind and body as well — as much by now, if not more, than they affect Her subjects.  Her words to Armand having come over Her, or perhaps, being overcome by Her words, She has been transported unconsciously — Her conscious attention is focused like a laser on Armand and only on Armand — into a trance of Her own, marked by intensely fixed attention on Her subject and steadily increasing sexual arousal.  Her own trance is at least as deep as that of Her toy.  Absolutely transformed and turned on by Her own words, Her facial lips now parted, breasts swelling, nipples pointed with desire, lower lips turning dark red from the increased flow of blood, Marquesa feels coming over Herself the indescribable high she so craves from Her ultimate turn-on.  Even as She enhances and extends Her control over Her pet, pent up arousal fulminating inside Her like hot magma inside a volcano.  For Marquesa, this is ultimate, total Nirvana.

She continues, Her voice a commanding purr, “Feeel MEEE in the mind…it’s MYYY MIND NOOWWW, not yours…Feel MEEE DEEEP inside the mind…Feeel MEE controlling the mind…Yeeesss!!…FEEEEL IT[the tone Her voice which has taken on exudes a mixture of raw, unmistakable power and purest cruelty, brooks no resistance.  In fact, no one could resist Marquesa in Her present state of mind]  “…It feels sooo gooodso veerry goooddoesn’t it??…Yesss!!…Your Goddess in the mind, controlling it…making you an extension of Her will, a mere extension of Her will, making you submissive putty in Her hands, plastic to YIELD and be molded and shaped into whatever form She pleases…FEEEL MEE NOOOWW IN THE MIND making YOU WANT TO DO…DESIRE TO DO…CRAAVE TO DO…ANYTHING YOUR GODDESS WANTS…ANYTHING She desires…anything She pleases…and you want…more than anything else…you want to PLEASE MEEE, don’t you?”[A nod]…”That’s right!  You love pleasing your Goddess…in fact, YOU LOVVE PLEASING YOUR GODDESS more than anything else you do, Don’t you?” ….[Another nod]…”Veerry Goood!!”…[A feline purr]  “…and noooww PLEEEASE ME and go with the mind to the cockThat’s right!…Yeeesss!Go with the mind to the cock and using the mind, I want you to increase the sensitivity of the skin covering the cock and balls…that’s right!...make the cock and balls so sensitive that they FEEEL THE SLIGHTEST TOUCH…MYYY SLIGHTEST TOUCH…they register MYY slightest touch, registering MYYY sliightest touch much more acutely than ever before, becoming more and more sensitive to the feeeel of My fingersMy lips and mouth…My tongue…

She is about to play a game with Armand She’s never played before.  Softly, expertly, She rubs the oily tips of Her fingers over Armand’s cock.  The resultant slippery, sliding sensation produces the most indescribable pleasure in Her newly created mind-body extension.  “Noooow,” She says, half commanding, half suggesting, “Feeel My tongue on the cock,” She whispers.  “That’s right!  FEEEL IT WITH THE COCK.”  This time, a command. She gently flicks the glans, as though with Her tongue, but She uses instead her well lubricated fingertip.  No matter.  He can’t see it but he can certainly feel it.  He gasps and shudders in pleasure.  She eases off a few moments, allowing Her pet to come down from his hyper-stimulated state, and then She resumes, gently stroking Armand’s cock and, occasionally, his balls, and almost instantly, She has Armand in ecstasy.  His face comes alive with sheer animal pleasure, then he uncontrollably twitches and gasps again, though this time in quasi-pain from the sheer sensory overload She inflicts.  She gasps along with him.  But he will not be allowed to climax; oh, no; not by a long shot; he hasn’t yet earned that privilege.  Besides, owing to the rubber sling which fits tightly around his cock and balls, he couldn’t ejaculate even if he wanted to.

Knowing this, Marquesa’s face breaks out in a smile of feral, almost cruel delight, and She feels herself dripping with uncontrollable excitement, and She continues to pleasure Herself more and more intensely with Her free hand and stimulate Armand even more with the other, until he seems physically unable to tolerate it, and he shudders convulsively and cries out in sheer ecstasy and pain from Her massive overstimulation.  She eases off, allowing both Herself as well as Her plaything to recover something like equilibrium, Her lips still parted in excitement while She watches his respiration and heartbeat slowly subside.  Then, Her ministrations to his cock and balls resume, raising the intensity of his response to a pitch higher than before, and She is rewarded this time with a violent shudder and a wail of distress and pain.  In response, mirroring Her somnambulistic subject, She also shudders violently while She spontaneously climaxes, perfectly in synch with Her subject.  She eases off and resumes, again and again, bringing Her subject and Herself to a sensory, sensual high that cannot be described through mere words, but only by the pitch and volume of his outcries, which increase with each successive high.  Marquesa climaxes again and again, more and more intensely.

Finally, exhausted, She’s had enough of this game.  Her body temperature elevated and Her face and body flushed and damp from the intensity of Her excitement, She rises up and lies back on Her chaise next to the recumbent Armand.  Breathing hard, She slowly relaxes, and as She slowly, descends Her recent high, Her mind turns back to Armand, and She begins to contemplate what next to do to Her living sex toy.  Oh, She’s not done with him, not by a long shot. Still breathing deeply while She regains something like normal equilibrium, She regards Her plaything with a mixture of affection and puzzlement over what to do next.  All at once, for the second time in this early morning, inspiration seizes Her.  She sits up and takes a position next to Armand.  Despite what he has gone through, he has been extremely well trained and remains deep in trance.  “Good!” She thinks, “Veerry Goood, My little lab rat.”

Sit up,” She commands.  “Remain deep, deep asleep.  Deeep asleep.  Extend the right hand to Meee.  Relax it and Nooww feel My fingers grasping it…..Yeesss…Veery goood!…And go nooww with the mind to the index finger, and feel My touch, and nod when you feel it…[nod[…veery goood!, and Noooww the nerves in the index finger that I am touching connect directly to the cock; That’s right!  The nerves on the index finger now connect directly to the nerves in the cock, so that when I touch the index finger the cock will feel My touch, AND THE COCK WILL RESPOND.  That’s right!!  The cock will respond to Myy touch on the index finder.  Do you understand!?”  [As She expected, Her command is rewarded with a Nod.]

            “Veerry goood!”  Clamping Her thumb and forefinger lightly around the tip of his index finger, Marquesa runs it slowly, sensuously, down to the base of the finger. To Armand, the sensation mimics perfectly the sensation of Her lips running from the tip of his cock to the base, and he gasps in pleasure.  Marquesa then runs her fingers slowly up to the tip of the finger. “Feeel my lips on the cock,” She whispers. “You feeel the slippery sensation of my lips running up and down the cockYeeess!!FEEEL IT[As She whispers, Marquesa runs her fingers slowly up and down, timing Her comments to pace the movement of Her fingers over his index finger]…”and feel aroused and excitedYeesss!!Feeels sooo goooddoesn’t it?”…[Her answer is a nod and a gasp]…”… and it excites you, excites you soo muuch…”  And now She alters Her ministrations, flicking the tip of Her finger in the tip of Armand’s finger, as though She were flicking Her tongue on the glans of his cock.  In response, Armand squirms in delight and emits a cry of pleasure and pain from sudden, sheer sensory overload, which returns a cruel smile to the lips of Marquesa and causes additional moisture to drip from between Her legs.

Deep in a trance of Her own, She doesn’t care.  Instead, She continues Her digital ministrations to his cock, unrelentingly.  As Armand’s cries grow louder, She pleasures Herself between her legs with Her free hand, more intensely with every outcry from Armand.  She loves this; She is truly in Her element.  Her lips part in excitement, Her breath comes in short, shallow bursts, and every cry from Her toy brings Her closer to climax. Then, the inevitable occurs:  Armand emits a prolonged cry of pleasure and pain, and, simultaneously, Marquesa climaxes.  She’s in a sweat, breathing deeply, but She isn’t about to stop.  Not yet.  Instead, She shifts Her mode of stimulation, and grasps Armand’s index finger firmly in her hand, and alternately contracting and sliding Her hand, pacing Her suggestions, She tells him, “Now feeel My traained vaginal muscles tighten around the cockfeel them contract on the cock and feeel MEEE, feeel My vagina slide over the cock…Uppp..and dowwn…Yeess!!…Upp..and dowwn….that’s right!Feeel My vaginal muscles contract as they slide up and down the cock…”

As Marquesa voices Her commands and suggestions, She paces them by tightening Her squeeze and sliding Her hand over his “cock,” sometimes both at the same time, and the result is spectacular, as Armand responds acutely to Her sensuous words and sure, alternately strong and delicate touch.  YEEESSS!!…Feeel the vaginal muscles masssaging the cock…Noowww Feeel the indescribable sensation of Myyy vaginal muscles contracting around the tip of the cock…”   She shifts the thrust of Her suggestions, “Now Feeel the groin CONTRACT in response to MYY words and touch, Feeel the gluteal and abdominal muscles, feeel the sphincter begin to CONTRACT on your anal implant…Yeesss!!…Squeeze it…now relax a moment…and NOW SQUEEEZZE…squeezing it…squeezing it more and more tightly…TIGHTER…TIGHTER STILL…noooww relaxx the sphincter…Yeesss!!…Now again…SQEEEZE…and again…SQUEEZE…and once again…nooww reflexively…irresistibly, the anal contractions becoming progressively more frequent, more regular, PROGRESSIVELY STRONGERYeeess!!”  Her suggestions grow louder, more powerful, turning from suggestions into commands.  The power She emits and feels within is indescribable

At Her words, Armand intermittently begins to thrust forward his cock even as he contracts his anal and abdominal muscles on the implant, and these, in turn, stimulate his prostate, and then, in response to these contractions and the constant, firm, sliding pressure from Her hand, he reflexively commences a series of pelvic thrusts, at first slowly, intermittently, then more rhythmically, and faster and faster, and with ever greater intensity, “feeling” his cock deep inside his Goddess.  At this point, he cannot control himself.  Knowing this, Marquesa continues Her ministrations to his finger, pacing his response and then slowly increasing the speed and intensity of Her grasp on his finger even as She paces his efforts with Her suggestions and commands.  Eventually, his inner Vesuvius erupts (though with the rubber sheath around the base of the cock, only a small trace of his seed makes the full journey from the balls to the tip of the cock.  Once more, Armand cries out in delight.  Climaxing in synch with Her mind-body extension, Marquesa’s inner Vesuvius also lets go, and the result is spectacular.  With an outcry of Her own, She climaxes and climaxes, and climaxes again, crying out repeatedly in sheer ecstasy.

It’s a good thing the room is so well soundproofed.

Slowly, Her cries give way to moans, sobs and whimpers.  Gasping for breath, Her hair matted and Her body dripping  with sweat, the area between Her legs a wet, sopping mass, Marquesa is completely spent, physically and sexually, and She enters that rare torpor that descends over Her only when She reaches Her highest sexual peak.  As for Armand, his outcries have swiftly ended, but he sits, gasping for air like a fish out of water.

There follows a lengthy, indeterminate period in which Marquesa and Her toy both experience a most ecstatic interlude during which they each descend from their sexual Everests, an interlude of pleasure both supreme and sublime; in short, a time deservedly savored by both.  Finally, an unconscious twitch from Armand rouses Marquesa just enough to notice him, and, rousing Herself for a moment, She commands, “Nooooww, I want you to rise, I want you to stand up and return to the mattress.  You will REMAIN DEEP, DEEP ASLEEP.  I will guide you. Now take a stepthat’s right, and now another, this way, and keep going, slowwly, steadilythat’s right!!” and in this way She guides her somnambulistic subject back to Her pet mattress.  “Veerry goood!”  Now lie down, and make yourself comfortable, and continue to remain deep asleep.  Normal sensitivity is nooww returning to the skin of the cock and balls, yeess! and I am going to count to THREE, and when the count reaches THREE, normal sensitivity will have returned, completely returned, to the skin of the cock and balls.  That’s right!  The touch they register will be normal, completely normal.  And NOOOWW ONE…TWO…THREE…completely normal, normal sensitivity has returned, fully returned to the skin of the cock and balls.  The touch they register is completely normal.  And just continue to remain asleep, deep, deep asleep, until you awaken.  And when you awaken, you will feel refreshed, recharged, full of energy, and as ALWAYS ready, willing and happy to TO SERVE AND OBEY MEEE.”  With surprising tenderness, She pulls the blanket over Her prize pet, steps back and reviews his recumbent form with affection and pleasure.  “My plaything,” She thinks, “you do make a great laboratory subject, a superb subject.  Certainly you’re no guinea pig, no laboratory rat, either.  Just MYYY Pet.  As an experimental subject, you’re superior, infinitely superior, to any rodent.  And I like it that way!!”

A moment later, Marquesa tiptoes back to Her bed, climbs in, pulls up the covers, and turns out the lights.  Her exhilaration is mostly calmed down; Her lustful appetite, for now, sated.  Still, as She lies back in contented post-climax contemplation, Her torpor slowly returns, though not before a few additional moments of clarity.  With pardonable pride, She briefly relives and reviews what She has done to Her plaything, which was considerable.   She brought him twice to the peak of most sublime ecstasy; first, creating solely in his mind an oral fantasy in which She guided him to a shattering physical climax, and despite what She suggested She was doing to him, without Her mouth coming anywhere near his genitals.  Next, She repeated Her hypnotic magic, this time without laying even so much as a finger on his genitals.  Moreover, She accomplished all this by guiding Her favorite pet from natural sleep into hypnosis, deepest hypnosis, had Her way with him — twice — and then returned him to natural sleep, all without him having inhaled a single breath in normal, waking consciousness.  Having never before performed anything like these “experiments” on Her pet, She’s feeling truly pleased over their outcome and justifiably self-satisfied.  Then, suddenly, perhaps inevitably, Her earlier torpor returns and overcomes Her, completely, deeply.  Marquesa becomes uncontrollably weary, veerry, veerry weary, and so She gently drifts off, joining Her favorite pet in Dreamland.