Hello My  toy boys,

Give a gooood listen to My Free release Hott-Legs Hott-Interrogation (used to be titled Hypno Legs Hypno-Interroggation.)


Usually sold for $23.99 it’s yours free from now till forever!


Investigators have lots of strategies and techniques for getting the information they desire. Well slaaaveboy, so do I. 🙂

Focus your eyes, attention, and intentions upon My simply irresistible, shapely legs.
As your vision and fantasies settle on My gorgeous gams, you settle even deeper into your ever-deepening wonderific trance.
We’re virtually in an elevator soothingly descending smoothly into your INTENSELY wonderifically-enhanced dreams come truly wild.
I command you to do as I say as I take you deeper into worship…. you focus on two sexy sirens.
My post wonderific suggestions will have you coming! back for more much desired training from Mistress Marquesa!

35 Minutes