The Wonderful and Powerful Goddess Marquesa

I have completed 10 days of listening to HYPNOTIC SURRENDER and following your instructions:

First I want to say that this was an INCREDIBLE experience. No hypnodomme and no session has ever taken such control of me and given me such a fantastic positive feeling.

I want to say “thank you” for your fantastic Hypnotic Surrender session. I have experienced nothing like it. I love the way the session so easily takes me from one state to the next. It is so easy and pleasant to listen to and follow your voice and commands.

When you tell me to “listen of the music” I do. When you blend your voice with the music it does, as if it is a single thread of sound. When you tell me to “relax”, I do.  From this point the simple journey of this session flows so easily for me. The sequence where you ask me to open my eyes in trance is so powerful. In the past, I have never been able to do this but with you I not only stayed in a deep trance, it was easy and had a ‘powerful’ effect on me, especially when you told me to close my eyes again and ‘surrender”.

This recording affected me more deeply and more quickly than any other hypnotic session I have experienced so far. I also combined this listening with Trust and Assurance, which helped me understand and balance the feelings I was having. I think these two sessions compliment each other quite well and enhance the ability to deepen my trances.

I have listened to Hypnotic Surrender for ten days, sometimes multiple times a day.

The first five days were filled with strong wonderism and bliss but I still felt that I had difficulty fully giving up control and letting go. On the sixth day I felt like I started to go deeper and it was more natural to accept your instructions and suggestions. On day number eight, I entered a new level of wonderism like I have never experienced before, very, very deep and submissive.

I entered what felt like a deeper phase in my trance. I felt disconnected from the physical world and unaware of it. My hearing was sharper than it has ever been and I heard every sound and musical note on the recording. It felt like I was completely open and taking in all of your words. I wanted these and wanted to be connected to you and give up all of my control. I only wanted this more and more.

My wonderism is now very deep and my willingness to give up my control to you strong. I feel a strong connection to you and feelings of love. The last two days were especially the most powerful and you have a very strong effect on me. I am very deep each time, giving you control and wanting to do what you command.

I am ready for a deeper hypnotic relationship and submission to you. I am yours.

Your Loving Servant

curious and fascinated p