I walk into the doctor’s office and am immediately stunned at the sight of the receptionist.  She is tall, slender, self-possessed, and (most notably for me), busty and curvaceous.  My eyes are immediately drawn to her top half that is loosely but somehow obviously packaged inside a soft, white, silky, blouse.  She wears no bra and the effect is mesmerizing.  I stare for only a moment, but she definitely notices.  I am certain of it – she tells me with her eyes.  I am a bit embarrassed at being caught ogling her, but more than that, I am uncomfortable.  Suddenly, my face feels red, my ears start burning, and my pants feel tight at the front.


She stands directly in front of me, blocking my passage through the doorway.  I don’t know what to do.  She looks me directly in the eyes and tells me to come inside.  Brushing past her (there is no alternative) makes my excitement and the subsequent discomfort rise.  I make my way into the waiting room.


“Can I help you,” she says sweetly but directly.


“I’m here to see the doctor,” I answer without looking directly at her.


“Please have a seat.  The doctor is running behind and will be with you a bit later.”


I sit down and can’t resist looking back at her as she crosses her legs and begins to do her paperwork.  My heart races as I gawk at her intoxicating figure.  I have always had an indescribable compelling attraction to large, natural breasts, but the way she is dressed is more than I can stand.  To look at them is the answer to all my problems.  Without looking up, she addresses me, sweetly and directly.


“It’s not polite to ogle.  I have seen your records and I know you better than you could imagine.  I would suggest that you be more polite.”


I immediately look away.  “I’m sorry.”  My scarlet face once again burns with humiliation.  My heart skips a bit at the words “I know you…” and I desperately wonder what she means.  I squirm in my seat at my uncomfortable but uncontrollable erection.


A few moments go by and again, I look over in her direction.  Like a predator, she notices immediately and smiles without looking up.


“Stand up,” she says, once again quietly but firmly.


“I… I…”


She casually moves her hands to her neckline and slowly unbuttons the top button.  I am now helplessly in her thrall as I see the rounded mounds straining against the top of the soft shirt.


“Just do it, sweetie.  There is now NO other choice for you.  You shouldn’t have ogled me like that.  Now things are going to get really difficult.”


Humiliated, but completely under her spell, I stand up – I have no choice!  The tent in the front of my pants is ridiculous.  I feel like an ape in a cage, being stared at.


“You like what you see, don’t you?  And you will do what I say, won’t you?  You can hear your heart pounding in your ears and you are so hot.  What do you want, sweetie?”


“I don’t know,” I stammered.  I didn’t know anything about myself anymore.  There was only her.  I only wanted what she wanted.


She gets up from her desk and approaches me.  I think I will explode just from her proximity.  She flicks the tip of my engorged cock with a long, painted fingernail, exposing a small bit of wetness on the outside of my pants.  The sensation is electrifying.  In her heels she looks me directly in the eyes.  Her gaze bores right into the center of my soul.


“You’ve got a BIG problem, honey.”


I inhale her sweet perfume and have to look away.  I have no idea what to do with myself.  I try desperately but unsuccessfully to stop my hands from shaking.


Reading my mind once again, she whispers in my ear, “You can’t control it.  I control it.  What do you want?”


I stare longingly at her chest and whisper almost inaudibly, the thought at the center of my will right at that moment in time:  “I’ll do anything.  Anything for you.”


She takes my chin in the palm of my hands and raises my head, forcing me to look directly into her eyes again.


“If you want to leave, leave now.  Otherwise, you will be mine forever.  I know everything about you.  You don’t have a chance with me.”


She says the words so casually, but the impact on me is tremendous.  My eyes are locked on hers.


“Yes or no.  Do you want to leave?”


My answer echoes inside my head like it is spoken in a deep, dark, lonely canyon.  “No.  I only want to be with you.”


“Take off your shirt for me.”


My hands move reflexively and in a moment, I am completely bare-chested, standing for her inspection.  Electricity flows through my groin as she pinches each nipple with her long fingernails.  As she loosens my belt, her perfect precious globes jiggle ever so slightly, still hidden from my view by the soft material of her shirt.  The effect it has on me is betrayed by the twitching in the front of my pants.  She smiles at my plight and finishes removing my belt.  She unbuttons my pants, unzips the fly, and slides them to the ground and off my feet.


Thus, in nearly 10 seconds, without any effort whatsoever, she has me stripped naked, standing before her like a child.  She doesn’t gloat or even smile.  Her power over me is just an obvious realty to us both.  There is no victory here, just my subordination to her dominance.


“Have a seat, my pet.”


My cock twitches uncontrollably as I hear the words “my pet” emanate from her lips.  From the time I was a child, it was a submissive fantasy of mine to be called “pet” and she obviously knows it.  I am filled to the brim with excitement and I don’t know how I will control myself from exploding.  I sit down in the straight chair, an automatic reflex to her command.


“Don’t worry about coming, sweetie,” again reading my thoughts.  “You know that I don’t want that yet and you wouldn’t even know how to disobey me now would you!”


She towers above me, looking more powerful than ever.  She bends down and applies some light nipple clamps to my already sensitized nipples.  As she does so, I am again subjected to a casual, yet frustratingly brief glance at the outline of her perfect breasts inside her shirt as they move close to my face and then depart again ever so soon after.  The electricity again shoots through my body directly to my groin.  She looks me over carefully and then attaches clothespins to each earlobe.


She guides each of my hands to the side of the chair and forces my fingers closed around the sides of the hard steel.  She doesn’t have to say it.  I know that I am being instructed to keep my hands there and not to move them until she tells me otherwise.


“What do you want?” she whispers from above me.  She smiles this time as she asks.  I just look back at her.  I am in sweet submissive bliss sitting there completely under her spell.


“I know what you want.  All you can think of is the sensation at the tip, isn’t that right, honey?  Its all there is for you right now.  That sweet sensation and Me.  You would give anything to feel even the slightest touch, wouldn’t you?


As she speaks, she slowly unbuttons one more button on her blouse.  The effect is utterly devastating.  I am treated to a slightly enhanced view of the top of her breasts and I am mesmerized.  My cock gives away all my uncontrollable urges, thoughts, and secrets!


She goes to the other side of the room and pulls over a full-length mirror directly in front of me.


“Look at yourself, my pet.”


I see a full-grown man with a flagpole erection bobbing uncontrollably, sitting upright in a straight chair with his nipples clamped and clothespins dangling from each ear.  The burning on my face intensifies as I actually gaze at the quivering macabre mess she has reduced me to in a matter of minutes.


She approaches me and looks down on me.  “You belong to me right now, my pet.  But when I complete your submission, you will belong to me completely and always, do you understand?”


I nod my head at her.  There is no more will left.  I want only what she wants.


“Do you know what it will feel like to belong to me completely, my pet?  Your orgasms will be at my discretion and only at my complete command.  First you will orgasm to the touch of a feather.  Then, to the touch of your left hand.  That is deliciously frustrating.  Next, we will experiment with drops of water and finally with puffs of air.  And all the time, you will be stimulated visually with parts of my body and my voice.  The parts of My exquisite body that you crave and worship!


And then, one day, after enough training and sufficient deprivation, there will be no need for physical stimulation.  The combination of my voice and the sight of my body will be enough.  Do you know what it feels like to ejaculate with no physical stimulation?  It is horribly frustrating with almost no relief.  And then, finally, I will command you to ejaculate blindfolded, with nothing else except my command.  Is that what you want, my pet?  Would that make you happy?”


As she speaks, she removes the bottom of the blouse from her short skirt and unbuttons the lower buttons.  All that remains between my gaze and her magnificent flesh is a single button in the middle of her blouse.


The sound of her voice and the sight of her body drive me insane with desire.  I am trembling uncontrollably and can almost picture myself in this ultimate state of total belonging and surrender.  My heart pounds in my ears and I am sure that she can hear it and feel it too.  She is feeding on my submission and becoming stronger with each escalation of her dominance.  All I can utter is a single word.




“You know that once you ejaculate for me, you will not be able to go back.  You will belong to me completely.  It will only be a matter of time before it will come to pass as I have just described.


“Yes,” I whisper almost inaudibly.


She throws a condom onto my naked thighs and stands smiling down on me.  Her victory is now complete.  I am fully broken.


I place the condom on my swollen member and look up at her desperately like an infant waiting for his feeding.


“I am going to count down backwards from ten, my pet.  When I reach one, I want that condom filled with my cum.”


As she counts, she toys with the center button – the one thing in the entire world upon which I am focused.  My head is swimming with a lust that has escalated to such heights, I don’t even know where I am.  I don’t even need to touch my cock due to the pressure and excitement that has built up.  There is no question that my explosion will be unequalled by any that I have experienced before.


As if reading my mind again, she interrupts her count for one more thought…..   “one more thing, my pet.  Enjoy it, for it will never be like this again.  Each one after this will be slightly less satisfying.”


As she reaches the count of four, she lets loose the last button and I am confronted with the most treasured sight I have ever seen in my life.  Her two perfect breasts gently spring forward and downward as they are freed from the confines of the blouse.  The excitement the sight causes is indescribable.  I reach lightly for my blistering cock with my thumb and forefinger and stroke it slowly three times – it is all I can take.  My ejaculation begins precisely at the count of “one” exactly as I have been instructed.  The orgasm lasts for probably 20 seconds.  All the while, I am aware that she smiles a satisfied and victorious smile.


After the orgasm, I feel strangely different.  Even as I put  my clothes back on minutes later, there is a strange feeling in my groin.


“I’ll expect you here tomorrow at the same time……..and each day after that.  The sessions will get longer and your relief will be diminishing.  Have a nice night, my pet.”


My cock twitches to attention at the sound of her voice.  My heart falls into the pit of my stomach as I realized what is happening to me, what she is doing to me.  The frustration is already indescribable.  Her words echo through my head like a sweet, soft, siren.  Somehow, it is like I never had an orgasm.


My conditioning has begun and I realize that I will never again be the same.