“I’m a first time caller…..”

Most of My first-time callers want to know what it feels like to GO INTO HYPNOSIS FOR ME.

That’s right, you’re not alone in your interest; in fact, most people wonder about it, wonder what it’s like, and so you can see it’s perfectly natural to wonder about hypnosis, natural to wonder what it feels like to GO INTO HYPNOSIS FOR ME.

That’s what you are interested in, aren’t you?….

Well, it’s not hard to do, in fact. the dividing line between hypnosis and waking consciousness is not at all hard and fast, not something easy to see or feel, but rather, it’s more like moving slowly into a light mist, into a gentle haze that gradually becomes a heavier and heavier fog, becoming so heavy, so dense, and one can see progressively less and less. and NOOWWW most find it quite easy…surprisingly easy, in fact, to JUST GO INTO HYPNOSIS.

Along the way, most of them find that that their limbs relax, then their eyes relax, and then the eyes close, and then as the fog deepens, outside sounds begin to fade away and then they find themselves hearing only ME, feeling more and more comfortable and increasingly relaxed, and feeling pleasantly at ease, thoroughly enjoying our conversation, hearing every word I say, and becoming closely, increasingly in tune with ME and MY words. 

And before you know it, YOU ARE IN HYPNOSIS.  NOOWWW, that sounds pretty easy to do, doesn’t it?…

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